Star War Essay, Research PaperPeoples saw the intelligence on the Television, 100s of Star Wars fans lined up out side of film ticket box office when Star Wars: Episode I- the Phantom Menace merely starts demoing in theatres. Star War fans waited hours in the line, merely to acquire the film tickets so they can watch this latest Sci-fi film. The furtive prevue of the Phantom Menace showed many dramatic computing machine generated scenes, artworks, and characters that gave me an feeling that the film was traveling to be a really good. Sadly, I was rather defeated after watched the film, because the manner of storytelling was feeble and the characters lacked development.The narrative in the film is merely consecutive frontward. Two Jedis saved a immature Anaken Skywalker, and so they help Queen Amidala salvaging her planet Napoo from Trade Federation s invasion.

The good side about simpleness in this film is that people can understand it easy without much confusion, but the down side is that the film plots become feeble and barely trigger much of audiences & # 8217 ; ideas interaction. It is because the film is chiefly aiming immature audiences, therefore dramatic effects and simple secret plans are the chief character of this film. Digital particular effects make up ninety per centum of full film, from submerged universe to the conflict between Gungan and Trade Federation, from Jar Jar Binks to Java. All these particular effects make the film looks nil less than spectacular.

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Without traveling more deep in the narrative that could tire immature audiences, the dramatic effects could assist maintaining immature audiences attending. Besides, assorted characters created in the film can bring forth immense net income by selling them as plaything theoretical accounts. One other illustration, the conflict between Gungan ground forcess and Trade Federation automaton ground forcess, this scenario is strictly demoing off particular effects: a immense visible radiation purple-color shell covers whole Gungan ground forcess from onslaughts ; all the blasting over the shell ; 100s, 1000s warriors and machines fight each others ; unstoppable destroyer that has its ain shell to protect itself and same clip it can assail enemies.

So much for particular effects, but what is go oning to the narrative?Since the film emphasizes in prosecuting greater digital particular effects, many subjects have lost their significance and life. In the old Star War movies, the conflict subjects had a batch of development in showing heroes, bangs, suspense, and intelligence. For illustration, the conflict in snowfield, a bloody conflict that Luke Skywalker and his companions fight imperium with their lives.

The whole subject is packed with bangs, suspense, and intelligence. In contrast, the conflict subjects in The Phantom Menace are much softer. Thrill, suspense destiny off. In the concluding conflict between Gungan ground forcess and Trade Federation automaton ground forcess, the conflict scene is unreal and impractical. First Gungan ground forcess were merely concealing under the immense energy shells, and making nil while the automaton ground forcess were keep fire at them, since the energy shells blocked all the firing from enemy. The conflict went nowhere until the automaton ground forcess walked through the energy shells which no ammunition and bombs can perforate. Without energy shells, spear and energy-ball were the lone arms Gungan had to against enemy s optical maser, armored combat vehicles, and automatons. They were crushed by automatons until Anaken by chance destroyed the female parent ship was destroyed.

Without the mother-ship s remote control, robots shut down and died immediately. This is worst conflict I have of all time seen. A conflict is fight with best arms and worst war scheme, plus an incredible stoping. Undoute that whole digital animate conflict subject is antic and oculus pleasing, but behind subject is a infantile drama.Beside The film spends so much clip in particular effects, it forgets to pay attending in character development. For illustration, Darth Maul, a awful animal with a strong dark side force, the movie is supposed to demo his wickedness. The lone memorable portion of this character to me is his horned caput, face tattoos and glittering xanthous eyes.

His facial characteristic is merely thing that reflects his evil features. The large job is that Darth Maul does non give people any thrillness, chillness, badness. He is more like a automaton, the 1 has some unusual face and is specialize in utilizing dual-bladed lightsaber. Unlike the celebrated Darth Vader, an evil character was created in the old Star War movies. His wickedness is good developed. Cold black reflecting metal helmet that eyes can non be seen through screens the whole caput, under the black rope is the black armor, and a brace of black automaton custodies. His coldness, strong-ness and darkness has already been showed off and audiences can non assist non to inquire what is the individual inside of that black armor.

In add-on, the level, deep, slow voice boosts up his chillness what is already built in audiences imaginativeness. Look back Darth sledge, beside the cool make-up and an amazing dual-bladed lightsaber, there is nil else that triggers audients imaginativenesss about his darkness and evilness. As affair of fact, I do remember that I have heard anything from his oral cavity.

Even thought the film present us dramatic particular effects, the failure to do narrative life truly hurts this film a batch. I am sort disappoint about the film did non use deeper in the narrative contents and characters. A idea merely my mine. If the Lucas add few more song subjects, it will do amazing Disney film.

Hopefully, George Lucas could add more bang, suspense, and wits in the Star War Episode II.