Star Wars Film Codes Essay, Research PaperThe movie Star Wars by George Lucas presents the characters Luke Skywalker, Darth Vadar and Princess Leia in peculiar ways. This essay will give illustrations of the different movie codifications, such as audio, proficient and symbolic that help the spectator to see the characters in each of these ways. The Alliance The character of Luke Skywalker becomes more existent from the usage of movie codifications. Technical codifications such as close ups are used often on Luke to demo his facial looks.

An illustration of this is at the beginning of the movie when Luke is sitting on a hill watching the sundown. The usage of a stopping point up in this scene shows Luke s facial looks clearly, and the spectator can see that Luke was really evidently bored and hankering for escapade. Audio codes besides make the character of Luke Skywalker seem more realistic. The usage of differing volumes and different instruments gives the spectator an thought about the character s feelings and emotions, and from these the spectator can besides think what may be about to go on to them.An illustration of the usage of audio codifications is when Luke decided to go a Jedi knight, the music became louder and had a stronger round in it.

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Before his determination the background music was light and peaceable. This alteration in audio gives more accent to the state of affairs where Luke changes from being about childlike and peaceful into a adult male of bravery and escapade. The usage of symbolic codifications in the movie besides plays a large portion in showing to the spectator Luke Skywalker s character. An illustration is Luke s vesture, which is white, giving the spectator the feeling that Luke s character is good.

White is the coloring material for goodness and pureness, whereas black is bad and evil.Another illustration of symbolic codifications is Luke s visible radiation rescuer. The coloring material of his visible radiation rescuer is bluish whilst Darth Vadar s is ruddy. From this illustration the spectator may believe that blue is good and ruddy is bad because ruddy is the coloring material of danger and of the Satan and blue is the coloring material of peace and goodness. Luke Skywalker and his visible radiation rescuer.

The character of Darth Vadar is really different to Princess Leia s and Luke Skywalker s, but similar Film codifications are used to do his character seem more realistic to the viewer.Technical codifications such as lighting and camera shootings are used otherwise to that of Luke and Leia. Where the manager chose tonss of near up for Luke and Leia, for the character of Darth Vadar he chose to utilize more in-between long shootings and long shootings. An illustration of this was when Darth Vadar was introduced to the movie a long shooting of him was filmed when he was walking though the infinite ship. In this shooting you can see what is traveling on around him and the spectator could acquire the message that he is so powerful and evil that there are people dead at his pess. Besides by the usage of a long shooting alternatively of a stopping point up the spectator might believe that he has something to conceal and does non desire to be seen up near. Another illustration of proficient codifications is when Darth Vadar and Obwan are contending withtheir light Savers, in this scene Darth Vadar is in the shadow whilst Obwan has light behind him.

From this illustration the spectator may believe that Darth Vadar is in the shadow because he has something to conceal.Darth Vadar s Introduction to the Film Darth Vadar s character becomes a batch more realistic with the usage of audio codifications every bit good. From the background music or sounds the spectator can state a batch about Darth Vadar, for illustration, when he was introduced to the movie a sinister type of music was played in the background utilizing a heavy whipping membranophone. From this the spectator senses that he is an evil or powerful character because the membranophones are like an debut for a male monarch. Another illustration of audio codifications is Darth Vadar s heavy external respiration. From this illustration the spectator may believe this external respiration is like an animate being and shows his evil animate being inclinations. Like Luke Skywalker, the manager of the movie uses symbolic codifications to do Darth Vadar s character more realistic, nevertheless some of Darth Vadar s symbols are the complete antonym of Luke Skywalkers s.

An illustration of this is Darth Vadar s vesture. He wears a wholly black suit whereas Luke Skywalker s suit is white. The spectator may so gain that the black and white are similar antonyms and are intending bad and good. Another illustration of Symbolic codifications is Darth Vadar s full faced mask. The spectator may have the thought that Darth Vadar has something to conceal from this symbol. Darth Vadar- Notice the full face mask.

The character of Princess Leia is made more realistic in the same ways as the other characters discussed in this essay. Like Luke Skywalker, Leia has a batch of close ups of her face when proficient codifications are used. These close ups show the good and pureness of her character. An illustration of this is when she is confronted by Darth Vadar she has close ups of her face and it shows her fear even though she is seeking to move brave. In this illustration the spectator may believe that she does non desire to state something to Darth Vadar so she tries to move weather so he will give in. Leia being confronted by Darth Vadar The sound codifications used to expose Princess Leia character are really of import to demo the spectator that she is on the good side.

An illustration is when she is confronted by Darth Vadar the heavy drumming is in the background but when the camera shows her there is a peaceable music that becomes louder and stronger when the camera is merely on her. This illustration may give the viewer the feeling that she is good and pure even though she is with an evil presence. The symbolic codifications used for princess Leia are the same as the 1s for Luke Skywalker. She wears white apparels that give the spectator the same feeling as that of Luke Skywalker, the feeling that she is good and pure. It can be really clearly seen that the manager of the movie, Star Wars uses all types of movie codifications to give the viewer an immediate reaction about each character which aids the spectator so they can so decode what portion in the movie the character will be portraying.