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I cannot anymore recall the number of times that my parents and grandparents have told me how today’s generation is very different from their time.

They kept on saying that we’re lucky because we have computers nowadays, and that they only had typewriters. We have cars now but back then they had to walk. We have air conditioners to conquer the hot summer season and they had none. We now have many gadgets and appliances that make our life easier. More importantly too they say, we have good electricity today unlike before. And true enough, there really are many reasons to regard our generation luckier than our ancestors.

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Imagine if we aren’t as advanced today. Imagine if we don’t have these keyboards to type to, no iPods to listen to and no televisions screens to watch to. It’s going to be hard. But on the other end of all these innovations that the new generation have come up, what are the consequences? Two words: Global Warming; or Climate Change, or Climate Crisis or worse, Planetary Emergency.

Yes you read it right. Sad as it is, even human development has its own corresponding and unwanted consequences. It is called global warming as a whole, a term we’ve been hearing so much these past few years.Scientists claim it to be happening right now and that it can be attributed to human activity. They claim that it is worsening and that it is because of our increasing carbon emissions. Many people and organizations have already been campaigning to help alleviate this crisis.

Usually, they are the famous political figures like Al Gore and Barack Obama as well as Hollywood actors who. Usually too they are the famous organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmentalist groups. However, little do we know that even common people, especially the youth can also do their share.

As part of the youth today, we too can do something about this. We may be incapable financially or politically but being creative and energetic human beings, we too can help, we just need to realize how. And so that being said, I have a few suggestions on how we too, no matter how young we are can do our share for mother Earth. Use The Flat World, Be Informed! There is no better way to start campaigning against global warming than by being thoroughly informed yourself. After all, how can we help without being educated about the issue?Surf the world wide web! Use the flat world! Sign in to forums, websites and emailing groups related to the campaign against global warming so you always get updated in the issue.

Start reading in depth, and then strategize on the plausible solutions for the issue. By these, we learn the different ways on how to reduce our carbon emissions. Use the Flat World, Inform! If there is something ineffective about the way global warming advocates inform the whole world about it is that it is hard for them to make the people realize the gravity of this phenomenon.

Yes, they might have already been using the web since then but the way they use it is not enough. We, the youth can do something about it. Since we know that most people are using the web for Facebook, Multiply and Friendster, then why don’t we use them as a tool to truly make them realize the gravity of climate change in our lives? Why don’t we blog about these in our own comfortable language that our friends can easily understand? Who knows, even your professor stumbles upon your blog and that he can bring it up to class the next day.

You then get to tackle the issues with your classmates and thus make them realize more effectively the gravity of this global emergency. Spark the Change There is no better way to make things happen than starting them yourselves. Informing your circle of friends of how to reduce carbon emissions is good enough, but doing them yourself and becoming a model for your friends becomes a more effective way to encourage others to do their share. Why don’t you yourself start unplugging the unused appliances at home and at school? Why don’t you start inviting your friends to just walk to your next class on the next building of your campus?Why don’t you yourself show them how to recycle scratch papers? With that you demonstrate them how, and they more effectively learn and remember what to do. And the good news too is that can be passed on too to your friends. Your friends themselves could easily pass on the habit of saving electricity by simply turning of computers not in use, or by walking more inside the campus rather than taking the car from one building to the other. Their other circles of friends can see that too and in the end, it becomes a domino effect.

Everyone passes it on forward.Include Global Warming in Your Agenda Last but not the least in my suggestions is for us students to include the campaign against global warming in our researches. Why don’t we get into researches that at least address parts of the problem? Even if it is an undergraduate thesis from the sciences or from the humanities, it can still help. Even if our thesis only addresses how to improve the growth of trees, then it still helps. Even if it is a research on how to effectively propagate information about global warming, then it is of a big help.

And if every youth does this, then may be every single facet of the problem is then addressed. At the end of the day, we come to realize that it is only partly true that our generation today is luckier than our Lolos’ and Lolas’ time. Yes, we may have all these technologies that make our day to day living easier but with that we also carry a day to day responsibility for our environment. As part of the new generation, it is now our time to step up and care for the world we’re living in. We may be powerless and nameless right now, but altogether, we can say something to the world.

Let us spark that change.