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State Of Our Economy Essay, Research Paper

Our current economic system is sing strong economic growing and rapid enlargement. The information show current gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , consumer monetary value index ( CPI ) , and the unemployment rate to back up findings. The Federal Reserve is concerned about rising prices and consumer disbursement. However, overall rising prices is non bad and involvement rates may go on to increase.

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One indicant of a strong economic system is the current addition in GDP of 6.9 % for the 4th one-fourth. There is a new measuring for GDP is now including package as an investing. It is estimated that this alteration will hike future GDP. Throughout this twelvemonth, our GDP has gone through a heavy growing. However, the first and 2nd one-fourth growing was non every bit high as that of 1997 and 1998. In 1997 first and 2nd one-fourth growing reached 4.9 % and raised to 6.9 % in the first one-fourth of 1998. ( shown in Chart 1 ) However, the current 6.9 % addition in the 4th one-fourth was 1.0 % to 3.8 % higher so the old old ages. This is a enormous leap and clearly indicates that many facets of our economic system ( such as stock list investing, personal ingestion outgo, fixed investing, exports, and authorities ) are making good lending to economic enlargement.

It is still true that about 70 % of all deceases in the United States are from bosom disease, shots, and malignant neoplastic disease. Other diseases, accidents, and force history for the remainder & # 8211 ; but non age. These same diseases and Alzheimer & # 8217 ; s disease history for much of the disablement attributed to aging. As these diseases are conquered, far more people will populate to their full possible life span and remain active and healthy for life.

A batch is known about the diseases that affect people and do decease. Much less is known about existent ripening because it involves cardinal cell processes that are rather complex. However, this enigma of life is being unraveled and will offer chances in the hereafter that were one time considered to be merely possible in scientific discipline fiction. It is difficult to better on the advice given by Seneca ( 4 B.C. -65 A.D. ) to eat moderate sums of well-balanced nutrients, acquire plentifulness of fresh air, exercising, and live a stress-free life style.

Your life literally depends upon the ability of your cells to renew. They do this in a mode similar to one-cell beings that merely split and travel on life as two & # 8220 ; girl & # 8221 ; one-cell beings. Before your cells can split to reproduce themselves, they must foremost bring forth a duplicate transcript of the cistrons. One of the most of import illustrations of reproduction is of your blood cells. Your ruddy blood cells live merely an mean 110 yearss, and they must be invariably replaced. Without replacing, you would shortly develop serious anaemia. The liner of your little bowel is wholly replaced every three yearss. Your tegument is invariably regenerated with the new cells formed in the deeper beds, while the old cells move to the top and are shed. It is this changeless province of regeneration that enables the organic structure to be immature. It besides enables mending to take topographic point, as occurs after an hurt.


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WE DON & # 8217 ; T GROW OLD?

There are a figure of theories for this large inquiry:

The regeneration procedure is under the control of a familial book that determines when certain events should happen in your life. It controls when address will get down, when dentitions will break out, the oncoming of pubescence, the oncoming of climacteric, and other alterations in the phases of life. The nature of this book, sometimes called the biological clock, is non determined, but it is suspected that it is portion of the encephalon & # 8217 ; s map.

Variety meats and tissues frequently undergo alterations because the cells used to organize them no longer map in the same mode that they one time did when immature, or in the first old ages of duplicate. For illustration, ovaries are non activated until puberty arrives. What activates them? Then the ovaries begin to sputter to a halt. What stops ovarian map? The timing of these events depends on the familial book a individual inherits at birth.

Some research workers believe the immune system is responsible for aging. As people get older, two things happen related to this. The organic structure produces more autoimmune antibodies. Sometimes these antibodies attack the organic structure & # 8217 ; s ain tissues as if they were foreign substances or bacteriums. In utmost provinces they cause many diseases, called autoimmune diseases. Other alterations occur when the organic structure & # 8217 ; s immune defences lessening. The Thymus secretory organ, which prepares white blood cells ( the T-cells ) to transport out their defence actions to protect the organic structure, deteriorates. The lessening in unsusceptibility can do a individual to be more susceptible to diseases, like pneumonia, for illustration. In other words, the organic structure merely stops operation, possibly because it accurately reads an unconscious signal from the encephalon that this individual is discouraged and depressed and no longer wants to populate.

There are other theories like the & # 8220 ; free-radical theory & # 8221 ; and the & # 8220 ; cross-linked theory & # 8221 ; that tells us what happens but does non state us why. In fact, no theory truly explains why the organic structure ages.


A major concern of many people is the possibility that they will lose their mental abilities as they grow old. The extreme of this is doddering dementedness, which can ensue in a individual being wholly incapacitated and no longer in touch with world. Medical scientific discipline now recognizes that this is non aging at all, but the consequence of disease. The job to work out here is non to unknot the enigma of aging, but to happen ways of forestalling and handling the diseases responsible for doddering dementedness. The complex interrelatedness of nervus cells and encephalon chemical science is one of the most of import frontiers of medical specialty, and there is no uncertainty that within this field lie many of the replies to the inquiries about the biological clock that may

find the stages of life and ripening.


Often it is non aging but disuse that consequences in reduced mental maps with increasing age. Keeping the ability to concentrate, go oning to excite your memory with memory undertakings, and job work outing all aid to keep those maps. The encephalon may go on to modulate your blood force per unit area and bosom rate and impact whether you sweat or non, because these maps are exercised, but if you don & # 8217 ; t utilize your encephalon for mental undertakings, its ability to retrieve does diminish, non from age but from neglect.


Sexual involvement does non vanish in adult females after climacteric, but the loss of estrogen decidedly influences a adult female & # 8217 ; s involvement in sex. Estrogen will keep her variety meats in a province of sexual preparedness. Estrogen replacing helps to forestall the loss of sexual involvement and map.

The healthy older male continues to bring forth high degrees of testosterone for life. The testiss clearly have a different age rhythm from the ovaries. The failure of sexual public presentation in most older males is non related to take down testosterone degrees. The failure to hold an hard-on is normally related to hapless circulation because of disease, alterations in nervus fibres that control hard-on because of diabetes and other unwellness, or to medical specialties as used in the control of high blood force per unit area. The lessening in sexual activity in healthy older work forces seems to be related to chance and attitudes instead than endocrine degrees or existent ripening.


The particular senses, such as hearing, seeing, and tasting, are extensions of the nervous system. The progressive loss of gustatory sensation, odor, and hearing may stand for aging of the terminal cells of the system, such as the gustatory sensation bud cells or the cells in the olfactory organ to observe odor. You can compare them to the ovaries, which have a limited interval for normal map and so vanish. But these same terminal organ cells can besides be affected by disease. The care of these maps at optimum degrees may depend on both forestalling or bring arounding disease and besides forestalling aging of specialised sensory cells.


Very small is known about aging of the bosom. Coronary bosom disease that consequences in bosom onslaughts is non caused by aging at all. It is a disease of the arterias that supply the bosom musculus. There are familial factors that influence the degree of cholesterin, which in bend may increase fatty-cholesterol obstruction of coronary arterias. Many older people have a decreased capacity for physical activity because the bosom has non been exercised adequately.


The alterations in the musculuss and skeleton are another country where disease is confused with age. A major part of the lessening in musculus size and strength, seen as people get older, is from neglect. There is some loss of musculus fibres because some of the nervus cells in the spinal cord that control them degenerate with increasing age. But proper exercising can keep, beef up, and enlarge the staying musculus fibres. The skeleton does get down to diminish in size after about age 30. The castanetss undergo changeless alterations with remodeling of the bone architecture. This is a regeneration procedure. After age 30, there is non every bit much new bone formed as is lost, ensuing in a gradual lessening in skeletal size and strength.

Another index of strong economic growing is the overall CPI addition of.5 % in February. ( shown in Chart 2 ) The one-year CPI excepting nutrient and energy rose 2.1 % through February. This is a good indicant that our economic system is go oning to increase. However, this besides reflects upon the current gas hikings, which is non good to the consumers. Even though.5 % is higher than the mean.2 % to.3 % , the CPI is demoing important growing. During February of 1998 CPI rose.2 % and in 1999 it was.1 % . Compared to old old ages our overall CPI has increased from 3.2 % . One chief factor is the index for gasolene, which rose 1.3 % . The gasolene index registered with its largest monthly addition since April 1999. This is besides 1.3 % lower than its peak degree in November 1990. The CPI rising prices ( excepting nutrient and energy ) increased by.2 % in February same as in January. February shows addition in meat monetary values. With consumer assurance still high, rising prices force per unit area is constructing. The economic system is at a steady degree with CPI increasing to about.2 % or.3 % but if it raises beyond.4 % the Feds may see raising more involvement rates. The involvement rate is overall around.3 % in 1999. I believe there will be more hikings in the close hereafter.

Another measuring that is important in finding our strong economic state of affairs is the unemployment rate. With unemployment rate at 4.1 % in February 2000 which is virtually unchanged. ( shown in Chart 3 ) The unemployment rate has been below 4.2 % for the past 5 months. The mean unemployment rate has been steady at 4.1 % to 4.3 % each month since March of 1999. Our industries are bring forthing really fruitfully for farther economic enlargement. During February of 1999 unemployment was 4.4 % . Demand for goods and services are outpacing supply. U.S. companies are holding excavation deeper in the labour force to run into demand. Currently the occupation industries are holding a difficult clip looking for skilled workers since 67.6 % of the workers are in the labour force already. Since U.S. companies can t run into all the domestic demand, imports and the trade shortage will lift.

In the past few months, there has been much talk of rising prices and involvement rates from the Feds. High productiveness and consumer disbursement are merely a few countries that show permanent strength. There have been changeless additions in involvement rates. Inflation may re-emerge and presently involvement rates have increased five times since June of 1999 and more additions possibly coming. However, the overall expression of the economic system is making reasonably good and rising prices is a hot subject for the Federals but for now, it is still under control.