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& # 8217 ; s Eyes Wide Shut Essay, Research Paper

Stanley Kubrick? s Eyes Wide Shut

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In Stanley Kubrick? s concluding work, Eyes Wide Shut, he addresses certain human issues such as trust and love in matrimony, life? s apparently eternal chase of? acquiring off with it? , and how work forces are unable to show sensitiveness without a major life changing experience. It is interesting to look at how he uses the tools given him to show these positions. The usage of visible radiation, camera angle, and narrative line all correlative to do a graphic image of a matrimony that is perfect on the exterior ; nevertheless, it is falling apart on the interior. However marvelous it is, the terminal shows that non all is lost. We find our two chief characters acquiring ready to travel to a party in the beginning, and the bathroom scene portrays the sum of trust and familiarity in the matrimony where 1 is utilizing the lavatory in forepart of the other. Next we find our characters engrossed in an statement about trust and truth. This seems to take the manner to larger more complex jobs between our beautiful twosome. In this statement Bill is unable to demo compassion or apprehension of Alice? s state of affairs, so he has to digest a life event to eventually come to an apprehension of her feelings.

In the bathroom before the party, Alice is on the lavatory while measure is utilizing the mirror. A big sum of trust has been built for the two to be so comfy with each other in that state of affairs. However, it besides shows the deficiency of regard and emotion between them. The love for one another is event, but they are bored with each other besides. When Alice asks Bill how she looks, he merely answer? hone? , but he ne’er turns to look at her nor does he even acknowledge her true inquiry. Kubrick was expressed that the matrimony was drying up. Despite the trust and love they had, their matrimony was going stale. Subsequently at the party, Alice goes one manner and Bill goes the other. Alice and Bill are both propositioned by different people. All of which indicate the twosome is at a breakage point ; nevertheless, both trust the other that nil will go on. At least until Bill disappears from sight, so Alice becomes leery of Bill.

Subsequently the following dark, Alice confronts Bill on where he had disappeared. Alice tells Bill that she thought he went to hold sex with the two misss that she had seen him with the dark before. Bill told her that Victor had taken badly and he went to take attention of him. The two argue about what go on and what Bill truly intended to make with the two misss at the party. This of class is non what truly happened, but an effort to acquire off with out stating the whole truth. Then Alice Tells Bill of the crewman she had proverb and how he made her 2nd conjecture all that she had to be with him. Kubrick uses the camera to demo Bill and his contemplation of the narrative that was being spouted out to him. Bill confesses that he has ne’er had a phantasy or disposition of the kind. He can non understand Alice or the place she was in at the

clip. The camera following Alice as she tells the narrative and giving the audience a sense of poisoning along with the soft lighting of the movie lends to the sequence? s phantasmagoric look of events. What was buried deep eventually comes to the surface. A phone call explicating that a close friend has passed off interrupts the statement, typifying the decease of the matrimony, as each had known it to that point in clip. Bill has to go forth to travel to the individual? s house.

At the house of his fallen friend he learns that the dead adult males girl has had a secret love for him. Even the similarity to his married woman? s state of affairs does non clash his emotions, but seems to convert him adult females are hard animals to understand. Staggering from the events of the dark Bill launches off into the dark. While walking down the street he is accused of being cheery and wrathfully abused by a group of cats walking down the street. This portraits once more the? its non ever what it seems? outlook of the narrative. He is so propositioned by a Hooker, which he surprisingly accepts. He is once more seeking to acquire away with something or seeking to acquire back at Alice. Bill fails miserably when he gets a phone call from Alice in the center of his dialogues. He decides to go forth without making anything, because he realizes that he still loves Alice. He so follows a instead eccentric trail to a saloon where an old friend from college was playing. In the saloon he learns of a party where the adult females are to decease for gorgeous. After long pleading with his friend he gets the watchword to the party. Bill goes through more problem seeking to acquire a costume. The adult male that had owned the costume store was gone and another ran it, and in secret ran his girl as a cocotte. At last Bill gets to the party, and he finds it to be some kind of heathen sex ritual. Acerate leaf to state, he is intrigued by his milieus. He is found out and his life is threatened. When his married woman finds the mask and has it sitting out on the bed when Bill gets place, he breaks down. The events had taken a instead big toll on him. Finally, Bill is able to show some feeling. In the last sequence, Bill asks Alice what will go on, and Alice answers that possibly they had been given a 2nd opportunity. They ruefully apologize, but the hereafter is left in the air when Alice refuses to accept Bill? s forever. She merely says, ? We shouldn? T inquire about the hereafter. ?

Kubrick left the audience inquiring about his/her ego, and whether the truth or small white prevarications should govern our lives. When people get to a point of love and trust that their life becomes stale so it must be shaken to rekindle what one time was genuinely shared. It is a human nature to lie to keep person? s feelings from being hurt, and to seek to acquire away with anything that makes you happy. But, can work forces and adult females truly understand each other? Even in the terminal, Bill wanted a forever, but Alice could non bare an ageless committedness. This stimulates the really speculative nature of all worlds: truth or prevarications?