Last updated: March 17, 2019
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As one of a handful of cities to host the Expo in its urban centre, Shanghai makes use of the world event to stimulate urban development, boost the tourism industry and demonstrate the concept of sustainable development. Shanghai definitely benefits from the Expo for its accelerating urban development. Investments that can be clearly linked to Expo are primarily in the form of massive investments to beautify the buildings, parks and streets of Shanghai, while at the same time increasing campaigns to improve its citizens.

Take the public transportation as an example, Shanghai has invested heavily to connect the Expo zone to other parts of the city. The size of Shanghai’s subway reached 420km by the end of the May, double the size in two years ago. The efficient and high capacity transportation system indicates Shanghai’s well-established status of a developed city in China. It is an amazing fact that the 184-day world’s fair attracts totally 73 million visitors including 3. 5 million foreign guests.Besides Shanghai, other parts of China nearby also boost the tourism industry due to the Expo. According to the Chinese National Tourism Administration, the direct tourism income from the Shanghai Expo runs to over $12 billion.

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In addition, the spillover effect to adjacent cities caused a 20% bump to tourism services demand. Moreover, the Shanghai Expo increases the employment especially for service industry. Throughout the logistics chain, there are a lot of job vacancies that need to be filled in.Receiving trainings and real experience, people with relatively poorer skills may win a better job in the future. More importantly, such a culture exchange event may create many opportunities for Chinese people to work abroad and also for foreigners to come to China. Not limited to the three aspects, the Expo will have a significant social impact on Shanghai for generations, as said by Yang Xiong, the vice mayor of Shanghai.