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Status Quo Essay, Research Paper

Status Quo

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1776, The American settlements rebelled against their oppressive, imperialistic female parent state Great Britain. They challenged the traditions of an ancient female parent state to go an independent state that would finally take the free universe. Critical reappraisal of established Torahs, attitudes and beliefs are what this state was forged from. The United States exemplifies the thought that it is necessary to dispute adept policies when they have become disused and uneffective.

When authoritiess are out of touch with the organic structures they govern so they have become uneffective. This holds true for any state of affairs where one group has control over another from the United States Congress, to province and local authoritiess, and even school boards and decision makers. Student life is to the full regulated by those who are in noway capable to their ain regulations. Many illustrations of this are present in the hallways of schools across America. Most of the lip services are non major farces of justness, but they do take to a feeling of 2nd category citizenship among the pupil organic structure. Small things like non being able to imbibe a cup of java in the hallway degrades pupils by oppugning their ability to execute a simple undertaking without doing jobs or troubles. Unbalanced statute law such as this, where there is a dual criterion, should be replaced to see that ordinances are to protect the public assistance of a population. Not simply to suppress it.

Another subjugation in schools is the usage of a license base on balls system for motion from room to room. This pattern of entire certification of a pupils motion throughout the school twenty-four hours is non merely unneeded, but besides impractical. And can once more take to the feeling in pupils that they can non be trusted because they are inferior T

o their older opposite numbers. An thought which is non cohesive to a acquisition environment by put ining an attitude of failure before an effort is even made. This unjust policy should be replaced with an award system based on the pupils verbally informing those who are apt where they are traveling to be. Changes like this are frequently needed to transform a non-working system of ordinance into a constructive usher for coexistence.

Administration? s control needs to be changed every bit good because in most instances it is comprised of professionals with the highest grade in their Fieldss. This in bend means that a great trade of clip and with it alteration has occurred between their existent experience of their first 12 old ages of instruction and their present province in life. This alteration makes for a opinion organic structure which has no first manus experience into the mind of those it controls. In short high school disposal is wholly disconnected from the pupil organic structure because of its deficiency of experience in the places pupils are in. This state of affairs leaves pupils without their demands for control met because those enforcing the limitations do non understand the fortunes environing unwanted behaviour. Even the allotment of power must be invariably reviewed.

The thought of reexamining the control of those in power and their legislative determinations is where the United States found its beginnings. To follow the philosophy of a opinion organic structure without measuring its demand and its effects is foolish. To merely go on in a set way because it is what has ever been done leads to many jobs. As clip alterations so must Torahs and ordinances or they will go disused and potentially harmful. Wether it be school regulations or the antique pattern of imperialism by a state, policy must undergo changeless examination to guarantee its pertinence to those it affects.