The King Essay, Research PaperThrough the character of Oedipus, Sophocles shows the futility and effects of withstanding the Godhead order. Oedipus served Thebes as a great swayer, loved by his topics ; but it is his one tragic defect, hubris, which dooms his being, irrespective of the character attributes that make him such a darling male monarch.

From the gap duologue we sense the character of Oedipus. When confronted by his topics praying for alleviation of the pestilence he reacts kingly and gracefully, stating, I am king, I had to come & # 8230 ; .How can I assist? & # 8230 ; Ask me anything. Anything at all. He evidently cares for the people in his land, but he goes on to state how he pities these hapless shattered people of [ his ] .

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The commiseration he feels is rooted non merely in his love and understanding, but his haughtiness every bit good. Possibly this attitude is punctually merited, for Oedipus had solved the Sphinx s conundrum, an seemingly epic effort, and was seen to be greater than any adult male, but the leader that he had become still possessed the hubristic inclinations which doomed him from the clip he fled Corinth.It is impossible to theorize what may hold happened to Oedipus had he stayed in Corinth, but it is the effort to avoid his destiny that dooms him to non merely to carry through the prognostication, but to endure yet greater effects. To believe that he himself has the power to besiege the anticipation from the Oracle of Apollo, shows that he did non experience humbled before Apollo. Punishment for this deficiency of religion takes the signifier of the pestilence which Apollo imposes on Thebes, an eventual effect of Oedipus s rebelliousness and hubris towards the him. ( The decease of Laios at the hamlets, was caused, in portion at least, because Oedipus left Corinth.

Guess as to whether Oedipus would hold killed him anyhow is ineffectual. ) The penalty of all of Thebes is boundlessly worse than the original prognostication, which involved merely Oedipus household members.For the old ages between the devastation of the Sphinx, and the present clip we are left to presume that Oedipus served his land good, nevertheless we still see the kernel of his original self-righteousness.

When Teiresias is brought to him to assist for the hunt for Laios slayers this proud arrogance misleads him to plan a scenario in which Kreon desires to presume the throne. Kreon was making for my power, wanted to scupper me, acquire rid of me by engaging this inexpensive ace, …who sees nil but net income. But it is the characters of Kreon and Teiresias that serve as Sophocles originals of the ideal Greeks, playing opposite Oedipus, the tragic hero. While Oedipus is a good adult male, Sophocles illustrates the rigorous obeisance required by the Gods and the codification of moralss of the Grecian society.

The Chorus sings, Laws forged in the immense clear Fieldss of Eden rove the sky determining my words restricting what I do. Olympos made those Torahs non men….If a adult male walks through his life arrogant…does non fear justness, fear the gods….let destine make him stumble in his paths. Regardless of any requital that may be to Oedipus s recognition towards the deities, he is still finally responsible for each of his discourtesies, singularly.

The dry similarities between Teiresias present signifier and Oedipus future life accentuate the deficiency of wisdom that Oedipus has, compared to the prophesier. The close analogue between the present Teiresias and the hereafter Oedipus indicates the importance that Sophocles and society placed on the wisdom of experience. We do non cognize what the earlier part of Teiresias life was like, but his signifier may hold been reborn from bad luck, merely as Oedipus will be.Jocasta took her life in a comparatively painless manner, nevertheless, Sophocles chooses to hold Oedipus blind himself. It is through Oedipus debilitated province that Sophocles reveals the lesson of the narrative, as he ( Oedipus ) calls, Apollo has revealed what he desires. Everything is clear & # 8230 ; .

Kreon answers, Now even you will swear the God, I think.I will. corroborate Oedipus.

He continues on to uncover that he somehow understands that he is non fated to decease now, but some other clip. I have been saved, preserved, kept alive for some unusual destiny & # 8230 ; .When that thing comes, allow it take me where it will.

The wisdom gained through the ordeal has straight exposed him to the power and truth of the Gods every bit good as the credence of what he can non command coupled with the realisation of the bounds of his ain person control over the existence.