Introduction to Particular Interest Tourism/Niche Tourism

Particular Interest Tourism/ Niche Tourism is defined as the proviso of customised leisure and recreational experience, experiences driven by the particular expressed involvements of persons ; a particular involvement tourer chooses to prosecute with a service or merchandise that satisfies peculiar involvements or demands, so particular involvement touristry is undertaken for a distinguishable and specific ground.This essay will be concentrating in three sectors of the niche touristry, Gastronomy, Volunteer and Medical Tourism.

Gastronomy Tourism

Harmonizing to Callanan.M & A ; Thomas.

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S ( 2011 ) “ nutrient is one of the indispensable elements of the tourer experience ” .Gastronomy is going an of import property in the development of niche travel ; many tourer chief involvement for going is gastronomy harmonizing to Kivela.J & A ; Jonh. C ( 2006 ) gastronomy is frequently referred to entirely as the art of cookery and good feeding, nevertheless Kivela.J & A ; Jonh.

C ( 2006 ) states that that is merely portion of it fluxing with, person that is earnestly interested in gastronomy is frequently involved in savoring, fixing experiencing, experimenting, researching, detecting, understanding and composing approximately nutrient. The word gastronomy is derived from Grecian gastro intending “ Stomach, and gnomos, cognition or jurisprudence ” . Harmonizing to Home and off leases ( 2006 ) the top five gastronomic interruption finishs are the undermentioned: France, Belgium, Florida, Portugal and Italy.However tourist behavior is altering over the old ages they are bespeaking more than Sun, sea, beach, they want to see something new and take portion in other activities, such as gastronomy touristry as any person could see that in any twenty-four hours, anytime of the twelvemonth and anyplace as they do non necessitate to trust on anything to take portion in gastronomy touristry.

Kivela.J & A ; Jonh. C ( 2006 ) believes that “ travel in order to seek for, and enjoy prepared nutrient and drink and a alone and memorable gastronomic experience ” .

When going to a finish dining out is really exceptional and attractive as these become transposed into experiences that are frequently are really personal and no 1 will be able to take that from you.Harmonizing to Cohen ( 1984 ) phenomenological classification of tourer ‘s life styles, following Kivela.J & A ; Jonh. C ( 2006 ) follows- offer a phenomenological theoretical account of culinary touristry experiences. The theoretical account of touristry and gastronomy life styles depicts tourist attitudes and penchants for nutrient harmonizing to four categorizations-recreational, experiential, diversionary and experimental gastronomy tourers. However there are three types of gastronomic tourer, the experimental gastronomy tourist-these tourers symbolise the life style through nutrient, normally voguish, they will actively seek the finishs luxury eating houses and coffeehouse that serve advanced bill of fares and supply every bit smart service, they keep up with up to day of the month trendy and stylish nutrients, latest growings, ingredients and formulas.

Following with recreational gastronomy tourers are the more conservative type- they appreciate and actively seek piece on vacations the acquaintance of the place nutrients. And the diversionary gastronomy tourers are the sort of tourer that want to get away from the mudanity of mundane life that includes twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours shopping and fixing nutrient for the household, harmonizing to Poon ( “ Gastronomy is a signifier of a new touristry ” .Harmonizing to International Culinary Tourism Association –Almost 100 per cent of tourer dines out when going, and each dining chance is a opportunity to acquire familiar with local nutrient which if the eating houses fulfill them, they will return and go through it on ( word of oral cavity )-Dining is systematically one of the top three favorite tourer activities-Gastronomy art and vino tasting is the lone art from that affects all five human senses-sight, sound, odor, gustatory sensation and touch which is a alone experience-there is a high positive correlativity between tourer who are interested in gastronomy and those interested in museums, shows, shopping etc-interest in culinary art when traveling is non reserved to a peculiar age, sex, or ethic group-unlike other niche merchandises, gastronomy is available year-around, any clip of the and in any conditions.

Volunteer Tourism

Harmonizing to Wearing.S ( 2001 ) volunteer touristry is- its roots “ volunteerism ” which implies that persons offer their services to alter facet of society for the better/ to take portion in good will activities and set about new experiences in their life.There are many administrations that provide voluntary plans for persons. The type of organisations that by and large fall in the voluntary class of experiences frequently provide international support and sponsorship for the execution or research undertakings and community development.Volunteer touristry is quickly turning in the travel niche market, fuelled by many different types of tourer with different ages and moralss, involvements seeking for more sense and personal experience in their vacation.

However now yearss there are multiple of options available for persons to take portion in, it all depends on the sum of clip the single wants to make it for it varies from one hebdomad to one twelvemonth and what type of voluntary work they want to set about as there is a assortment to take from.More and more people are turning to volunteer abroad in order to give back to our planet and assist those people in demand. The increasing planetary demand for volunteering is met by a turning figure of voluntary service administrations. Most of them are non-profit orientated, but the sum of commercial suppliers is extremely increasing.Harmonizing to Mintel ( 2011 ) 10 % of all the UKs outbound go outgo, and 1 % of outward trips, is from the spread twelvemonth market, with 200,000 people undertaking undertakings each year- disbursement an norm of ?4,800- the volunteerism sector is deserving about ?960 million yearly.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is the procedure of persons going abroad to have superior medical, dental and decorative attention by extremely skilled sawboness at some of the most modern and province of the art medical installations in the universe, nevertheless medical touristry is non a new construct harmonizing to Health Base ( 2006 ) medical touristry has been practised by affluent Europeans and Asians for decennaries when they would go within their continent.Harmonizing to IMTJ ( 2009 ) the UK is the 6th most visited finish by international tourer for medical touristry.

However different types of tourer take portion in medical touristry for different grounds such as, some are attracted to the cost nest eggs, some for dental or decorative intervention. Others entree new interventions which are non available at place ; others still derive entree to a better quality of attention.Harmonizing to Discover Medical Tourism ( 2008 ) the below are the most popular destinations–Argentina -Mexico-Brazil -Panama-Costa Rica -Philippines-India -South Africa-Hungary -Thailand-Malaysia -SingaporeHarmonizing to Healism ( 2011 ) more than 500,000 Americans travelled abroad to have medical and dental work in 2006. Every twelvemonth 1000000s of patients from around the Earth travel to exceed medical touristry finishs in order to have five-star intervention at convenient monetary values.

Healism ( 2011 ) predicts that by 2012, medical touristry will turn to be $ 100 billion concern with more than 780,000,000 patients going abroad to have attention from foreign physicians, tooth doctor and infirmaries.

Entreaty and Motivation of Customers

Smith.M & A ; Puczko.L ( 2009 ) states that Medical tourer can be any age but are most likely to be older or retired people from western developed states where monetary values for medical intervention are really high and waiting lists are long such as USA and Britain.

Smith.M & A ; Puczko.L ( 2009 ) estimated that in the UK in 2004 over 4 1,000 persons were anticipating to see a waiting clip of 6 months or more to hold assorted surgeries, in the USA medical insurance is peculiarly really expensive so many occupants are uninsured or under-insured, hence can non afford medical interventions. The motive of persons set abouting medical touristry vary harmonizing to what sort of intervention they are holding or is needed, some may go for unwellness or health within the context of medical touristry. Many of medical touristry patients come from the UK and USA ; the mean client ages is 45-65 and are normally individual.However when it comes to persons motives for taking portion in volunteering Volun Tourism ( 2009 ) believes that the followers are the seven top motivations–Altruism -Professional Development-Travel and Adventure -Right clip and topographic point-Personal Growth -The persons plan itself-Cultural Exchange and LearningGastronomy touristry in the UK is estimated to be deserving $ 8billion a twelvemonth as the market is increasing as old ages go by, harmonizing to Culinary Tourism ( 2011 ) gastronomy consumer ‘s collapsible shelter to be twosomes that have above-average income, are normally professionals and are aged 30-50. Harmonizing to the International Culinary Tourism Association on norm, nutrient travelers spend around $ 1,200 per trip, with one-third ( 36 % or $ 425 ) of their travel budget traveling towards nutrient related-activities.

Economic Impacts

The benefits of Niche touristry economic impacts is that it could supply employment chances for the locals that are unemployed, it could bring forth foreign exchange, is besides an addition of income, the more the market grows the more income that it will convey. It can be developed with local merchandises and resources it besides diverse the economic system, it besides spreads development, they are the positive impacts of economic, nevertheless the economic issues- it can develop extra demand, it could increase exposure to economic and political alterations, harmonizing to Douglas.N et Al ( 2001 ) the economic impact for the niche market is increasing figure of visitants as that can take to the trap of “ profitless volume ” , this can impact an single concern in assorted ways, for illustration incurring the disbursal of seting on a new coach and an extra driver to provide for merely the fringy addition in visitant Numberss, it can besides impact whole countries by necessitating monolithic new capital investing for basic substructure beyond the return, or substructure addition that create alterations in forms of normal life.

Cultural Impacts

There are cultural issues such as genuineness and the careful keeping of a typical local character and sense of topographic point are progressively going critical to success in cultural touristry, visitants are far more discerning and widely travelled and concerned about the turning “ sameness ” of many finishs or how they could hold been.Most cultural and traditions activities in many finishs are losing genuineness as they get pattern invariably and it becomes an activity that they undertake invariably as they could acquire tips from tourer, so the locals start believing more about tips and tourer and start losing the genuineness, for illustration in the virago in Ecuador autochthonal persons have their ain traditions folk dances, and as the virago gets plentifulness of tourers throughout the twelvemonth, autochthonal start making the folk dance for money and non because is a tradition and they enjoy it, there for the folk dance starts losing its genuineness.Another cultural impact could be that in the urban side there are many more occupants than the rural side, negative impact could be that as there are farther occupation chances in the urban sides, persons from the rural side start traveling to the urban side the effect is migration. For illustration harmonizing to Wall.G & A ; Mathieson.A ( 2006 ) Pacific islanderders migrating to New Zealand since 1971.

Environmental Tourism

Harmonizing to Douglas.

N et Al ( 2001 ) environmental touristry is based on natural resources and so has an impact on air, land, H2O, vegetations and zoologies. It is besides acute seasonal extremums in demand create force per unit area on substructure, such as H2O supply, sewage, systems, roads and community services, normally designed to provide for a much smaller population base.However when it comes to medical touristry there are planet of negative impacts that consumers are non cognizant of such as Physical jeopardies for illustration high height, aqualung diving, besides air travel is utilized by 100s of 1000000s of people every twelvemonth, has been considered safe, fast and is frequently used when peoples wellness position requires rapid transit nevertheless harmonizing to Irmgard.L ( 2001 ) cerebral venous thrombosis was described as a wellness hazard to air travelers where five instance studies were presented of patients in whom intellectual venous thrombosis was causatively linked with long distance traveling.

There are many more wellness hazards that consumers should be cognizant of before going, wellness hazards such as Underwater diving, Temperature, Hypothermia, Hyperthermia, The sun- Queensland is reported to hold the highest melanoma rate in the universe Irmgard.L ( 2001 ) , H2O, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, the 5230 m Sangay Volcano in Ecuador is the most active vent in the Andes, Sangay is invariably break outing, is really unpredictable and tour ushers refuse to mount the mountain some tourer nevertheless still continue, although they should non. There are besides many more wellness hazards for illustration through big and toxicant animate beings, workss, jet slowdown, gesture illness, air pollution, H2O pollution, travel exposes the person to a scope of different types of experiences and challenges, one of which is the opposition to wellness menaces from the natural environment, a recommendation for tourer will be to be cognizant of the above jeopardies that could go on when going. However harmonizing to Irmgard.L ( 2001 ) tourer are non inactive victims of the hazards they are exposed to, they expose themselves actively by going to risky topographic points or take parting in hazardous activities.


The essay has looked at the types of modern tourer and three sectors in Niche touristry Gastronomy, Voluntary and Medical Tourism, it has besides looked at the motives that tourist have before going following with Economic, Cultural and Environmental issues in the niche touristry market.