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Stalin as a continuance of Lenin

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Communism is like a excavation town. The authorities owns the people. They are forced to purchase authorities nutrient, work for the authorities, and follow what the authorities says, or else. No 1 can get away because their pachecks come from the same people they pay, doing them to did themselves deeper and deeper into debt. And they are forced to breath the cancerous air, merely as the Russians were forced to digest the panic. Russia experienced communism in a atrocious manner: foremost through Lenin and his Cheka, so through Stalin and his concentration camps.How far would they travel to accomplish their ends? They would halt at nil. Stalin & # 8217 ; s personality was so similar to Lenin & # 8217 ; s, tha although they may hold had separate motives, Stalin finished what Lenin started by deriving influence through power and utilizing the first Five Year Plan.

Lenin and Stalin were of the same personality. Both were utmost militants with an compulsion with force. This quotation mark from A Concise History of the Russian Revolution, by Richard Pipes ( pp. 104 ) describes the character of both Lenin and Stalin: & # 8220 ; He knew of merely two classs of work forces: friend and enemy-those who follwed him, and all the rest. & # 8221 ; The two agreed on the point that anyone who did non hold with them was an enemy. They both used this as an alibi to kill 1000s of people. The ground they were able to make this was because both wanted power and neither were afraid to move on their desires. & # 8220 ; Lenin was an militant, so a hyper-activist, and it was this which made him such a violent figure. & # 8221 ; This is besides what made Stalin so atrocious. In the manner Lenin acted on behalf of the revolution, Stalin acted on behalf of himself.

Although their personalities were similar, it can be argued that they had different ideals. Lenin lived for the revolution and had a long-run end of world-wide revolution. Stalin, on the other manus, was more interested in seeing revolution on the place forepart. Another difference between the two was that Stalin would kill merely about anyone, no affair who they were, where

as fellow Communists would non decease by Lenin. The figure of people Stalin murdered was in the 1000000s: Communists and non-communists. Stalin wanted worship, and anyone who didn’t worship him was doomed.

Their motives may hold been different, but the fact that Lenin and Stalin both used mass panic to derive power is incontestable. Lenin killed for the revolution. He used the Cheka as his assistance. He used it & # 8220 ; with complete pitilessness and on a really big scale. & # 8221 ; ( Pipes pp. 104 ) Through this secret constabulary force, Lenin exterminated anyone whom he thought was non dedicated to the revolution. & # 8220 ; Believing & # 8230 ; that force was an indispensable component in the revolution, Lenin ne’er quailed before the demand to use terror. & # 8221 ; ( Johnson, pp. 165 ) Stalin thought the same, that to derive every bit much power as possible, one must kill off all enemies. He besides used a secret constabulary to assist him out. Stalin would halt at nil to derive personal power. He became so difficult that when Lenin found out that Stalin wanted Trotsky removed, he strongly requested that Stalin be taken out of any powerful place. This did non go on. Stalin got control over Lenin & # 8217 ; s wellness and took all radical power.

Stalin succeeded, through the Five Year program, in accomplishing Lenin & # 8217 ; s end of collectivisation of the peasantry. It started out as Lenin & # 8217 ; s ideals and & # 8220 ; under Stalin the system expanded, first easy, so with terrorizing speed. & # 8221 ; ( Johnson, pp. 274 ) Even though at first, the system was a spot disaterous, Stalin went on. He used the communist party as his personal instrument, coercing the peasantry into corporate farms. The workers became slaves, which is more or less what Lenin wanted, and production increased greatly. Russia was particularly productive in the tractor, steel, and coal industries.

These two work forces, driven by the same passion, used complete horror to hike the industrial growing of Russia. The slave-labor cantonments that were created became a theoretical account for other civilizations: particularly Hitler. The horror that Lenin started was continued in an even more disasterous manner to do the deceases of 1000000s of guiltless people.