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Stem Cell Research Essay, Research Paper

Stem cells look to be nil more than a hollow sphere composed of a bunch of bantam,

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roundish balls. In world, they are much more than that. Those 40 cells contain all the

possible to go a life, take a breathing human being. Many scientists believe that these

cells besides have the possible to bring around a myriad of diseases, including Alzheimer & # 8217 ; s disease,

Parkinson & # 8217 ; s disease, diabetes, and many others. The cells of the four twenty-four hours old homo

embryo can be programmed to go virtually any cell in the organic structure doing them a really

valuable trade good. All this sounds really promising until one realizes the cost of

geting these miracle cells. Gathering root cells from human embryos can be looked

at as nil less that taking a life. ( Begley 23 )

There are multiple grounds that the authorities should non fund research on

embryologic root cells but the most of import has got to be the inevitable devastation of

life involved. What good is salvaging lives when they are being taken at the same clip?

How much since does that do? Who are we to make up one’s mind whether these embryos get their

opportunity at life or non? Making a determination like that is playing God. Pure and simple. We

Don & # 8217 ; t even know for certain that root cells can populate up to the outlooks that scientists

hold for them. That fact makes root cell research nil more than a gamble that

might salvage some lives, but will decidedly be some in the procedure. Can it truly be deserving


Even if root cells could turn out to be the miracle remedy that scientists hope they

are, think of the consequence on the population and economic system. Imagine what it would be like if

there was a crisp addition in the aged population. Possibly two or three times the

figure of citizens eligible for societal security. The drain that such an happening would

put on the economic system is about unmeasurable. It would take to a host of unwanted

effects, most notably an inevitable revenue enhancement addition to back up all of the aged who would

depend on their monthly societal security cheque as their lone beginning of income.

While the harvest home of embryologic root cells should be out of the inquiry,

research on grownup root cells could be looked at as a really existent possibility. As Sen. Sam

Brownback put it why & # 8220 ; kill anybody, & # 8221 ; when we can utilize the cells of willing grownups for

research by merely pulling blood. Last autumn, research workers announced that they been able to

transform human bone marrow cells into nerve cells. This research is a significant piece of

grounds in the run for the usage of grownup root cells alternatively of the embryologic assortment.

As Dr. Ira Black of the Ro

bert Wood Johnson Medical School stated “It raises possibility

that all of us are harbouring the seeds of our ain self-renewal. & # 8221 ; Adult root cells are

immensely easier to obtain, and they are besides more plentiful. Using these cells would

irradicate the demand for the embryologic assortment and stop the current assault on human life.

( Begley 27 )

Many advocators of embryologic root cell research would reason that & # 8220 ; No paper

shows definitively any grownup root cell in worlds turning into anything else, & # 8221 ; as

Stanford & # 8217 ; s Irv Weissman put it. There are besides several claims that grownup cells proliferate

much more easy than embryologic 1s, and that they may non supply a renewing beginning

of new root cells. Many besides ground that censoring research on the cherished cells would

cause future people to endure and decease when there might be a manner to salvage them. Still

others don & # 8217 ; t even see the cells as life. ( Begley 27 )

These statements might raise some inquiries until the we realize that they ignore

the issues of moralss and morality. Adult cells are more easy obtained, hence research

on them is easier. If there is any manner that root cells can profit us medically, the reply

will be found through them. Early research suggests that grownup cells reproduce slower

than embryologic cells, but the supply of grownup cells is apparently infinite. This cancels the

issue of slower proliferation. Advocates of root cell research are so caught up in the

hereafter and what could be accomplished, they fail to concentrate on what is of import, the

nowadays. To acquire to their remedies, they must first destruct populating human embryos to obtain the

root cells. There is no justifiable ground to take this path, particularly with the Presidents

promise to supply & # 8220 ; aggressive federal support of research on the umbilical-cord,

placenta, and grownup and carnal root cells, which do non affect the same dilemma. & # 8221 ;

( Lacayo 19 )

The bottom line on this issue is that we don & # 8217 ; Ts know for certain if embryologic cells

can bring around anything, and researching them requires us to destruct something that is alive.

Something that given the chance can go a full fledged, life, take a breathing, human

being. They have the right to populate, and non to be destroyed, merely like anyone else. Taking

one life to salvage another, it cant perchance be worth it. Experiment like this is a offense

no less than abortion and can non be morally justified. We should believe long and difficult

before giving authorities money to a undertaking like this.

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