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& # 8211 ; THE NEXT GENERATION Essay, Research Paper

Star day of the month: 41176.8 Captain & # 8217 ; s log.

This is my ( Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise # NCC-17O1 D ) history of the events taking up to and beyond the Federation and Romulan war ( 2380-2385 AD ) .

Star day of the month: 32851.2: The Enterprise received a hard-pressed call from a flying lookout ship.

SOS & # 8230 ; I am & # 8230 ; under & # 8230 ; onslaught! ! petition & # 8230 ; asylum & # 8230 ; Federation & # 8230 ; Space! ! ..

The ship was forcing the bounds of its engines as it hurtled out of the impersonal zone & # 8212 ; the volume of infinite that serves as a no-ones-land dividing the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Empire. A powerful Romulan warbird was pitilessly firing moving ridge after moving ridge of disrupter blasts at the little defenseless lookout ship. Once the lookout was in Federation infinite, the warbird broke off the onslaught and rapidly retreated back to Romulan infinite.

We hailed the ship and found out from her captain that he was entirely. His name was Shaq, captain of the Check Mate. He claimed to be a Romulan captain in hunt of Federation refuge. I had ne’er heard of such a thing ; in Romulan society, trueness to the Romulan Empire is more sacred than life itself. In any event, I was certain that we would larn a batch more during the following few yearss.

Star day of the month: 32851.5: Captain Shaq claimed that he was deserting in order to forestall intergalactic war. He told us that the Romulan Empire has programs for an detestable new arm for usage against the Federation and any others who might make bold to defy entire domination of the Romulans. The arm, called the Metagenic Device, would be launched from orbit to any planet and let go of a deathly virus throughout the planet & # 8217 ; s atmosphere. The virus would so rapidly infect all signifiers of life and cause fatal mutants in the Deoxyribonucleic acid of its victims. Within 24 hours, all life would discontinue. Within 36 hours, the virus itself would interrupt down going inviolable, go forthing the planet & # 8217 ; s resources free for loot.

At this clip we did non cognize if we should swear Captain Shaq, so I decided to direct an off squad to look into his ship and its computing machine record. As I was telling my figure 1 officer, Commander Riker, with the off squad over to the Checkmate, Shaq warned me against such action claiming that he had initiated a self-destruct sequence before go forthing his vas. Seconds subsequently, the lookout ship exploded. We instantly questioned Captain Shaq as to why he initiated the self-destruct. He replied, that though he wanted to forestall the war, he was no treasonist and would non volitionally give up the secrets of his people.

Star day of the month: 32854.5: After two yearss of deliberations, we are heading for Romulus & # 8212 ; the place planet of the Romulan Empire. Harmonizing to Shaq, the Metagenic arm was being

created at that place. We have no pick but to get down a war to salvage the federation. I have convinced captain Shaq that he is a deserter and now a captive of war as good.

Star day of the month: 32855.5: We are at Wolf System 9 on the boundary line where we joined a Federation conflict fleet. We are traveling to Romulus in hopes of destructing the Metagenic Device. Unfortunately history showed us as being the attacker of this war.

Star day of the month: 32857.5: After a two-day run, we where winning at Romulus. With a loss of merely 1 ship out of 6, that & # 8217 ; s non excessively bad. But we lost over 1,000 lives, the Yorktown, and even with the triumph all is non good. We where non able to happen the Metagenic Device that Captain Shaq had so urgently wanted us to happen and destruct. I had so many lingering inquiries in my caput that merely Captain Shaq could reply for me, so I sent for him at the Federation P.O.W. cantonment on Elpsolon 9. Soon after I sent for Captain Shaq the Federation sent new orders with 5 more ships to add to the fleet.

Star day of the month: 32858.0: With the new orders we now know that the Federation wants us to establish an drawn-out big graduated table assault against the Romulans. The Federation needs this mission to be a success, because finally when the clip is right they want to set up a starbase deep in Romulan infinite. That would greatly switch the power in the quarter-circle, towards the Federations manner.

Star day of the month 32917.4: It? s been 6 months since my initial brush with Captain Shaq. We now have the commanding power in the quarter-circle, and we are able to maintain control of the quarter-circle with the aid of our new starbase D.R.S.6 & # 8211 ; DEEP IN ROMULAN SPACE IN 6 MONTHS. With an up and running starbase that has a fleet of 10 ships, if the Romulans want us out of here they are traveling to necessitate some aid. But harmonizing to Federation Intelligence they may merely hold that.

Star day of the month 32920.8: Federation Intelligence has told us that the Romulans are seeking to organize an confederation with the Cardasens-another powerful revile race. The Cardasens are know for their powerful ground forcess. If the confederation does travel through, the Federation will be destroyed in a affair of clip. So we thought it was clip we get some aid from the our good friends the Klingons.

Star day of the month 32918.9: The Federation has sent new orders. We are to divide the Enterprise, and the thrust subdivision is to remain here and take the war under the bid of Commander Riker. In the average clip the disk subdivision and I are to travel the Klingon? s place planet-City Alpha 5 to officially inquire the Klingon High Console-a party that controls the government-for any aid it can supply.

Star day of the month 32963.0: Merely as I was headed out for City Alpha 5, I received word from Federation Intelligence that our secret agents are hearing repeated rumours about Captain Shaq. That he was used as a pawn in a secret plan to acquire the Federation to get down a intergalactic war. One more distressing rumour is that Captain Shaq was sick, and his unwellness caused him to go insane. His insanity would first turn him into a accustomed lire, and so he would get down believing himself, and

so symptoms would acquire worse, and he would go paranoiac. Then the last symptoms of his rumored unwellness called marit, would coerce him to kill himself. Unfortunately sense the unwellness is incurable, if Captain Shaq has it, he will decease, and the lone manner to be perfectly certain if he has it is to prove his organic structure after his decease.

Star day of the month 32919.7: We had arrived at City Alpha 5. I had to travel tungsten

ork to ameeditly, and clip was running out rapidly. I asked to speak to the leader of High Console-Gallron. The ship drive was the easiest portion of the trip by far. I should hold known that they would non give aid for free. After 8 hours of negociating, we hammered out a trade. Once the our confederation wins the war, the Klingons have all rights to the Cardasens and to the Cardasen infinite. All I ask for is full military support, and when we win that, they don’t kill their Cardasen P.O.W.s. They agreed to merely enslave them all and kill the Cardasen military leaders. I had no pick but to populate with that trade the Federation will necessitate aid.

Star day of the month 32922.4: The Enterprise is now together, and we have learned that Gallron wasted no clip. He launched a full graduated table assault on the Cardasens. He hit them difficult, and he hit fast. Within hours of our negotiating he launched assault utilizing 90 % of the Klingon military. We are non yet certain if he will win. The Federation ordered us to keep off on all assaults until they send word to D.R.S.6 on how Gallrons forces are making, and if they need help or if they will be fall ining us shortly.

Star day of the month 32933.7: We have received word from the Federation that Gallrons Klingon forces won. With an 85 % win rate, and with some loss. From the study that Gallron gave the Federation, he won in merely a few yearss. I guess he caught the Cardasens with their bloomerss down. Gallron will run into us at D.R.S.6 in 3 yearss with a fleet of 25 Klingon warbirds.

Star day of the month 32936.1: Gallron and the Klingons arrived 3 hours ago, and we have planed out hopefully our first and last assault together agents the Romulans. I was given the award of inventing are military scheme. It is truly simple program, we are traveling to brake the Klingon and Federation conflict fleets into two, so we will hold in entire 4 little scale conflict fleets. We named the 4 fleets. The Klingon fleets are called the Gallron and the Alpha Flight, and the two Federation fleets are called the Democracy and the Evolution. If all goes good all we need to make is package the Romulans in. We launched what I call the Picard Jack-In-Box Strategy in less so 23 hours.

Star day of the month 32937.1: All is non good we hit a snag with my Strategy. The Cardasens made a surprise onslaught on the Gallron fleet and destroyed all 13 ships, including Gallron? s ship. With the decease of Gallron the Klingon leader, it will be nigh impossible to command the last leftover Kilngon conflict fleet, Alpha Flight. I now have even a bigger job than the loss of the fleet. The box had collapsed, and when there was an gap, the Romulans and the Cardasens escaped

through it and now they are headed for Earth ( the bosom of the Federation ) with the Metagenic Device. I can & # 8217 ; t assist but be afraid for all those life signifiers, over 20 trillion life signifiers that live in the Earth & # 8217 ; s Solar System. There are 9 trillion life signifiers on Earth entirely. If the Romulans and the Cardasens launch the Metagenic Device, it will be a catastrophe, and there is non a thing I can make about it.

Star day of the month 32939.1: We are in chase of the Romulan and the Cardasen conflict fleet. At worp 9.9, we are forcing our engine to it & # 8217 ; s bounds. Their fleet has a 3 hr leap on us. After the loss of the Gallron fleet I ordered all the staying conflict fleets to reorganize and restrategize. While we were making that, they headed for Earth. I hope the planetal defence systems in Earth & # 8217 ; s Solar System can halt or keep them off, merely In Tell we can acquire at that place. But realistically, I don & # 8217 ; t think they can make it. If there is a God, I hope and pray that he will be with them on this twenty-four hours.

Star day of the month 33030:2: We arrived merely in clip Earth & # 8217 ; s planetal defence systems where able to keep the Romulan and the Cardasen conflict fleet. It looks like they were merely able to establish the Metagenic Device at two planets: Jupiter and Saturn. After a ghastly conflict and war it is all over. The Federation now has the commanding power in the quarter-circle, but at what cost? At the last conflict we lost a few ships with a batch of good people on them. It will take some clip to happen out how many life signifiers were killed on Jupiter and Saturn.

Star day of the month 33045:8 It & # 8217 ; s 12 months subsequently, and the 1st day of remembrance since the terminal of the Federation and Romulan war, and it & # 8217 ; s acquiring harder to acquire usage to the quarter-circle. Two months ago the Federation released a statement stating about 4 trillion life signifiers died on Jupiter and Saturn, and the Federation would get down to acknowledge the planets and their Moons. I have a particular involvement in Saturn & # 8217 ; s Moon Elpsolon 9. Captain Shaq was still on the Moon when the Metagenic Device was launched. He died due to a war he tried to forestall, but in bend he started it. It is merely every bit good that he is dead. I do non cognize what I would state to him if I saw him.

It became official two yearss ago the Klingons closed their impersonal zone to all Federation ships and Federation people. Due to the decease of Gallron the Klingon leader, Klingons have developed hostile attitude. Soon after the war, we honored our trade by turning over the Cardasens, and the Cardasen infinite over to the Klingons. We know that they will non honour the trade, and they will kill tonss of Cardasen people. The Federation will non implement any of the footings of the trade. I can & # 8217 ; t assist but experience that I have doomed a race of people to the life snake pit of captivity. I keep stating myself that at the clip of negociating the trade I had no pick. The Federation needed the aid of the Klingons. But they helped us win the war, and without them we would non hold won. I guess we will hold no pick but to populate the trade. And I guess the Cardasens will hold to populate with the trade for the remainder of their life.

As for the Romulans we ceased all of their military and have control of 65 % of their land. The Federation worked out a trade with them stating that we will maintain them safe from any race that may seek to acquire a bridgehead on their land and that they can hold free usage of our Romulan land. That portion of the trade lets us maintain a oculus on them. Now that the Federation has most of the Romulan land, and the Klingons have most of the Cardasen land, that makes us the Federation

and the Klingons the merely two Super Powers left in the quarter-circle. But for now at last all is good, and I can merely pray that it stays that manner.