From a immature age ( 7 ) , Soichiro Honda had a great involvement in cars. He worked as a machinist at a Nipponese tuning store, A self-taught applied scientist, he subsequently worked on a Piston design which he hoped to sell to Toyota. The first bill of exchange of his design were rejected, and Soichiro worked fastidiously to hone the design, even traveling back to school and soaking his married woman ‘s jewellery for collateral.Finally, he won a contract with Toyota and built a mill to build Pistons for them, which was destroyed in an temblor. Due to a gas deficit during World War II, Honda was unable to utilize his auto, and his fresh thought of attaching a little engine to his bike attracted much wonder. He so established the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan, to develop and bring forth little 2-cycle motorbike engines. Naming upon 18,000 bike store proprietors across Japan to take portion in regenerating a state torn apart by war, Soichiro received adequate capital to engineer his first bike, the Honda Cub. This marked the beginning of Honda Motor Company, who would turn a short clip later to be the universe ‘s largest maker of bikes by 1964.

HONDA PAKISTAN:Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Limited Japan, and the Atlas Group of Companies, Pakistan.The company was incorporated on November — , 1992 and joint venture understanding was signed on August — – , 1993. The land interrupting ceremonial was held on April 17, 1993 and within a record clip of 11 months, building and hard-on of machinery was completed. The first auto rolled off the assembly line on May 26, 1994. Official startup was done by President of Pakistan, Sardar Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari. Mr.Kawamoto, President of Honda Motor Company Limited Japan was besides present to decorate the juncture.

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The company is listed on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges.IntroductionHonda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Limited Japan, and the Atlas Group of Companies, Pakistan.The company was incorporated in 1992 and joint venture understanding was signed in 1993. The land interrupting ceremonial was held onA April 17, 1993 and within a record clip of 11 months, building and hard-on of machinery was completed.

The first auto rolled off the assembly line on May 26, 1994. The company is listed on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges.On July 14, 1994, auto engagements started at six franchises in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.Since so the DealershipsHYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: //

htm ” HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” Network has expanded and now the company has 16 3S ( Gross saless, Service and Spare Parts ) and thirty 2S ( Service and Spare Parts ) Pit stops web in all major metropoliss of Pakistan.

Honda Atlas Cars ( Pakistan ) Limited has Dealership Network covering all of Pakistan, and Dealership are equipped with all the installations a modern franchise should hold. The installations include Sale, Service and Spare parts.


“ We see the universe non as it is, but as it could be. ”


We see the universe through the eyes of dreamers. Because we are a company founded by a dreamer. And we are a company built on dreams.


We see the chase of impossible dreams as an authorising force, capable of bring forthing radical thoughts. Dreams inspire us to make advanced merchandises that enhance human mobility and benefit society.

Honda encourages all of its associates to prosecute their dreams. And it ‘s our mission to portion these dreams with others and to do them a world.


We see “ The Power of Dreams ” as a manner of believing that guides us and pushes us frontward.

The strength of our company comes from this doctrine – which is based on the airy rules of our laminitis, Soichiro Honda.


We see things from a planetary position, ever endeavoring to make and bring forth merchandises of the highest quality at a sensible monetary value for world-wide client satisfaction. The power of Honda ‘s dreams will go on to take to new penetrations and engineerings in cars, bikes, power merchandises, parts and other Fieldss of mobility.


We see it as our duty to function humanity through our planetary committednesss to assisting protect the environment and heightening safety in a nomadic society. In every enterprise we pursue, we strive to be a company that people all over the universe want to be.


We see a bright hereafter fueled by the Power of Dreams. Can you see it, excessively?

Company Doctrine:

Dynamic Manufacturing and selling of esteemed merchandises to the full satisfaction of clients.Create ideal working environment for uninterrupted development of merchandise and forces.Provide equal return to stockholders and fulfil corporate civic and fulfil corporate civic duties.

Image of Company:

Zero line halt and nothing defect.No.1 client satisfactionFair regulations.Profitable organisationMarket leader.Respect for all.

Self reliant, transcending the end.Open and blunt ambiance.Believe in originalityEncourage localisationEnvironment friendlyEnvironment conditionsHonda conducts its concerns in Pakistan and throughout the universe ( including North America, Europe and Asia ) . A continued economic lag, recession and the sustained loss of consumer assurance in these markets, which may be caused by lifting fuel monetary values or other factors, could trip a diminution in demand for cars, bikes and power merchandises that may adversely impact Honda ‘s consequences of operations U.S fiscal crisis has affected the economic sciences over the universe.Some observers argue that Pakistan is already in recession-an assessment that was reinforced by the biggest autumn in five old ages in corporate capital disbursement for the last one-fourth of 2008.

Shares in Pakistani fabrication corporations dropped aggressively. Not merely Honda lost 4.1 per centum but besides Toyota lost 5.1 per centum excessivelyCompetitionThe rivals of HONDA includes all the local and foreign Cars makers includingSuzukiToyotaMitsubishiMercedesBMWMajor type of competition:Brand competition TOYOTA, MITSUBUSHI.Product Competition Other automotive industries.Generic Competition Rental autos, motor motorcycles, bikes.

Sums Budget Competition Vacations, Debit Reduction, Home remodeling.GLOBAL CHALLENGESIn this globally competitory concern universe, every house has to confront many challenges, and Honda does, excessively. There are four common challenges that Honda has to face: jobs that can non be solved, pull offing intangibles, pull offing diverseness, and turn toing new issues for which directors and organisation are ill-prepared.

SWOT Analysis



Brand name imageSmoother thrust as compared to rivalsMarket leading – Enjoying 56 % portion in bikes.Efficient public presentationDurability/ReliabilityQuality – ISO CertificationEasy handiness of Spare PartsStrong plus position/increased net incomes with each twelvemonthHigh resale valueLow care costsTechnical expertness – Benchmarking Honda, Japan.

Monetary value

Reasonable monetary value of echt partsCheap care


Successful Promotional runs via Television and Newspaper channels basking extended spectator ship


Management/non-management work as a individual unit, as a squadHighly loyal, committed and motivated employeesHardworking, experienced and qualified staffTechnological and managerial know-howJob rating which is wholly public presentation based, gives staff inducement to work harder each clipBonuss and wages system for employeesTrainings given to traders, bike mechanics and users


TQM rules practiced in work proceduresKaizen ( uninterrupted betterment ) rule in all proceduresState of art workss and equipmentISO 9002 certified

Physical Environment

Frank and congenial work environmentPositive work clime and organisation civilization – individual codification of frock supports to keep favoritism free work environment


Customer truenessOld and established trade name nameSafety counsel given to clients.


After gross revenues client service non up to the degree really expected by the client.Less of a proactive attack to different affairs, reactive attack applied moreLimited investing in high engineering equipmentMonetary value higher than predominating competition in market, which gives client ideas about nearest replacements availableBike establishing new characteristics as those of new entrants in marketFrom client point of position, in instance trade name is unavailable for a long clip, high pending degree allows client to exchange trade nameCredit handiness schemes no good managed and client non informed about themCustomer conscious of motorcycle as a position symbol chorus from purchasing available Honda trade names. It is considered more of a household motorcycleNo safety measures installed in motorcycles against snaping quandary.


Turning bike market – Estimated motorcycles 500,000 by the terminal of 2007 compared to 300,000 in 2005/2006Customers recognizing quality affairs, as jobs are already cropping up in new entrants theoretical accountsEnterprises and proposals in procedure for get bying with increased demand of motorcyclesNewer sections introduced with entry of new theoretical accounts, design, which still have immense potency for growingKarachi, a section which has enormous potency for growing and profitableness.


Many new characteristics built-in in latest motorcycle theoretical accounts increasing client outlooks a great trade for the hereafter.Crucial economic conditions of Pakistan can take to the reduced gross revenues.WTO ( World trade Order ) opening local markets for planetary competitionRivals establishing newer theoretical accounts with emphasis on decreased monetary value for our price-sensitive economic system turn outing serious menace in close hereafterLarceny and snatching of motorcycles increasing, making 2500 motorcycles in period of January -May 2007.

Management schemes and attacks

Enterprise Scheme

The Mission Statement of Honda is try to keep a planetary point of position, with the dedication to provide the highest quality merchandises at a sensible monetary value for world-wide client satisfaction.

Furthermore, taking new challenges with the chase of Initiative, Technology and Quality, Honda is prosecuting their 2010 Vision: Striving to be a company society wants to be through making new value, globalisation, and committedness for the hereafter.Business SchemeR & A ; D is sharpening the concern advantage of Honda, together with the ferocious competition between Honda and rivals, and they all define the B u s I n Es s S T R a T vitamin E g Y of Honda. One of the proudest things about Honda is its R & A ; D system. With the systematic manner of nearing, focal point on lastingness, dependability and basic public presentation to set up a originative and advanced proficient foundation. With the sagely attack to the hereafter, the Honda merchandises do care about the economical, environmental, and societal issues – This leads to a addition sweetheart in Pakistan late meanwhile the whole industry is traveling down by some external factors such as depreciation, Oil monetary value elevation, political recession aˆ¦ etcHonda is maintaining affecting in the research and development that benefit people in the hereafter through leading-edge engineering and committedness to invention that opens up new possibilities in mobility.The franchise of Honda is besides one of its strengths.

Through making merchandises and services that provide the nucleus values that make Honda unique, the Honda ‘s associates around the universe maintain making such inspiring experience for its client.Honda put heartfelt enterprises into services, reacting to altering values and progressively complicated demands of client. Its services focal point on bettering client dealingss, with friendly and attentive gross revenues, antiphonal service support, thorough care and fixs.

Honda began uniting its multiple franchise channels into a individual Honda gross revenues channel, seeking to beef up the Honda trade name, heighten client satisfaction, and assist guarantee lifetime client trueness.The fabrication and administering system of Honda are besides beginnings for the sequence of Honda. With the planetary web, Honda ‘s planetary schemes somehow include the globalisation feature. Honda has established independent local operation in Pakistan and pushed local liberty and proactive attempts to place the demands regional with common apprehension. The competition between Honda and others speed up twelvemonth by twelvemonth. This is someway carry the win/lose feature.

Planing And Development

Presently, Honda Atlas Cars ( Pakistan ) Limited is non in a place to do major alterations in its autos. Merely minor alterations can be made here and determinations about these alterations are made at the top degree. Marketing & A ; Production people play an of import function in this respect.

Research & A ; Development Department:

The function of research and development is to present advanced ways to accomplish the aims particularly through production installations. Unfortunately, there is no research and development section in HACPL. This map is performed by Honda Motor Company, Japan. All major alterations in theoretical accounts of Honda autos are introduced at that place.

Employees of HACPL are sent to Japan, where they are trained harmonizing to new conditions. Subsequently on, these alterations are introduced in the theoretical accounts offered in Pakistan.

Omission Program:

“ Omission is to replace the imported parts of vehicles with the parts either manufactured in house or purchased through local seller industries. ”Honda Atlas Cars ( Pakistan ) Limited is prosecuting a realistic and progressive omission programme for indigenisation of assemblies, parts and constituents.

This kineticss programme is being implemented through in-house assemblies and fabricating operations, and is being supplemented by seller development.HACPL is about same as that of its major rival, i.e.

the maker of Toyota Cars. Attempts are being made by top direction to increase this per centum.

Accomplishment of Aims through Operationss:

The production section of HACPL is playing a critical function in accomplishing the overall aims of the company through efficient use of resources.HACPL is accomplishing production efficiency through:Evaluation & A ; betterment of quality control.Training of production employees.Modernization of works and machinery.Similarly cost minimisation aim is being achieved through:Omission programmeAvoiding hapless quality merchandises, which are a loss for the company. As mentioned earlier, HACPL is accomplishing first-class quality degrees through giving preparation to personal plus proper usage of engineering.

Entire Quality Management

Entire Quality Management: ( T.Q.M. )


M. emphasiss three rules:Customer SatisfactionEmployee InvolvementContinuous ImprovementAchieving quality in all countries of a concern is a hard undertaking. It is necessary for an organisation to supply its clients with best or even consistent quality merchandises in order to last in the environment. The success of any concern depends upon how accurately the company perceives the outlooks of Customers plus its ability to bridge the spread between consumer outlooks & A ; runing capablenesss.

Customer Satisfaction:

HACPL ‘s employees try at their degree best in fulfilling the clients & A ; hence stepping forwards the aim of the company. The part of Marketing & A ; Production section is really of import in this respect. These sections continuously go for the ways to better the characteristics of bing HACPL ‘s merchandises and hence fulfilling the clients.

Employee Engagement:

HACPL ‘s direction considers its employees a great plus. The employees along with gross revenues traders are portion of the big “ Honda Family ” and they form an built-in portion of policies and determinations that help determine the hereafter of the company.The direction of HACPL considers the proposals/Suggestions of its employees up to a great extent. It appreciate the employees in this respect through Monetary or Non Monetary benefits. Management of HACPL put great accent on making and keeping an endeavor environment in the company that maximizes the involvement and motives of its employees which is really critical to heighten labour productiveness and efficiency.

Training of Forces:

HACPL puts great accent on preparation and development of employees to assist them recognize their full potency. Employees from all sections particularly form production, finance and selling attend preparation classs in their several Fieldss. This has greatly contributed in bettering employees public presentation and efficiency at all degree.

Continuous Improvement:

The Management of HACPL has a position of uninterrupted betterment in order for the better Use of resources and bettering Honda trade name image in the market. HACPL is seeking at its degree best to present and implement better quality control processs, redesigning the production procedure, automatizing the whole works etc. Employees engagement is playing critical function in this respect.


Attempts should be made to cut down the cost of Honda autos.There should be more coordination between HACPL and its providers.A low-cost theoretical account should be introduced to capture the market portion of SUZUKI.Deletion programme should be implemented quickly.Although HACPL has taken some stairss for environmental protection, more attempts should be made in this respect.The franchise web should be widened.Employees should be encouraged to give suggestions.Some kind of research should be done at HACPL.Attempts should be made for better use of capacity.