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1. Brief drumhead of novel- The novel Sold tells the narrative of a miss named Lakshmi from Nepal. who is sold into sexual bondage in India.

When the harsh Himalayan monsoons wash off all that remains of the family’s harvests. Lakshmi’s stepfather says she must go forth place and take a occupation to back up her household. She is so introduced to a charming alien who tells her she will happen her a occupation as a amah working for a affluent adult female in the metropolis. Glad to be able to assist.

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Lakshmi undertakes the long journey to India and arrives at the “Happiness House” full of hope. But she shortly learns the atrocious truth: she has been sold into harlotry. and trapped there until she can pay off her family’s debt – subsequently to happen out she’s been cheated of her meagre net incomes so that she can ne’er go forth. This novel is written in series of short. vignette-style chapters. from the point of position of the chief characterIs the writer qualified to compose knowledgeably about this civilization? Why or why non? To research for Sold.

writer Patricia McCormick traveled and interviewed people who had experienced the “system” of sexual bondage. This system has “native misss believing they are traveling to acquire occupations. ” when truly they end up “in whorehouses with no manner to get away.

” To detect more about the system and interview the people in it. McCormick traveled to “a shelter in Kathmandu” and a small town in the Himalayas. McCormick based the small town Lakshmi lives on those she traveled to.She besides spoke with misss and adult females in Calcutta’s red-light territory.

where she learned about the many horrors of the system from two adolescent misss who had escaped it. McCormick explained that “part of them became Lakshmi. ” McCormick besides spoke with those who sold the misss into the system for net income. When she interviewed one adult male who was in prison for selling his bride-to-be. McCormick says. “He told me.

without a hint of embarrassment. he wanted a bike. . . He was absolutely unconcerned about his destiny ; he knew he would acquire off in tribunal. ”What did you larn about this civilization from reading this novel?Many people go into the sex work field or are forced to in hopes of happening a better chance for their households and for themselves.

This is particularly true in Nepal. which is ranked as one of the states with the lowest human development indexs in the universe. they feel as though sex work is the lone chance that they genuinely have to better their lives and that of their households. Most victims were lured with promises of better occupations in countries such as India. Dubai. or Saudi Arabia ; other tactics include false matrimonies and proposals. force.

and nearing indebted households to sell their girls to pay their debts. sometimes under the pretense of a dowery for a matrimony.
The most vulnerable are adult females and misss who are illiterate or uneducated.

involved in marginalized supports. deserted by their hubbies or households. victims of maltreatment and force. and those from deprived communities and highly hapless households. Nepal is chiefly a beginning state for work forces. adult females and kids subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.

Around 1. 2 million victims of trafficking are bush leagues. Nepali victims are trafficked within Nepal.

to India. the Middle East. and forced to go cocottes. domestic retainers. mendicants. kid soldiers.

and others. This is peculiarly rampant within Nepal and to India. with every bit many as 5. 000-10. 000 adult females and misss trafficked to India entirely each twelvemonth. And adult females are really inferior to work forces and cater to the mens’ every demand and are tricked. manipulated and treated harshly by society and in their civilization.Does the fresh portray or contradict any traditional or modern-day stereotypes that have developed around this civilization? Which 1s? Yes.

that:Womans are inferior to work forces.Womans and misss are manipulated or forced into bondage. Women and misss are sold.Men see no value in adult females or misss other than supplying nutrient and money for your pleasance

Address any biass that the characters faced in this novel.

*Gender: adult females ( that they’re worthless because they are misss ) *Age: the sex slaves tried to look immature for the work forces*Social category*Language: Lakshmi couldn’t talk or shed be taken advantage of *Lakshimi’s belief of women’s demand of modestnessExplain how this narrative made you experience as you read it. Did you experience more open-minded or derive a better apprehension of this civilization as you read? This book made me sad as one read it. I started understanding how atrocious things can be in other states and how different civilizations have different ethical motives and values. Besides how some people are willing to make whatever is necessary to assist and back up their households.

I felt her emotions as I read through this book and I must state that I was sad when I finished it. I can’t truly associate to her on the same degrees but I can state that I would instead decease a thousand deceases than to of all time of all time be in her place. This book opened my eyes to what is out at that place and what people are truly and genuinely like. it is one of the most sad and upseting books Is have of all time read

Discuss some similarities and differences between your ain civilization and this civilization. Differences:* In America.

one can get married as they wish when they wish and to whom they wish. In India. the household chooses the mate for their kid. which is called an ordered matrimony. In most instances. the bride and groom do non even speak to each other until after they are married.

* The mean age to get married in America is: for females it is 24 old ages of age. and for males it is 26 old ages of age. The mean age to get married in India is: females it is 16 old ages of age and for males it is 21 old ages of ageSome of the faiths in America are: Christianity. Protestant. Roman Catholic. Mormon.

Buddhist. Jewish. and Muslim. Some of the faiths in India are: Sikhism. Buddhism. Jainism. Judaism.

and HinduismSimilarities:*Both states are democracies. They both were British settlements before their independency.*In both these states there was the same signifier of rough racism against the lower categories of the society

8. Be there any grounds in this novel that this civilization has had any influence on your ain civilization? no. India’s civilization in the novel is really different from American civilization.Does the writer attempt to promote this civilization over other civilizations through this narrative? No. this narrative negotiations really ill about India and how most are in poorness and households have to sell their girls to pay off their debt. It really shows how other civilizations are better and more civil than India’s.

10. Would you urge this novel to a friend? Why or why non? Absolutely. this was astonishing book with a heartbreaking narrative. Sold. genuinely puts life into position when placed in the places of a 13 twelvemonth old miss sold into sexual bondage by her ain household. After reading a piece I became addicted. I fell in and out of this narrative and that is what I am looking for in a book.

I would urge this book to all misss and possibly some cats.