Star Wars Essay, Research PaperLeading Wars:CIVIL AgitationWritten, Directed, Produced, Choreographed, and Computer Animated byMario DiNataleOpening Coil:The nucleus universes of the existence have experienced peace and prosperity under the protection of the Jedi Knights. However the Outer Rim of the Galaxy is in Turmoil. Vicious and Brutal power battles between rival warlords maintain the Outer Rim in changeless pandemonium and lawlessness. Now the force is about to be spread to the nucleus universes by a malevolent Sith Lord.*2 work forces standing behind 1 manner glass[ Doctor ] My Lord, I am disquieted about your boy.

I know you want to make a great inheritor to your throne, but he is begginning to demo sadistic and sociopathic inclinations.[ Kraken ] That doesn & # 8217 ; T concern me, Doctor. If he does something incorrect, shock him with more electricity. If he isn & # 8217 ; t larning fast adequate daze him some more.

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Am I unserstood?[ Doctor ] With all do esteem my Lord, this daze intervention he has been recieving since he was born, has been highly ineffective. What he needs is a function theoretical account. Person he can look at, and form himself after.[ Kraken ] You know what Doctor? You are right. He needs a better function theoretical account thanthan some whining synchomphant like you.

[ Doctor ] No! No! My Lord, thats non & # 8230 ; . What & # 8230 ; .I & # 8230 ; .Mea.nt & # 8230 ; ( exhales and crumples )*Force Choke* *Doctor grabs a his throat**Scene switches to bridge of Star Destroyer*[ Kraken ] You see this male child? All this is yours when I & # 8217 ; m gone.

( Father & A ; son look outwindow at galazy ) You see that bright topographic point on that planet below us. 250,000 non-humans live at that place. This button is linked to a turbolaser thatwill level that metropolis when pressed.

( Father gestures toward button ) WE AREthe ultimate power in the Galaxy. WE CONTROL who lives and dies, do you understand that Lothos?[ Lothos ] Yes, my male parent.[ Kraken ] Now show those non-humans who controls them. ( the male child thirstily rangesout and presses the button )*Lasers rush out toward the planet and the light disappears**Father and boy laugh maniacally**Scene switches to brilliantly illume conference room, overlooking Coruscant*[ Councilor Boclat ] Jedi Master Vonac, I have chosen you for a particular mission,because of your covering with the Sith.[ Vonac ] The Sith? They & # 8217 ; re all but nonextant! The last Sith Lord was destroyed by my ain sabre! I & # 8217 ; thousand sure I would hold felt a perturbation in the force if their was a new Sith Lord.[ Councilor Boclat ] So we thought, New Republic Intelligence studies tell us that theSith Lord you killed may hold had trained another learner, before hetrained the 1 that you, besides killed. I considered this a major menace, soI had some Intelligene secret agents follow upon this.

It seems that sometimeduring his preparation procedure, the first aprentice began utilizing his new found endowments to pay war in the Outer Rim. The supposed Sith, has carved outa ample sector for himself in the Outer Rim, and has become a majorWarlord. He goes by the name Kraken & # 8230 ; .. I & # 8217 ; ll expect you to acquire under mannerinstantly.[ Vonac ] If this, & # 8220 ; Kraken & # 8221 ; is every bit unsafe as you believe, so I would wish anotherJedi with me.[ Councilor Boclat ] Who would you wish to take with you?[ Vonac ] Jedi Knight Cassydia, she is by far the best with a lightsaber, and is reallygood trained in manus to manus combat. Skills like that would come in reallyHandy against a Sith.

[ Councilor Boclat ] Very Good, take her and be on your manner every bit shortly as possible.*Cassydia is seen sudating pofusely and working out againt a punching bag*[ Vonac ] Cassydia![ Cassydia ] Yes, Master Vonac?[ Vonac ] I need your aid instantly. Pack some things for a wek or so, andconvey your lightsaber. I & # 8217 ; ll brief you everything on Thursday wat to the Outer Rim.*ACTION MUSIC STARTS**Cutscene of starfighter taking off and heading into outerspace**Scene takes topographic point on span of Ship*[ Cassydia ] So how do you suggest we find this & # 8220 ; Kraken & # 8221 ; ? The Outer Rim is a BIGtopographic point.[ Vonac ] I know person on Tatooine, that & # 8217 ; s where we & # 8217 ; re headed now.

[ Cassydia ] Tatooine? Never heard of it. But anyhow, this individual you know, ishe an information agent or something?[ Vonac ] Not rather & # 8230 ;*Scene switches to Lothos and Kraken lightsaber sparring**Lothos & # 8220 ; power moves & # 8221 ; Kraken and knocks the lightsaber from his hand**Lothos uses force to draw the sabre into his manus & # 8221 ;[ Kraken ] Ahhhh, you make your male parent proud. I have seen your powers increaseof all time since I took you off from that whining alibi for a physician. In the past six months, your lightaber accomplishments surpass even mine! Your Force Powers are immesurable and by constructing your ain lightsaber, you have shown me your preparation is about complete. To finish your preparation, youmust kill a Jedi.*Lothos is seen over Kraken & # 8217 ; s shoulder shrouded in his goon, you can & # 8217 ; t see his eyes merely his oral cavity ; he is grinning**In one Swift gesture, Lothos ignites his lightsaber and stabs him in the dorsum, and turns off the sabre while its still inside him**Shot doesn & # 8217 ; t demo sabre, you hear the and Kraken & # 8217 ; s eyes bulge out and blood comes out of his oral cavity.

The shooting pans out and so shows the sabre lodging outos his chest**His organic structure crumplss to its articulatio genuss and so collapses to the ground*[ Lothos ] Well so, & # 8230 ; . I guess my preparation is complete. Now I am the leader of thisoperation.