Last updated: February 23, 2019
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This is a proposal for beginning Social Media Marketing at Arthur Hall Insurance. “Social Media Marketing is building your social network fans, followers, and connections using relevant and interesting content that is shared, allowing you to reach and engage more people and drive more business. ” The three largest social networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are generating a lot of hype in the Marketing world as new ways of reaching and communicating with clients, prospects and anyone else Arthur Hall Insurance employees come in contact with.

While this might sound a lot like our goal of Email Marketing through Constant Contact, Social Media Marketing is not a replacement for email but a complement of Email Marketing. With the explosion of social networks, the number of ways Arthur Hall Insurance can meaningfully interact with clients is growing exponentially. Clients who use social media networks expect companies like us to have a presence and be active in the same networks. And each method – Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, updated and user-friendly websites – feeds the others.

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Since recent implementation of Constant Contact, Arthur Hall Insurance is already interacting with clients via email. However, we can leverage our existing content to interact with clients in social networks and beyond. Just as we can use our outgoing emails as a way to advertise our social network accounts, we can use social media to add subscribers to our email contact list through website links and a Join Our Mailing List signup box. More good news is that most social media services are easy to use and don’t require a lot of Web savvy.

If you can build a high quality newsletter, you should have no trouble getting around social media networks and blogging platforms. Social media will go hand-in-hand with Email Marketing when it comes to our Marketing strategy. Today’s clients and prospects want to be part of a conversation with the people and organizations they do business with, and traditional one-way Marketing does not offer chances for this sought-after two-way communication.

Opening up our business to social media and sharing content, personality, and more will create a tighter bond with our clients, prospects and suspects, and ensure that Arthur Hall Insurance stays top of mind with them when our service is needed. This is why our company should begin Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. WHY BEGIN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING? There are several reasons why Arthur Hall Insurance should begin Social Media Marketing. It’s free. * Can use social media to extend Email Marketing effectiveness. * Social networks can be intertwined with one another (including WordPress). * Social networking is popular. * Social networks allow you to be personal and professional. * Social networks tell a lot about a company. * Social networks extend company information with clients, prospects and suspects. * Social networks are everywhere (now available on mobile phones).

ABOUT FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND LINKEDIN. To grow our business, we need to extend our content to a wider audience to get new clients. Prior to the explosion of social media, the only way to do this was to get more people on our list or have a recipient forward our email along to a friend or colleague. Social media adds a whole new dynamic to the client acquisition cycle as networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow Arthur Hall Insurance and our clients to share content much more quickly with a far wider audience.

Plus, the “social” component of social media allows us to interact with our clients easily and publicly. FACEBOOK Facebook is the largest of the social networks, with more than 500 million active users. It has become a favorite destination for people, businesses, and organizations to connect and share information because of its easy-to-use interface and interactive features. Facebook is the most multimedia-friendly of the big three networks as members can post text, pictures, audio, and video, and can share their location too.

Facebook has become an incredibly powerful platform for businesses and organizations to build their community, engage with clients, prospects and suspects and encourage them to spread messages to a larger network. By creating a Facebook Page, a business can provide an information hub that users can choose to “Like. ” Liking a Facebook Page is not too different from subscribing to a newsletter. A big advantage to creating a Facebook Page is that you do not have to accept requests for connections; any Facebook user can choose to Like your Page.

When someone Likes your Page, anything you post to their Facebook Page will show up in their newsfeed. This is how the network effect kicks in. If you post something that your Fans like, they will share it with their Friends, who may very well decide to connect with you too. Finally, Facebook Pages are public-facing, meaning they can get picked up in search engines and give Arthur Hall Insurance and its website even more exposure. TWITTER Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks, with 190 million users sending 65 million tweets each day, as of June 2010.

Twitter is a real-time information network that empowers its users to share and discover interesting content through status updates or “tweets. ” For businesses and organizations, Twitter is one of the quickest ways to get a message out to people who may be interested in your services or events. Like Facebook posts, users can share your tweet with the simple click of a button. This is called a “retweet,” and it is the feature that makes Twitter such a great word-of-mouth platform that can help your message reach an entirely new group of prospective clients.

Twitter is a great way to get real-time feedback from your customers and to discover what people are saying about you, your competition, industry, or any keyword that is relevant to you. Its greatest strength is its vast reach. LINKEDIN LinkedIn is the most “professional” social network of the Big Three and is most popular with business-to-business users and those looking for jobs. Businesses and organizations can create profile pages that outline the who, what, and where of their operations, and in fact, many businesses use it to recruit for new hires.

Two of the biggest benefits of LinkedIn are the community and question areas, which tend to be more professional in nature than those found on Facebook or Twitter. Answering questions in your area of expertise is a great way to establish you and your business or organization as an expert. LinkedIn is highly recommended for promoting a business-to-business event or communication since it is a professionally-oriented network. CONCLUSION A September 2009 report by the Nielsen Company shows that people who are heavy users of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn actually use email ore than casual social network users do. Why is this? Social media networks like Facebook allow you to set your preferences so an email is sent whenever someone comments on something you post, or on a friend’s post that you may have commented on. You can also get notified when someone sends you a private message within the confines of Facebook. Similarly, Twitter and LinkedIn send an email update every time someone new decides to “follow” or “connect” with you, and when you receive a direct message from another user.

For Arthur Hall Insurance, as a current email marketer, this presents some good news: All of this activity drives people to our email inbox. The more email people get, the more they’re going to be checking their inboxes. And the more they check their inboxes, the more chances they have to see our email messages. By extending Arthur Hall Insurance’s Email Marketing campaign to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we will not only generate more email messages but also more word of mouth mentions of our business.

By providing great customer service, our company will make for passionate fans that will help spread the good word about us. The buzz around Social Media Marketing has been growing to a near crescendo. Therefore, it is important that we claim Arthur Hall Insurance on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They’re free and a great place to experiment with different marketing tactics. Our company has nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, let’s begin our new online presence.