Sports is an excellent instrument, it have a massive power to influence people to purchase items of all type, it helps to collect revenues and bring people together (social movement). Sport in development has an enormous potential to create change in individuals and society abstract negative character and replace them with positive ones. Ways how sports can generate income. Sports can generate income by having competitions, for example the football world cup. This generate massive amount of money.Another way is by using player’s identity to put in products and sell them to a huge population due that the player is recognize it tends to have more recognition in the world market, help convince the consumer. Sports can also generate income to a community by the selling their players to other teams so they can play with them.

For example how el chicharito went to play for another country. He is getting huge pay when he was contracted. Sports> health and fitness Sports and physical activities are essential for improving the wellbeing of people.

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Appropriate form of sports and physical activates can play a significant role to prevent as well as help cure diseases. Regular participation in physical activates programs provide all people with a wide range of physical, mental and social benefits. Sport is very important to health, and healthy people are what we need to develop. As mention that sports help mentally, people who do sports can study better and think with more clarity. Sports can help promote national identity whenever the Olympics take place they have their anthem displaying from the country they are from.They are some countries that I dint know they excise but due that I saw them participating in sports I know they do.

Sense of identity, a sense of identity will impact on our values, which in turn will affect our motivation levels. It will also impact on our sense of purpose or our will to go the extra mile for the greater good. For example they say that Mexico is good at football due that they are Hispanic and that’s their sports. Sports contribute to national identity because when a particular team have the victory the blast with pride their identity.Just as the Mexican boxers wear their country colors and national symbols in their pans. Nurture character like honesty, discipline and perseverance. They have many treats as discrimination, excessive nationalism, cheating and so an.

But with sports you need to play fear, know how to share and respect. They are no religion difference and political view. Sports empower individual with develop independence and confidence and a sense of achievement, which helps develop a positive self-image. Also great qualities and leadership skills: Learn how to cooperate and compete.Never the les they develop agility, coordination, endurance, flexibility, speed and strength. The contribution of sports to national development. Sports has contribute to social progress in national development, remember that firs it was clear people use to play professional football but now all sports almost have a black player in it. It also promotes peace, 1967 Nigeria and Brazil stop the ward for two weeks due to football and if they stop for two weeks well the just stop completely after games were over.

That’s how powerful sports is.Sports also contribute to national development by having zero tolerance to drugs; they are connected to check the players of been free from drugs. How those sports hinder youths. Some sports are very harmful for our youths in our society.

For example boxing, serious health risks involved. People how are engage in it are suffering medical problems due to the sole aim of cause physical harm and injury to an opponent until they are unable to continue; the primary goal being to knock the opponent unconscious. Such ‘sports’ can lead to permanent injury and death.Sports can hinder youths due that some games are exceptional; only certain people can play certain games.

For example fat people can’t play professional football. Sports can help youths. This can happen by giving them better opportunities that they don’t have; a person who don’t have other skills but knows how to play sports, he or she can gain a very high income just to play. The sports federation offers great help. Sport has a massive power to bring change to individual by tackling the problems that they are facing.

For example if you want to be involved in sports you must be free of drugs and installing new values.