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*Note: This worksheet shows how to describe each contributing factor but does not include notes for linking to the question.

‘Leadership is key’ Honest & capable leaders are needed to maintain stability in the government and to make have moral courage and integrity to do what is right and not what is popular with the people. Good leadership and good governance do not occur by chance. Leadership is important as leaders must be incorruptible to win the confidence and respect of the people.

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This will convince the people that the government works in their interests and they will work in unison with the latter to bring harmony and progress to Singapore. ‘Anticipate change and stay relevant’ The decisions made by government must be forward-looking and pragmatic. NEWater is an example of how the government prepares for the future by ensuring self-sufficiency in water supply. Presently, Singapore depends on Malaysia for its water supplies. Its 2 water agreements with Malaysia will end in 2011 and 2061.

However, Singapore has already alternative water supplies in order to be self-sufficient by producing NEWater and desalinated water. This means that there will be less dependence on external sources for its water resources. Another example is policy on car ownership and usage. Since road space is very limited in Singapore, traffic congestion will affect economic activities if car ownership is left unchecked. Thus, drivers have to pay a price for using the roads. One of the measures introduced since the 1970s was the Area Licencing Scheme (ALS).

When the ALS first started in 1975, motorists were very unhappy about the increased costs of travelling into the Central Business District (CBD). As technology improved, more efficient ways of monitoring and regulating traffic flow have to be put in place. Thus, our government was responsive enough to do away with the ALS (which was cumbersome to use) and replace that with Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system. ‘Reward for Work and Work for Reward’ This principle is based on the principle of Meritocracy.Meritocracy means a system that rewards hard work and talent irregardless if race, religion, class or differences in language.

An example of such a policy is our education policies which illustrates this principle. Education institutions are open to all, regardless of race, religion or connections with influential people, but solely on merit. For example, students who perform exceptionally well in their studies and co-curricular activities are rewarded. The Edusave Scholarship and Merit Bursary schemes reward the top 10% and 25% of students in schools and the Institutes of Education. A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All’ This comprises of 2 parts – Recognizing the importance of giving equal status to each race and religion.

[English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil – official languages] Strengthening sense of belonging and rootedness is crucial because citizens need to have a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to the country in order to sustain good governance. Therefore, having a say in decision-making develops in people a greater sense of belonging to a country.More opportunities have been created to involve the people in decision-making.

For example, in 2004, the government consulted the people on the issue of having a casino as part of an Integrated Resort. During feedback sessions, many people voiced their support and concerns about the government’s proposal. With this consultative approach, everybody will realize that they have an equal standing and will work hard to earn their rights. This shows the government’s respect towards people’s rights in having a say in decision-making.