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I believe sport is a character builder. Soccer has introduced me to the man within me. This is my passion. Doing something I love everyday helps me feel as though life has meaning. I have played this game that brings the entire world together for as long as I can remember. During my playing days at high school in Jamaica, I competed in the rural area Dacosta Cup. I enjoyed it while it lasted, not knowing what college was going to offer me a scholarship. Playing in the semi-finals of 2008 against the defending champions was a life changing experience I will never forget.

As the game progressed, we soon fell behind within the first fifteen minutes. We battled courageously and worked hard but they doubled their advantage at the half time break. Situations like that taught me how to be a leader and rise to the occasion when my team was down and needed me most. I quickly changed the game when I got by 3 players en-route to scoring to make the half time score 1-2. At the resumption, our drive to win paid off when we finally scored. We continued to fight and showed character and tied the game at 2-2. Our self belief and “never die” attitude brought us a third goal, the game’s winning goal.

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We’re in the finals, finally. However, we lost and our great run had ended. Two years later, I’m a Coyote soccer player. I’m currently surrounded by 20 of the best players in college soccer, who are conditioned by Dr. David Santesteban and guided by the DART motto. This stands for disciple, altruism, respect and team work. Every day we step onto that battle field we sweat together, we compete doing the cooper test (2 miles under 12 minutes) and the 20 minute run. We create harmony and trust between us; we fight for each other. It has showed us that we can rely on each other during the game.

This value system has shaped my character and showed me that good things in life don’t come easy. Myself and numerous teammates have being doing better in school, showing respect to all, setting short term goals and achieving them. After weeks of preparation, it was finally time for our first game. This was against Richland College, a Division 3 team, who are ranked number 2 in the country. I didn’t play the whole game. We were losing 1-0. From the side line I shouted ,“it’s ok we’re still in this game, we just have believe in ourselves and work together as a team. ” My coach echoed the same sentiments.

This made us play with more intensity; we just kept going at them, like a knife through butter we sliced their defense. At the end of the hard fought 90 minutes we stood tall, 3-1. Teamwork not only shows the character of one person but the entire team. Whether or not a team has courage and the drive to win, it is usually shown on the field of play. I have learned life building characteristics that will gear me for the future. This game has allowed me to make decisions in tight situations and to keep my promises. In order for me to be successful in everything I do I have to include all the people around me, my team. Thanks to soccer.