The sale of athleticss related memorabilia has become one of the biggest retail industries.

However. it has besides become one of the hardest to pull off and command. lawfully and creatively ( World Intellectual Property Rights Organization [ WIPRO ] 2007b ) . This has become peculiarly evident in Boston. place of one of the most popular athleticss squad.

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the Boston Red Sox. despite important attempts to command the production and distribution of goods bearing their Son and hallmarks.Some argue that the proliferation and sale of these points are self-expression and that they have contributed significantly to the popularity of the squad ( Grimaldi. 2007 ) . However. this compromises the value of reliable memorabilia. the ability or authorities to protect consumer rights and commercial Torahs and the rational belongings rights of the squads. The protection of these stakeholders requires that sellers have the proper licence both from the authorities and athleticss squads.

which in the instance of the Boston Red Sox. through Major League Baseball ( MLB ) governments.In making so both parties will be able to supervise the ware being commercialized and roll up the revenue enhancements and royalties due them severally ( Tozzi. 2003 ) . In bend. purchasers are ensured of the genuineness.

quality and safety of the merchandises they are buying with full backup of civil and condemnable legislative acts. WIPRO ( 2007a ) notes that that this will besides assist relieve the monetary value of athleticss memorabilia because the monetary value of echt merchandises will non be beefed up in order to counterbalance for unauthorised merchandises.At the same clip. the unaccredited sellers compromise the rights of legal retail merchants who bear the load of licensure fess. revenue enhancement and ordinance ( Grimaldi.

2007 ) . The consequence of the deficiency of proper seller licensing in Boston is non limited to commercial ordinance. It besides impacts the protection of consumer and rational belongings rights. It provides neither the motion the agencies to supervise or command the proliferation of knock-offs and consumers or athleticss organizations the agencies to convey action against lawbreakers.

Therefore. it is of import that sellers have the proper licence to sell so that all parties. athleticss squads. consumers and sellers likewise. can bask full benefits of the jurisprudence and non compromise each others rights.MentionsGrimaldi. Paul ( 2007 ) . The concern of baseball.

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