Social media policy for Center for Excellence in Journalism The following policy aims to offer guidance on use of socialmedia while enrolled at the Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) at IBA.

While social media can offer many academic and professional benefits, there isan inherent risk attached to its use, and this policy will prevent students frommisuse of social media and the impact it can have on themselves, their peers,members of staff and the centre’s reputation. This policy will be reviewed atthe end of every academic session.                GENERAL:1)     This policy applies to all students and to anypersonal communications within a social media platform which directly or indirectlyreference CEJ.2)     For the purpose of clarity, social media isdefined as any online interactive tool which encourages participation /engagement / interaction / exchanges. New forms of social media currentlyinclude Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter,as well as blogs, discussion forums, instant messaging and any website which allowspublic commenting or posting.3)     The centre acknowledges that students may usesocial media in their private lives and for personal communications. Personalcommunications are those made on, or from, a private social media account, suchas a personal page on Facebook or a personal blog. In all cases where a privatesocial media account is used which associate with CEJ, it must be made clearthat the account holder is a student at the centre to avoid the impression thatviews expressed on or through that social media account are made on behalf ofCEJ.

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4)     Students must also be aware of the potentialimpact of anything that is shared online. Therefore, you should avoid postinganything online that:a)      You would not wish to be in the public domain.b)     You would not be willing to say personally tothe face of another individual5)     All use of social media must comply with IBAcode of conduct policies.  HARASSMENT:6)     The centre will not accept any form of bullyingor harassment by or of members of staff or students.

7)     The following examples demonstrate the types ofbehaviour, displayed through social media communications, which CEJ considersto be forms of cyber bullying: ·maliciously spreading rumours, lies or gossip·intimidating or aggressive behaviour ·offensive or threatening comments or content ·posting comments/photos etc. deliberately mocking an individual with the intentto harass or humiliate them8)     Cyber bullying may also take place via other meansof electronic communication such as e-mail, text or instant messaging.9)     Any student who is experiencing cyber bullyingby another student or a member of staff, will have the full support of the centre. SHARINGCONTENT:10)  All students must ensure that they havepermission to share any third party materials, including all images,photographs, text and videos, before uploading them to or linking to them viasocial media and, where sharing is permitted, should ensure that such materialsor shared links are credited appropriately. 11)  In addition, all students must check the termsand conditions of a social media account and/or website before uploadingmaterial to it; by posting material to social media accounts and/or websites,you may be releasing ownership rights and control of the content.

For thisreason, you must exercise caution in sharing all information. 12)  CEJ is not responsible for, nor does it hold anyownership, of any content posted by students, other than content posted bystudents using the centre’s accounts, or in the course of their duties, as aform of professional communication.13)  Socialmedia posts that advocate for political or other polarizing issues online willnot be shared by CEJ. This extends to joining online groups or following anyperson/ organization/ group as well.14)  Personalviews on any subject cannot be shared from CEJ platform. If you’re sharing anyopinion via your personal account, you should not endorse it as the Centre’s opinion.15)  Noconfidential/classified information will be shared on any social mediaplatform.

16)  Material/storiesproduced by the CEJ students will be shared on CEJ pages.17)  Tweetsand posts tagging CEJ will be re-tweeted after verifying that it does not containany offensive or wrong information.18)  Duringthe trainings involving foreign instructors and/or sensitive topics, livepostings on social media will not be allowed unless advised otherwise by themanagement/ US Consulate.19)  Theforeign instructors will not be tagged during the training time period unlessthey provide consent. 20)  Nophotos of the foreign instructor will be posted on social media during his/herstay in Pakistan.

21)  Noexact locations will be disclosed when students/instructors will be out in thefield for assignments during the class timings.  CONSEQUENCESOF A BREACH OF THIS POLICY 22)  Any breach of this policy may result indisciplinary action up to and including exclusion/termination of registration.23)  Any complaints received under this policy willbe reported, on an anonymised basis where appropriate, to the relevant universitybody for relevant action.