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Southern Strategy Essay, Research Paper

The causes and effects of the “ Southern Strategy ” as it relates

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to African-Americans and the American political system. Richard Nixon & # 8217 ; s

“ Southern Strategy ” ( or as the Nixon disposal would name it

“ positive polarisation ” ) of the sixtiess was a political platform that

provided the concluding push in transforming the “ the party of Lincoln ”

into the political party greatly favored by the great grandsons of the old

Confederate states. This scheme was aimed at acquiring support from the traditionally

Democratic South by assuring non to advance sweeping societal or economic alterations

in race dealingss. Nixon argued that he supported equality nevertheless, he was

against “ large authorities ” . Meaning, he was non in favour of implementing

the civil rights or integrating Torahs. He was against forced busing and

affirmatory action. Once Nixon was elected he eliminated the timeline

demands for conformity with affirmatory action and integrating Torahs utilizing

this scheme. Nixon assigned the undertaking of advancing “ positive

polarisation ” to his frailty president Spiro Agnew. This publicity caused

great tenseness against inkinesss amongst Whites ( Spiro would direct representatives

into white communities disguised as minority advocates to inform them of

authorities plans created to assist minorities at the revenue enhancement remunerator & # 8217 ; s disbursal ) .

Nixon besides promoted black capitalist economy in an attempt to divide in-between category

inkinesss from hapless inkinesss. Nixon & # 8217 ; s scheme fueled on racial green-eyed monsters was

successful. It helped the GOP win five of the past eight presidential elections.

It re-established the bipartisan system, which was one time preponderantly, the

Democratic South. In 1994 it helped the GOP end the 40-year democratic regulation in

Congress. Why the significance of the new Black Conservatism within the context

of the “ Southern Strategy ” combined with American political relations going

more conservative in the station 1960s epoch. The growing in cultural minorities in this

state threatens the really being of the Republican Party, and the presence

of Black Conservatism is critical to its endurance. The shadow of the “ Southern

Scheme ” and extremist right association of David Duke, and Pat Buchanan has

most decidedly reprieved the faces of most non-whites to the GOP. The

Republican Party got a glance of the political hereafter last autumn when a larger

than expected figure of minority elector turnout helped the Democratic Party addition

five congressional seats, and unseated two Republican governors in the deep

South. Which brings us to why Black Conservatism is going more conservative

in the station 1960s epoch. There is non anything new about the political doctrine

of Black Conservatives. They simply repeat long-standing white conservative and

neoconservative statements. However, what is new in Black conservativists & # 8217 ; analyses

is that it is Black people developing an implicitly racist principle for puting

bounds on societal policies. The rational goes as follows: ? Although lingering

racism still exists, thanks to the triumphs of the civil rights battles,

racial favoritism is no longer a critical obstruction to Black advancement. We can

speak of a racist American yesteryear, but non of a racialist modern-day America. ?

African American demands for equal chance made during the civil rights epoch

now travel excessively far in demanding equal results. A non-discriminatory America does

non guarantee equal results. Capitalism maximizes accomplishment and endowment and any

differences among cultural groups, or between genders, is a map of each

group & # 8217 ; s peculiar strengths and failings. ? Today & # 8217 ; s jobs of race

dealingss and Black poorness can non be remedied by authorities policy entirely. The

roots of today & # 8217 ; s jobs are located foremost and first within African

Americans: in our inability to successfully vie in a free market system, in

the hapless values and irresponsible and violative behavi

or of hapless Blacks, in our

psychological hang-ups about group individuality and past victimization, and/or in

our failure to take full advantage of bing chances. In this visible radiation, non

merely are authorities societal public assistance and legal redresss, such as affirmatory

action plans, unneeded, they are damaging to the development of Black

people. Social public assistance plans destroy Black households, Foster enfeebling

dependence, and reward irresponsible behaviour. ? Affirmative action plans

lower Black self-esteem since Whites will ever decrease Black achievement

as reflecting merely affirmatory action jussive moods and Black donees of

affirmatory action plans can ne’er be to the full confident that their success

roots from their endowment. These plans are besides damaging to Blacks because

of the white ( male ) bitterness they engender. Affirmative action has, in any

instance, merely benefited more advantaged Blacks. ? The appropriate scheme for

African Americans is one concentrating on ego -help. First, we need to de-emphasise

racial individuality and trueness in favour of an American individuality. Second, African

Americans should vie on the footing of virtue merely. Third, we need to

de-emphasize authorities plans and civil rights statute law in favour of racial

self-help. Blacks need to concentrate on Black entrepreneurship, edifice and

back uping Black concern, peculiarly in hapless Black vicinities. And, most

of import, the Black in-between category demands to learn hapless African Americans

appropriate values and behaviour. The Republican Party usage to be known as

“ the party of Lincoln ” . Now it is the party that wishes to enlighten

the really principles that Lincoln began. Black Conservatives build on a

philosophical foundation borrowed from Booker T. Washington, and integrate

self-help bromides of Black cultural patriot rhetoric. The new Black

Conservative can be viewed as the new racist civilization. The beginnings of this

karyon of politicians ( Black Conservatives ) , and the extent to which they

progress or hinder Black political life in America Today. Dr. Deborah Toler,

writer of the article Black Conservatives states that, Black conservatives & # 8217 ; work

does non exhibit a sustained and systematic scrutiny of conservative

political doctrine and its possible utility for Black Americans. Nor do

the Black conservativists, most of whom are trained societal scientists, engage in

believable societal scientific discipline research. They ignore reams of informations beliing their

implicit in premises and fail to bring forth dependable statistical grounds or to

generate ethnographic research to back up their places ( Dr. Deborah Toler,

The Public Eye: Black Conservatives, September 1993 ) . Black Conservatives are

impeding the advancement of African-Americans today. An first-class illustration would be

the place of Nathan Glazer & # 8217 ; s 1975 Book titled, Affirmative Action, Ethnic

Inequality and Public Policy, which summarized white neoconservatives & # 8217 ;

expostulations to affirmatory action: that, by the terminal of the sixtiess, favoritism

was no longer a major obstruction to minorities & # 8217 ; entree to employment, instruction

and other societal mobility mechanisms ; affirmatory action has non benefited the

hapless who need it most, but has chiefly benefited in-between category Blacks and other

minorities ; and affirmatory action fuels white bitterness against minorities.

Conclusion The “ Southern Strategy ” consequence is have oning off. The ideals & # 8217 ;

of the old Confederacy is most decidedly non the same ideals of the new

bulk. The shadows of Nixon & # 8217 ; s intolerance philosophy has damaged the image of

the Republican Party. Using Black Conservatives who have little to no connexion

with the African-American community to capture some of the Black support off

organize the Democratic Party is an radical maneuver to maintain the party alive.

“ Feel for Conservatism ” does non be in this state, and the

Blacks that belong to the Republican Party are at that place as items.