All relationships with others should teach us something about ourselves. Discuss. In Peter Goldsworthy’s novel ‘Maestro’ all relationships taught each character something about themselves.

(Contention? ) Through their relationship Keller and Paul learn from each other.Paul learns his arrogance is not doing him any good in becoming a better pianist and Keller helps him to mature from a selfish 15-year-old with a big ego to a caring adult, Keller sees his lost son, Eric in Paul which leads him to becoming attached although at first he finds it troublesome to express his feelings he tries to open up to Paul, Paul clearly influenced Keller’s decision to open up because before Paul was a student to the ‘Maestro’ Keller drank alcohol helping him to stay in a state of blurriness and forgetfulness.Keller moved from Vienna to Darwin where no one knows him in order to isolate himself from others, he learns from Paul that this is not the way to go. Through interactions with his friends, family and others Paul learns about life the real way, he is able to explore his sexuality with Megan and Rosie, and joins a band called ‘Rough Stuff’ to fit in at school. The main lesson learnt is the lesson Keller has taught Paul, every single relationship and interaction we have can both teach and change us for the better or worse.Through the central relationship between Paul and Eduard Keller, ‘Maestro’ portrays the growth of Paul Crabbe from a young, arrogant and selfish teenager to a more mature young man who has come to terms with many aspects of himself and life.

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When Paul is fifteen he begins piano lessons with Keller, although he is convinced of his great future as a musician Keller shows him otherwise. At first Paul arrogance clouds his judgement believing he is as