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Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is an organization
that works to educate people around the world about reproductive health care
and reproductive rights. They advocate the use of contraception in
underdeveloped countries as well as in America. Their goal is “to
empower allies around the world in providing, promoting and defending access to
care”Office1 .

Title X funds many Planned Parenthood sites but Planned Parenthood is also
largely funded by donations and through the many partnerships they have made
around the world.

Planned Parenthood started in America in
1916. Their mission at that time was to educate women about sexual and
reproductive care so every woman could live their lives healthily and the way
they wanted to. Since then they have branched out internationally and created
partnerships with over 100 similar organizations across Africa and Latin
America. The top ten countries they focus on are Burkina Faso (population size:
18.1 million/ density: 66.1 people per square km/ fertility rate: 5.2), Ecuador
(population size: 16.14 million/ density: 65 people per square km/ fertility
rate: 2.4), Guatemala (population size: 16.3 million/ density: 152.5 people per
square km/ fertility rate: 3.5), Kenya (population size: 46.1 million/ density:
50.5 people per square km/ fertility rate: 4.1), Mexico (population size: 127
million/ density: 80.9 people per square km/ fertility rate: 2.1), Nicaragua
(population size: 6.1 million/ density: 65.3 people per square km/ fertility
rate: 2.3), Nigeria (population size: 182.2 million/ density: 200.1 people per
square km/ fertility rate: 5.7), Peru (population size: 31.4 million/ density:
24.5 people per square km/ fertility rate: 2.3), Senegal (population size: 15.1
million/ density: 78.6 people per square km/ fertility rate: 4.6 ), and Uganda
(population size: 39 million/ density: 194.7 people per square km/ fertility rate: 5.4Office2 ).

Now Planned Parenthood works to educate everyone in these countries, especially
teens and women since they are most often the victims of unwanted,
life-threatening, or premature childbirth.

Planned Parenthood’s mission statement is
“Planned Parenthood believes in the fundamental right of each individual,
throughout the world, to manage his or her fertility, regardless of the
individual’s income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age,
national origin, or residence”. This organization measures their success by keeping
tabs on Office3 the
rates of death during childbirth as well as the fertility rates in these
developing countries. They recognize that many of these places have cultural
guidelines about the number of children one woman should have, but Planned
Parenthood works to provide information about the risks of having too many
children as well as give these women the option to not have children or have
fewer children if that is the path they would like to choose, regardless of
their cultural affiliations. Over the years, Planned Parenthood has provided
countless sexual and reproductive programs for underdeveloped counties and
prevented STD’s and unwanted children in these places.

I think Planned Parenthood’s work will
affect the fertility rates of these regions because the causes of high
fertility rates are heavily linked to a lack of knowledge, accessibility, or
free will. Planned Parenthood works to combat all three of those issues and has
been doing so effectively for the past 100 years