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St Augustine Confessions Essay, Research PaperWhat makes is the difference between a regular Catholic and saints? Are all Saints supreme existences of righteousness? Saints are normally looked at as God s holiest retainers, people who have centered their lives around God and the instruction of the Church. Saints are seen as if they are without wickedness. If these things are true so how does one explicate the sainthood of Aurelius Augustinus, or Saint Augustine? Augustine in no manner fits the traditional cast of saint. Quite the contrary, his life was full of wickedness.

Peoples can happen it really easy to sympathise with Augustine s narrative because of his humanity. He does non put himself above anyone. He shows his life, as it was, a really baffled and iniquitous life. But through his transition he sets himself apart from the remainder. Augustine was effected by many outside factors that lead to his alteration in point of position. The outside forces drove Augustine to look inward and see what precisely he was made of. The consequence was a entire alteration in point of position conveying him closer to God. Friendship played a important function throughout all of Augustine s life.

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He loved holding friends, and he loved being people s friend. Augustine was ever concerned that his friendly relationships were equal in nature. There was ever a perfect balance between give and take.

His friendly relationships and other love relationships were critical in his transition and his concluding development.Childhood is usually filled with immature flights of illusion that are iniquitous in the Black Marias of the kids, but when together they can non defy the enticement. Augustine led a really similar type of childhood. When he was together with his friends he did many things that he knew were incorrect. All of them were witting of the incorrect but felt that there was safety in Numberss. In his confession he speaks of the incident with the pear tree, Augustine and his friends come across a pear tree and make up one’s mind to steal from it.

All of them know that what they are making is stealing ; yet the excitement is excessively much for them to manage. I stole something that I had in plentifulness and of much better My desire was non to bask what I sought by stealing but simply the exhilaration of larceny and the making of what was incorrect. ( Pg. 29 ) . The exhilaration is what drove them non the existent title. Aristotle spoke of similar occurrences in his Ethical motives. Aristotle says that these are the types of relationships that adolescents identify with. This is still really true on a modern college campus.

Young pupils in a group are more likely to experiment with drugs and other immoralities. Although they have been taught their whole lives, the negative effects of drugs they still will seek them when subjected to huge sum of equal force per unit area, for the exclusive intent of suiting in.Augustine tried a figure of different faiths in his effort to happen God. One such group that he joined for a period of clip was the Manichee. He formed a strong bond to one of the members of the Manichee. This friendly relationship teaches Augustine a batch. He becomes really close to his friend about to the point of infatuation. He begins to see his friends as an graven image.

After his friend s decease Augustine expresses much heartache. His bosom is broken by the loss of his friend. Augustine realizes though that a friendly relationship should non travel to the degree that it had. There should ever be a balance in how both parties feel for each other. A friendly relationship must ne’er be one sided in which one friend puts out all the attempt and the other does nil.

Augustine told of his trek through religion during all of his books. Each consecutive came a new tallness of devotedness. His life experiences gave him a new mentality on what function God played in his life. Whether positive or negative his theories of religion were reinforced. Augustine tried the spiritual life of the Manichee.

When he foremost came into their spiritual circle he accepted many of their beliefs for his ain. He made a common mistake of allowing outside influences persuade him to believing otherwise. After a short clip, Augustine realizes that the Manichee s beliefs do non suit his ain. He leaves the Manichee and returns place to the company of the friends he had left behind in his absence.One of the major duties of a friend is to be invariably watching out for the well being of each other. Augustine was ever argus-eyed in his friendly relationship. He would ever do certain that his friends were on the right way and non rolling far from God.

Two really close friends of his Alypius and Nebridius were cruising on a downward spiral. They loved gladiatorial games and events of this nature. I had discovered his fatal passion for the circus, and was soberly concerned because he seemed to me about to throw away or even already had thrown away a calling of high promise. ( Pg. 99 ) Augustine knew that nil good could come from their avocations. He went to his friends and explained to them what they were making, and how their very actions were jeopardizing non merely at that place good being but at that place occupations as good. They listened intently to Augustine and knew that of class he was right. They were thankful for his honestness.

True friends know that the purposes of their friends are ne’er vindictive or ambidextrous. A true friend has a deep love for the other and would make anything to see the other happy.Alypius besides plays a really big function in Augustine s life. Augustine and him had a really close relationship. He was mush attached to me because I seemed to him good and cultured, and I was attached to him because of the solid virtuousness of his character. ( Pg.

98 ) In Book VIII Augustine decides that he will take the remainder of his life as a celibate adult male. He knows that his true love for God necessitates him to take a continent life. As he sits in the garden pondering this, he all of a sudden drops to his articulatio genuss and begins crying in the garden. The uproar of my bosom took me into the garden where no 1 could interfere with the firing battle with myself in which I was engaged, ( pg.

146 ) . This transition shows Augustine s inner fire for truth. He does non desire to be fed his religion any more and he is at the threshold of transition. As he weeps he the Gatess of enlightenment unfastened to him and he eventually sees the Godhead. These cryings of joy grade Augustine s concluding halt in his development. He has come so far in his life and now he eventually realizes what had escaperectile dysfunction him for so long.

The continent way had been in forepart of him all along, but it was up to him to rouse for his religious sleep and recognize it. All of these things inundate his head at one time and he falls to overpowered by emotion to stay standing. After recovering himself he runs to Alypius to state him of his enlightenment. Alypius listens to Augustine s full ordeal and is really overpowered by what he says. Alypius agrees wholly with Augustine and decides that he to will take a life of celibacy. Alypius makes the greatest leap in his life. His friend Augustine has now redirected his life for the 2nd clip.

Alypius shows his true love for God, through his ageless friendly relationship with Augustine.Augustine s pick was non easy for him. It came after a long clip of thought and psyche searching. In the terminal, nevertheless he realizes what he thinks he should make.

Augustine had ever believed in God. Yet there is now a love and a passion behind this belief. His love was no longer blind. In fact now it was guided by his new found feeling of ego worth.

He finds himself through all of this. His quest to cognize himself has come to a decision. Through his ain doggedness he knows how he can demo his fondness for God. His chooses to waive the pleasance of sexual relationships and go celibate. Augustine feels that through his celibacy he will demo God his attempts to take a continent life. His love for God has grown and prospered much from his yearss of young person. The pear tree and the hooting calls of his friends no longer allure him.

Augustine has intellectually matured from those yearss. He can now recognize to the full what his esteem for his Manicheen friend meant to him.After the span to Christianity had been crossed, Augustine forms two more really of import relationships. These two friends are the incarnation of Christian values. Ambrose and Simplicianus are the exact theoretical accounts of perfect Christians. Simplicianus was the male parent of Ambrose a Bishop at the clip. Simplicianus ever tried to direct the roving Augustine in the ways of Christ.

Then, to cheer me to the humbleness of Christ hidden from the wise and revealed to babes ( Pg. 135 ) . They value and instill in Augustine charity and God s wisdom.

They are blessed with the mind for God that Augustine had been seeking for all his life.Religion does non affect love it is based on love. Love serves as the construction that faith builds on. Religion in this context can better be summed up as spiritualty. Peoples do non hold to consort themselves with a specific known faith to believe in a God. A husbandman who has worked his full life on the fields of Africa without cognition of Christianity or any other faiths can still be a spiritual individual. A religion in God does non hold to be engrained or educated into person. A love for God must be sought for non taught.

One can non read transitions from people who knew a crucified prophesier in Israel and so believe that they genuinely love God. Augustine knew of this procedure he spent clip with different spiritual groups and each clip he realized that their beliefs were non his ain. The Mannichee were non incorrect for the manner they believed in God, but the Mannicheen beliefs did non accommodate Augustine.The Bible is looked as the Book of the Lord. It is the footing of the Catholic Church without it Catholicism would dwell of luxuriant edifices and work forces with white neckbands. Or would it? Is faith based entirely on its constituents? Augustine did non even bask the bible every bit much as he had the authorship of Cicero. He did non dismiss it in any manner, but still he found the Hagiographas of a modern bookman more inspiring on the subjects of God so those of the Apostles who had know Christ and witnessed his miracles firsthand. Augustine said that Cicero s Hortensius awoken him from a province of religious sleep.

Augustine still felt that God was the Almighty, and that God controlled everything in the existence. Then, why does the Catholic Church that holds the Bible as its beginning of faith think of Augustine as a saint? The reply lies in his love for God and his chase for truth. His psyche was non quieted by merely being told what to believe of God. His religion came from his ain experiences non on a edge aggregation of Hagiographas from a figure of BC dwellers.Supports in life are needed at every gap door.

Friends are people that can ever be trusted to be leaned on in times of demand. Augustine confesses much about his friendly relationships, here he speaks how any connexion between two people should be to a great extent rooted in God. This is a affair of the grade of religion one has, but however it shows how Augustine has complete and arrant religion in God. He believes that everything he does is non done without God.

Through his love through God he can now portion his love with others whom he cares for. He speaks of how he did things against God when his friends encouraged him. Although cognizing full good that it went against what he believed he succumbed.

Should Augustine be condemned to hell for infinity? No, he did travel against God commandments, but wrongdoing is in human nature. Forgiveness is the issue at manus. If God the Supreme Being who has created the universe can forgive his dear, so forgiveness of wickednesss between two people should be undistinguished.Friendship is a major portion of everyone s life. Through friendly relationships come many realisations about human nature. Augustine loved friendly relationship. He loved caring for others and he loved being cared for.

He was ever at that place when a friend needed him and was ever careful to do certain that his friends were following the right way. Augustine was non a immaculate individual. It is for this ground that his confessions are so applicable. Not everyone can sympathise with the life of Saint Mary who lived her life devoid of wickedness. Yet everyone can associate to Augustine and his life of wickedness and displeasure. In many ways he represents how a modern saint would be defined today. A saint is non without wickedness ; alternatively they are cognizant of wickedness and are everlastingly larning from their errors. Augustine Teachs regard for one s equals and how to be a good friend.

Augustine was a perfect friend to all that he came to cognize. Friendship is non barren of love ; it is higher than love. Through friendship others can take Augustine s illustration and germinate in people worthy of sainthood.