Last updated: July 28, 2019
Topic: ArtDesign
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                                                                    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE


Creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from our originalities and perspectives. By formulating our own unique creations, we may endeavor to create a parallel between our imagination and the world in which we live. Winston Churchill once emphasized the fact that “we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”.  I believe, these buildings personify and embody the diverse cultures that exist today, reflecting the power and endless potential of man’s genius. Self-expression is what differentiates us as an individual. It is my passion for Architecture that acts as a catalyst for inspiration and therefore provides me with a prominent sense of ambition and desire and it has been my dream to evolve and explore this passion to help me establish myself as a successful Architect.


After completing my schooling, Architecture was always the first choice for a career path. I acquired my professional bachelor’s degree in Architecture (B.Arch.), from Amity University, Lucknow, India. This course of study gave me a thorough foundation of knowledge both in Architecture and in Design. My curriculum helped me to channelize my ingenuity and sensitivity towards environment through creative designs.  My fondness for the subject is evident through my academic work all throughout the five years of study, especially in my Architectural Thesis Project which was amongst the top eleven thesis projects of our batch. Another remarkable milestone was my participation at NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) along with a group of colleagues. The project was recognized as the Top 50 entries throughout India. This was one of my most important achievement. I have participated in several other state and national competitions as well.


Having earned a qualification in Architecture was only the first step completed and I felt the need to explore the outside world. Knowing how Architecture is in the professional world and understanding how an Architect’s office functions was equally important. Working in a professional environment for about six months and taking practical training as an intern under Ar. D.S Bhui and Ar. Charanjit Shah has given me an exposure to the more important and practical aspects involved with the profession of Architecture. This work experience has also helped me develop my technical skills and gave me a new understanding of Architecture, different from what was taught at school.


Now that I have a thorough understanding of theoretical as well as hands-on experience of practical aspects of architecture and design, I feel that I am prepared to begin the next step of my professional development, which is the pursuit of a master’s degree in Architecture. I feel that it is important to build upon my previous training, hard work and education in a stimulating and invigorating atmosphere full of manifold viewpoints and diverse ideas. Gaining a master’s qualification in Architecture would be ideal for meeting my educational goals.


Over the last year, while working on Urban Design at graduate level, I have developed a keen fascination with Urbanism and its cultural and sociological impact on human agency, activity and behavior. For I believe that Architecture and Urbanism are not just a matter of aesthetic structures, but rather means of communication between its users and inhabitants. Any approach in shaping the image of the city spaces must reckon with ingrained cultural experiences of the image of the city – in its aesthetic, axiological and social significance.  Living in one of India’s rapidly developing city ever since my childhood, I have witnessed first-hand the gentrification of several neighborhoods in the city, its transformation from a bike friendly city to traffic cluttered one, and how this addition has impacted the nature of consumer habits, as well as the social and cultural activities taking place throughout the city. In the scenario that countries like India have today, there is great need for implementation of new techniques and methodologies in the designing of buildings. Designing with an environmentally and ecologically sound approach and innovation and bringing in solutions that improve the local and global environments has become very important. The amount and quality of knowledge regarding this is still very less here. I find that the courses offered here in India, for this kind of study and specialization are still not as deep rooted as those offered abroad.


Your school’s master’s program in Architecture and Urbanism is ideal for what I wish to pursue. And I seek to take up this specialization and learn more about it through the in depth research which is part of the course. The Architecture and Urbanism program offered by the world’s most renowned school of architecture is definitely what I look to be a part of and like many students around the world, being part of this historic school would be a dream come true for me.


In conclusion, I find that your deemed University offers the prerequisites needed to achieve my goals in life. The experience, research or training that I will acquire during the course of this program will help me to get a head start in my career and it is this magnetism that has attracted me to this prestigious institute. I feel confident that my background would help me make the most of your program and unleash my true potential. I look forward to being a strong addition to your department. I hope that this brief statement has given you a better idea of my abilities, experience and interests. I am confident that if I get an opportunity to be a part of the intellectually stimulating environment I’ve always yearned for, my talents will be put to an optimal use. Coupled with the education and the exposure, I will be able to play a bigger part in giving back to society.  I look forward to an affirmative reply to my application and being a part of the elite student body next fall.

Dhairya Chopra.