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& # 8217 ; s Essay & # 8220 ; Hooked & # 8221 ; Essay, Research Paper

Stanley Crouch & # 8217 ; s essay & # 8220 ; Hooked & # 8221 ; is about the music of today. He talks throughout the essay chiefly about Michael Jackson, and his music and image. He talks about Jackson throughout the old ages, from the beginning of his calling as a member of the Jackson Five, up until the release of his latest record History. Crouch goes on to state in his essay that today & # 8217 ; s music is chiefly about traveling against authorization, and can be compared to Hitler & # 8217 ; s Fascism. He besides talks about how many people today listen to music, without taking note of the wordss.

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Stanley Crouch & # 8217 ; s essay & # 8220 ; Hooked & # 8221 ; is an onslaught on popular music of today. He argues that today & # 8217 ; s music is bad, and that most people don & # 8217 ; t even listen to the wordss. He besides compares hearers of today & # 8217 ; s music to fascists. Stanley Crouch does non endorse up any of his statements with factual information. His essay is based on sentiment, and observation, and in my paper I will discourse how he is evidently incorrect in his statements of these subjects.

First of all Stanley Crouch is incorrect in reasoning that all music of today is bad, because he uses merely Michael Jackson as a representation of today & # 8217 ; s music. Michael Jackson is non a representative of all popular music of today. For one to compose an argumentative essay evaluation popular music of today, one must utilize more so one-example of a music creative person. There are many creative persons of the late 90 & # 8217 ; s who are every bit mainstream as Michael Jackson is, but who besides write really good music. In Crouch & # 8217 ; s try he states that today & # 8217 ; s music & # 8221 ; exploits the insecurities of immature people by stating them, over and over, that ne’er turning up is the best defence against an oppressive universe where merriment International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t given its proper due. & # 8221 ; In this statement he is stating that the music of today is largely written to direct messages to the young person of today that turning up is bad, travel against the governments do what you want while your still a kid. This is really much so an sentiment. There are legion creative persons of today who write really meaningful vocals on a assortment of subjects that immature people of today can associate to and take comfort in. For illustration Mariah Carey is a mainstream creative person who writes many vocals that people of all ages can listen to and associate to. On a recent album entitled Butterfly, there is a vocal called Outside, which is about non experiencing like you fit in anyplace, and non being certain what your supposed to make with your life. A illustration of wordss from this vocal are & # 8221 ; Standing entirely, Eager to merely believe, It & # 8217 ; s good plenty to be what you truly are, But in your bosom, Uncertainty ever lies, And you & # 8217 ; ll ever be, Somewhere on the Outside. & # 8221 ; This is an illustration of a vocal that International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t about traveling against governments, but about the hurting of seeking to calculate out who you are, and what your life agencies. Songs like these can assist many acquire through difficult times, merely because they know that person else has been through this, particularly person every bit outstanding as Mariah Carey, and made it out all right. So to state that popular music is bad, is non accurate.

In Stanley Crouch & # 8217 ; s try he besides talks about how many times today & # 8220 ; wordss so frequently go by, hardly noticed. & # 8221 ; I disagree with this because I know that there are many times that I choose to listen to songs merely because of the wordss. For illustration, one of my favourite vocals right now is called & # 8220 ; Light in Your Eyes & # 8221 ; by Blessed Union of Souls. When I listen to the wordss I feel like they wrote the vocal merely for me. It & # 8217 ; s as if they knew precisely what was traveling on in my life, so they wrote about it. Lyrics are the most of import portion of the vocal. They shape the vocal, and do it deserving listening to. A perfect statement to rebut what Crouch is stating is the fact that people pick marrying vocals. To pick a nuptials vocal, you must listen to the wordss, and figure out if it fits your relationship with your fianc? . Most wedding vocals have beautiful wordss, approximately love, and bonds that won & # 8217 ; t be broken. So to state that people don & # 8217 ; t listen to wordss is really implausible.

I besides disagree with his statement about when people do notice wordss that they are & # 8220 ; anthems of alienation or bludgeons against some vision of corrupt and hypocritical authority. & # 8221 ; I don & # 8217 ; t cognize if Stanley Crouch has listened to the vocal & # 8220 ; Fight for your Right & # 8221 ; by the Beastie Boys, one excessively many times or something, but barely any of today & # 8217 ; s music goes against authorization. Most mu

sic today has wordss based around issues in people’s mundane lives. Peoples listen to these vocals because they can associate to the wordss, and happen comfort in cognizing person else is believing like them or has the same jobs as them. For illustration a vocal by Blessed Union of Souls called “I Believe” negotiations about an interracial relationship, and how he believes that even though they must fight because the misss father thinks interracial relationships are incorrect, love will happen a manner to maintain them together. Many people in today’s society can associate to the wordss that say “Cause she believes that love will see it through, though they don’t understand, And he’ll see me as a individual. Not merely a black adult male, Cause I believe that love is the answer.” Many might happen comfort in that simple statement that love is the reply. So this vocal has to make with love, non estrangement, or authorization. Another illustration of a vocal that many immature people can associate to today is called “Adam’s Song” by Blink 182, who is another really popular creative person of today. The vocal is about a male child who has committed self-destruction. I think that the vocal truly hits place to anyone who has come in contact with this calamity, and even those who are sing it. An illustration of some lines from it is “I’m excessively down to travel on, you’ll be regretful when I’m gone.” I think that a batch of immature grownups out at that place can listen and associate to this vocal, and may be do better determinations in their lives because of it. Therefore I think that Stanley Crouch was incorrect in noticing that popular music of today is merely approximately those two topics.

I & # 8217 ; ve been to over 15 concerts in the past 4 old ages, and in no manner form or signifier do I even compare myself to the likes of a fascist. Many people today attended concerts as a signifier of amusement. A concert is a topographic point one can travel to, to loosen up with friends, while listening to the music they like unrecorded and right in forepart of them. I would non depict concerts as & # 8220 ; hypnotic rites of tremendously magnified passion & # 8221 ; . This statement better describes the & # 8220 ; shows & # 8221 ; that Hitler put on. Peoples go to concerts like they go to the theater, or the films, as a signifier of amusement, non to come together to be biased against a group of people. In fact concerts bring together people of all races, and faiths, because of the fact that music today is so widely appreciated. Listening and basking music has nil to make with 1s race or faith. It is really one of the things today that is wholly free of racial, or spiritual prejudice, anyone can listen to music. So to compare concerts with Hitler & # 8217 ; s fascism is absolutely pathetic. In all actuality many concerts of today are merely put on to raise money for good causes such as the Tibetan Freedom Concert, which is a concert that raises money to free Tibet. So to compare those two things is perfectly incorrect.

I do believe that Stanley Crouch is right in puting Michael Jackson under all of these classs, because everything stated about him within the essay was true. But like I said before he does non stand for the full music industry. Michael Jackson & # 8217 ; s music and concerts can be compared to Hitler & # 8217 ; s fascism, because that is the individual he tries to be. This obvious to anyone who does watch his picture history. He makes it look like he regulations the universe and that everyone follows him and does what he wants them to make. I besides agree that the telecasting station of today such as MTV, VH-1, E! , and Entertainment Tonight, are really much so & # 8220 ; dedicated to nil but the selling of the merchandises & # 8221 ; and that & # 8220 ; ballyhoo and genuflexion are their trade & # 8221 ; I think that if these channels got more into the significances of vocals, and how songs relate to people in existent life, every bit good as the good facets of music today, the present music industry would hold a better blame.

All in all the music of today is clearly non all that Stanley Crouch makes it out to be. If one searches further into the music industry so merely Michael Jackson they will talented creative persons, who write exceeding vocals. Many people today listen to music as a signifier of relaxation, a signifier of amusement. They listen in their autos, in their places ; they listen when they & # 8217 ; rhenium happy, when they are sad. They listen by themselves, or with others. But all in all music is an of import portion of many people & # 8217 ; s lives, and for one to judge an of import portion of people & # 8217 ; s lives on one facet of it, is wholly incorrect.