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According to the New York Times article by Tamar Lewin on January 26, 20110, recent studies have shown that stress levels of incoming college freshmen are at an all time high. College counselors have agreed that these polls are a reflection of what they see daily in their offices. Many students are depressed, under stress, and using psychiatric medication that are prescribed during their high school years. With college tuition fees increase each year, Brian Van Brunt believes that the great financial burden on students is one of the main stressor.

Though statistics still show that students are better off going to college, students are finding it harder to believe there’s a job out there waiting on the other end. Another reason why students are under tremendous amount of stress is because of the pressure that they put themselves under. While the students emotional health is at risk, their drive to achieve is also higher than ever. Students seem to believe that being more financially independent in the future; they will need to get into an MBA or a PhD program.

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There is also a huge gender gap between male students and female students who are suffering from emotional stress. Perry C. Francis, the coordinator for counseling services at Eastern Michigan University believes male students are handling the stress better than female students. Both genders handle stress differently. Male students are most likely to go out and do something about the stress such as exercising, while female students help out or volunteer which doesn’t relieve stress.

The social problem addressed in the article is that the economy is not a great shape which causes the hike of stress levels of incoming college freshmen. Most students entering college are under a lot of stress. A survey was conducted by The American Freshman: National Forms that involves more than 200,000 college freshmen and 52 percent of college freshmen believes that their emotional health was “below average”. According to the article, it is believed that one of the main factors of this problem is the economy.

In this economy, the students are worried about not being able to find a job after graduation. They are also worried about how they will be able to pay for their college debt. The article used Sociological Imagination by explaining that there is no clarity of what emotional health means to students. The article explained that even though most college freshmen are under pressure, they also have a high drive to achieve their goals in able to find a better paying job. The article also explained the reason why women make up to 60 percent of the students who seek out mental health services.

Although the article did not state a solution, towards the end, the writer states that the reason why there is such a huge gender gap between men and women is because they both deal with the situation differently. Men do not talk about their stress or their feeling but men are most likely to find more time for leisure such as exercising or playing a sport. Meanwhile, women are more likely to stay home and help out with family chores, which do not relieve stress. Since the stress levels in men are much lower than women, I believe that exercise and playing sports will help reduce the level of stress.