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With complete access to a wide
database including millions of professionals, you or your team will never have
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Similar to a business directory that
helps you procure company information, contacts, etc. Datazone works in a
similar fashion to make your data needs easy. Our widespread database boasts of
information for private as well as public companies, giving you everything you
need at a single destination. Datazone also helps you gain access to email ids
and phone numbers of desired contacts. Our database has proven very effective
in helping clients out with projects and other official requirements too.



Datazone revives the hassle of
searching the web for phone, email and title details. With exclusive business
contacts, we take this a step further and make the process very simple for you.
Our contacts spread through different companies, departments and across
multiple industries too. Our core mission lies in mapping business
organizations end-to-end and keeping them structured through a mutual,
collaborative effort. With a vast coverage of our business contacts, you will
never have to search numerous websites every again!



Are you frequently on the lookout for
accurate data of companies? Do you find yourself in a fix when you need to
procure high-quality data for business? Have you been shelling out a lot of
money for this? Well, look no further! Datazone offers a vast and carefully
selected array of data covering different companies, sections, and industries.
Our company data are a collection that features C-level, VP’s, Directors and
Manager Level contacts from any company at a single click.





We do not believe in restricting your
requirements by our standards and understand that one single set plan will
never work for all companies. Hence, we have kept our data source completely
open for you – feel free to apply filters to segregate or retain what you wish to
and your payment will be automatically calculated. Simply pay through our
secure payment gateway and access your data instantly! Given our nature of
work, you can be assured of premium quality data.



To make sure you have access to the
newest data across various platforms, our teams strive hard and procure data
that is fresh and updated. This ensures you do not waste time running behind
old contacts or finding them and can use any of the data immediately for your
customers. Using real-time, we make sure our precise approach helps you obtain
and authenticate data. With artificial intelligence and machine learning
procedures, we provide you accurate, useful and effective B2B data.



Our aim is to be recognized as a
global platform that does more than help companies in sales and marketing. By
aiming to target a wide number of corporate needs that companies require
regularly, Datazone helps unify your silo systems to align sales, marketing,
and customer service teams achieve the best in their fields. With an effective
platform, we also hope to be seen as an engaging tool to design strategies and work
in different reward-bearing ways to maximize revenue.


One of the most effective and proven
B2B strategies Account Based Marketing or ABM as commonly known, is taken from
my numerous companies across the globe. With our accurate data collection,
clients can get all the information they require for ABM at a single
destination itself. Account Based Marketing is also said to have one of the
highest ROI when compared to other marketing strategies. Get going with ABM by
using carefully procured data from Daatzone!