Last updated: August 14, 2019
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There are many benefits to growing up in a small town. Small communities allow people to become acquainted, acquire a sense of security and familiarity. Although there may be many apparent positive aspects to smaller towns, people often living in acquire what is called a ‘small town mentality’. This can be described as a unified way of thinking and behaving. Individuality and diversity are suppressed while town’s people begin to conform to traditionalistic views and stereotypes. Ways in which this small town mentality affects Human behavior. Growing up in small towns and big cities, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Although it is a bit difficult to say that whether growing up in small town is more advantage than growing up in big cities, some people believe that growing up in a small town can be quite beneficial. Different people have different point of views, but I want to support my view with three advantages of growing up in a small town. First, The neighborhood in a small town is safer than big cities, you live in one environment with little to no crime and people know each other and look after each other therefore it is easy to recognize strangers or any kind of threaten.

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Another reason is that you live in a calm environment, people do not spend hours in traffic therefore they avoid the haste and stress of big cities and the result of that you see more understanding and friendly people and also the good air quality has been proofed to be beneficial for your body and mind. As to the last point, families spend more time together because they have more family outdoor activities then parents and children are more likely to do things together strengthen up family ties, moreover parents can keep track of their children by what people say about them.

One can think about career more than family but the family relationship is important for an individual as much as a career, and the society would be in risk if we do not think about family. The better family foundation the better society. In conclusion, Some people may think big cities are the best option for a person, but I think the advantages of growing up in a small town such as safer neighborhood, calm environment and good family relationship give a person values that you will never find in a big cities.