The story is about Manek and Gulari, who have been married for seven years.

Gulari and Manek are a loving couple who live with Manek’s mother in a small village in India. Gulari cannot give birth and her mother-in-law desperately wants a grandchild. Once a year when the harvest has been gathered, Gulari is allowed to visit her parents, who live in Chamba, a nearby village.

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Gulari always looks forward to visit her childhood home.This year, Manek halfheartedly tries to persuade his wife not to go. Adamant, Gulari pays no heed to her husband’s baseless wish, and goes to visit her parents regardless. Upon her departure, Manek’s evil mother decides to bring an end to her grandchild-less status and immediately purchases a wife for Manek, in the hope that this new bride could have the baby Gulari could not.

Manek obeys his mother and fertilizes his new wife.Later Manek meets his friend Bhavani, who tells him that Gulari is dead; she poured kerosene on her self and lit it. The days pass by and Manek is like a dead man with an expressionless pale look on his face. His new wife complains to his mother, but she tells her to wait until the baby is born and convince her that he then will change. The day comes when the baby arrives.

Manek?s mother is very delighted, but when Manek holds his newborn son he screams, “Take him away! He stinks of kerosene! “