Stages of delay behaviour refers to the time lapses between a person first notices a symptom and when she/he enters medical care for treatment. It can happen on anybody regardless of age, or gender on the delay behaviour on decisioning whether on action should be taken to treat the illness. The delay could be getting care for a long time, sometimes up to weeks or months, because they do not experience pain or do not think much of the issue.  The stages of delay behaviour consist of four stages: The appraisal delay is referring to the person takes to interpret to decide whether that a symptom is serious or an indication of illness. During the appraisal delay, when a person still concluding or interpret whether that she/he is sickness is serious or in a condition of being sick and whether she/he should seek for a treatment.

Because patients tend to recognized a symptom as an indication of illness more quickly if they experienced severe discomfort of bleeding then if they did not. Eg; Alan felt his body is weaken and had some symptoms of sickness but he is not sure whether is he really falling ill and the sickness is serious or just normal body ache pain, which the body ache pain might takes some days to wave-off normally without doing anything.   The illness delay is referring to the time it takes between realising or recognizing that you are ill and deciding to seek for a medical advice. During the illness delay, when a person had finally realised that she/he is ill and the symptom is serious, because the symptom had the greatest impact. The symptom could be new rather than very familiar and not able to think much about the symptom and its implications. However, she/he delay on deciding whether that she/ need a professional care.  Eg; Alan felt the pain is too serious and knew he is sick and deciding whether is this illness is a new illness which he had not have before or familiar sickness such as normal cough or flu and still deciding whether he should go see a doctor to seek for a medical advice.    The behavioural delay is referring to the time between deciding to seek treatment and actually doing so.

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 During the behavioural delay, when a person decided that she/he is sick and conclude that she/he need to seek for a treatment for a professional care and the delay of behaviour on to act upon the illness. Because she/he are more concerned about the cost of treatment, whether if the medical care worth the costs, a perceived barrier of the person’s feelings on the obstacles to perform a recommended health action even the person had severe pain and felt their symptoms could not be cure.  Eg; Alan wants to seek for treatment but however, he is still considering on the treatment cost, a barrier of financial considerations whether if the medical care is able to cure even he felt pain or the treatment may be expensive. Psychosocial consequences on people will think he is not normal if he starts having check-ups.

Alan could also had decided to go for treatment however he is taking his own sweet time.    The medical delay is referring to the time that takes between the person’s calling for an appointment and his/her receiving appropriate medical care. During the medical delay, when a person had concluded to take action of the illness and the delay of making an appointment through calling and waiting to receive the appropriate medical care treatment.  Eg; Alan had make an appointment with the client for a treatment for his illness, and he can only wait for the moment until he is able to receive his treatment or cure only when the appointment date had arrived on the date itself.    However, men seek treatment early than women because they are more relatively high levels of problem-focused coping by looking into the root cause and develop strategies to overcome the challenges.

 Delay behaviour might also be an external factor that cannot be controlled such situation can be like people who really want to go for treatment not because of the delay on decisioning whether to check if there are any symptoms or whether to get a treatment. It is because of lack of health insurance or having financial issue which lead to the delay of not being able to receive a treatment on the spot. If the delay behaviour is delayed for too long the disease will spread to the body and begins to weaken the system, causing serious problem to the health and well-being because for not able to receive a proper treatment to cure on time. Such illness could be cancer, mental illness etc. and for more serious case it could lead to death.?