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Starvation of youth leads to
physical and psychological ruin of woman. Being a young mother like Fantine,
there is little financial means. Having a small amount of money can make it
hard for young mothers to support themselves causing mental health problems
like depression. Most teenage mother are kicked out of their house during
pregnancy, making unable to see a doctor.  

            In the book Les Miserables, Fantine
is a young working mother who gives up her money and youth to raise her child
Cosette. When Fantine leaves Cosette with the Thenardier family she initially
pays fifty-seven frances and six frances a month afterwards(Hugo,1862).  This shows that she is willing to give up her
money to make sure that her daughter can have a nice life. On page 46 when the
Thenardier’s start to demand more money and Fantine sends them more. This is
because she believes “that her child was happy and doing well,” making it
easier for Fantine to hand over more money(Hugo,1862,p 46). Since Fantine was
always working, to provide for Cosette she neglected herself causing her
appearance to diminish over time. Fantine sacrificed herself to provide
Cossette with a nice life.   

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Like Fantine there are teenage
mother who sacrifice their youth to raise a child. These young mothers could
face several mental health problems. The most common problem they face is
postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is depression after childbirth, it
is twice as likely in teen mother then in adults(Mena,2016). This form of
depression can make it hard for teenager to bond with their babies, not enjoy
activities they once loved, or think about harming themselves and their

            Being a
teen mom can have devastating effects to their body. One effects is that young
mothers can get high blood pressure(Pregnancy in your teen years,2017). Besides
affecting the mother’s body having a child at an early age can cause the mother
lose their opportunities for education(Spence,2009). This loss of education can
affect the mother’s social life and also economic hardships later on in life.

            Starvation of youth leads to
physical and psychological ruin of woman. Young mothers who, earn money for
their children, are giving up their youth to make sure that their children live
a good life. Being responsible for their children can cause the mother to
become depressed. Teenage mothers spend their youth providing for their child
to have a good life. In doing so they for about themselves leading them to be
depressed or look older faster.