Something very exciting is brewing at the Busch stadium. St Louis cardinals are offering their fans who had their pictures taken, a special service. Fans can use the number on their Photo Pass card or search online for photos taken of them at the stadium and then purchase prints online. What’s more exciting is that these photographs can also be sent to the fan’s home address. If you are a real St. Louis Cardinals fan, then you are sure to see them at Busch Stadium. There’s no better way to commemorate your recent trip to a Cardinals game than by getting a photo of yourself at the game. Purchasing a copy of your photo online is super easy to do and very convenient. You can use your Photo Pass card or browse through the website’s photo gallery to find your picture.A Major League Baseball Team, the Cardinals are based in St. Louis, Missouri. The team was founded in 1882 as part of what was then known as the American Association of baseball teams. The Cardinals have won eleven World Series championships, which makes them the second-most winning team next to the New York Yankees. The best of the best. Willie McHale, a columnist for the St. Louis Republic, reported that he’d overheard a lady in the stands pronounce the uniforms “a lovely shade of cardinal.” McHale was, presumably, so charmed by the lady’s grasp of color names that he began referring to the team as the “Cardinals.”How can you purchase your St. Louis Cardinals Fan Photos online?Requirements:A computer with internet access.A photo taken of you in Busch Stadium at a St. Louis Cardinals game.You must have a Photo Pass card or you can use the date you watched the game or which gallery you sat in during the game.Step-By-Step GuideGo to the St. Louis Cardinals Fan Photo website at link 1 below.Enter the code number that can be found on your Photo Pass card into the required field at the upper right portion of the page in the section marked “Find Your Fan Photos Here”, and then click on the button “Click Here to Find Your Photos”.Indicate how many prints you want to buy and then click on the button marked “Add to Card”.Click on the button “Checkout”.Complete the payment process as instructed.And you’re all done. Your photos will be with you in no time.If you have any questions about St. Louis Cardinals Fan Photos, please refer to the St. Louis Cardinals Fan Photos FAQ at link 2 below.Related Links1. St. Louis Cardinals Fan Photos website: St. Louis Cardinals Fan Photos FAQ: