Stand Your Ground Essay, Research PaperStand Your LandIf a individual today is asked to make something that he or she may non wish to make and they say no, they may be looked down upon. Not merely does this go on today, but it besides was true in the early 1900? s. It is merely non just when people stand up for what their head feels is right, such as Atticus does in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, that they are looked down upon and harassed. Atticus tries to learn his kids to stand up for what is right throughout the novel.

One dark Atticus was speaking with Jem and said, ? ? As you grow older, you? ll see white work forces rip off black work forces every twenty-four hours of your life, but allow me state you something and wear? T you forget it-whenever a white adult male does that to a black adult male, no affair who he is, how rich he is, or how all right a household he comes from, that white adult male is trash. ? ? 1 Atticus taught and besides practiced what he felt was right.One dark while Atticus was guarding the gaol where Tom Robinson was remaining, a group of work forces confronted him about the whereabouts of Tom.

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One of the work forces said to Atticus, ? ? You know what we want? acquire aside from the door, Mr. Finch? ? ( 162 ) . Atticus could hold merely said, ? ok, Tom is in there go acquire him, ? but he wanted to stand up for what he knew was right. That was stating them that he was at that place______________________________________________________________________________1 Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird ( Lippincott, 1960 ) , p. 233.and that he was non traveling to allow the group of work forces get to Tom so they could kill him. Atticus stands up and says, ? ? You can turn around and travel place once more? ? ( 162 ) .

This was merely one of the many times that Atticus, Jem, and besides Scout would run across people that felt otherwise than they did about favoritism and what they would make to stand up to it.The mocker in the novel symbolizes artlessness. Treating a individual badbecause of what they believe is the same as a huntsman hiting at a mocker merely for athletics. Like Atticus said to his kids in the novel, ? ? I? d instead you shot at Sn tins in the back pace, but I know you? ll go after birds.

Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit? mutton quad, but retrieve it? s a wickedness to kill a mockingbird” ( 98 ) . The people that were hassling the Finch household were like the huntsmans who shoot the birds. Atticus was merely making his occupation as a attorney merely like the mocker is merely at that place to? ? ? make music for us to bask. They don? T eat up people? s gardens, Don? t nest in corncribs, they don? T do one thing but sing their Black Marias out for us? ? ( 98 ) .

Near the terminal of the novel when Jem and Scout are walking place from a pageant, they were beat up by Mr. Ewell. He was mad because he felt that their pa was a? nigga lover? ( 94 ) . Not merely had he ptyalize on Atticus but he besides tried to take out the whole Finch household. The kids did non make anything incorrect but were persecuted because their male parent was a attorney who was supporting a black adult male.

Mr. Tate wanted to cognize all about this incident after it had happened. Scout told Mr. Tate, ? ? Mr. Ewell was tryin? to squash me to decease & # 8230 ; ? ? ( 284 ) . After hearing that Mr. Tate stood up for the kids in the terminal. Mr.

Ewell was found with a knife in his thorax. It did non affair who did it because? Mr. Tate said stolidly, ? Bob Ewell fell on his knife. He killed himself? ? ( 287 ) .This fresh demonstrates bias in all signifiers.

The Tom Robinson instance made every individual in Maycomb face bias caput on. Peoples continually referred to black work forces as & # 8220 ; niggas & # 8221 ; ( 64 ) . The black population in Maycomb was the low-water mark of the societal ladder while Whites lived a life full of prosperity. Even in the town with two societal groups, Atticus decides to make what he felt was right instead than caring what others thought of