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Hayley Matthews


Economic impact of diamond mining in South Africa

Diamond mining in South Africa

21 January 2018



This blog was aimed at investigating the diamond mining industry and its big impact on the economy of South Africa. Since the start of the mineral revolution of diamonds. The local economy has been described in terms of the increase in the GDP for South Africa. The writer refresh skill and experience gained from immigrants from all over Africa. As South Africa is one of the biggest supplier of diamonds. The domino effect has caused an increases in the population of an area. The writer includes big company’s names such as De Beer’s which have been major investors on a local and international scale – job provision has been an importance. This blog also highlights policies set in place for the well being of the miners that allow rest which increases productivity when they start work. The money going into the local economy has a positive effect on the living conditions, opportunities as well as better technology which helps advance the countries development as a whole. Statistics given include that the De Beers control around 80% of the countries mining companies. South Africa produces 49% of the worlds diamond supplies.



The purpose of this Blog was to inform the public of the overall role of diamond mining in South Africa’s economy and a focus being on the mining grant De Beers. This being informative and a broad contract.



This Blog was useful as it gave me relevant information relating to the question that will allow me to focus my attention on diamond mining as a significant resource of South Africa. The article discussed a large variety of impacts diamond mining has on the economy of South Africa which will also relate to the positive and negative impacts of resources and their extraction and utilization to the entire country.



                 The blog is somewhat reliable as it uses a variety of sources to collect their information                           

giving it credence. However, the blog in essence may contain hidden bias and some of the information does not link up with others on the blog site. For instance as the writer says that the diamond mining is sustainable but else where it says that it is not sustainable. Some of her sources the writer got her information from was from Wikipedia so it could be unreliable as this is easily altered on the internet by other users.




One of the limitations is that it could contain bias as it is a blog. This blog not feature any date on it of update or when it was down so the information might be outdated. Some of the information come from Wikipedia so it could be limited as unreliable. This blog was centered on my topic for my study.