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Stereotyped Essay, Research Paper

Today adolescents are stereotyped mundane. Pigeonholing has become a natural

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reaction by the older coevals when they see a adolescent that is dressed

different or acts different than what they used to at that age. Their thought of

what a individual should dress like or move like is compleatly different from the

thoughts of adolescents. I have found out the difficult manner over the last few old ages.

Adolescents are stereotyped all of the clip.

For case, I went to Wal-Mart to acquire a occupation and people making the employing

had all of the people who were acquiring applications go to the back room and

watch a movie. Basicly the filmwas about the proper manner to dress act and even how

long your facial hair could be. One of the employers basicly singled me out and

said, ” I am traveling to utilize this immature adult male here for an illustration. The bloomerss he

has on are to baggy. ” The denims I had on at that clip were really non

baggy at all because I was seeking to dress nice for the interveiw. “ He will

hold to shave off his gotee and burnsides. ” Then he went on and talked

about thier frock codification and how the employees were expected to move. Then he did

somthing I did non believe. He said, “ All of you will hold to take a drug

trial. ” so he looked sound at this child and said, ” Some of you may non

base on balls. ” After that I had gotten adequate maltreatment for one twenty-four hours so I merely got up

and walked out.

Another illustration of adolescents being stereotyped is when teens are in a group.

Merely because they are standing at that place the older coevals thinks they are

imbibing, utilizing drugs, or merely up to no good in general. For case, the

constabulary in my hometown will non allow more than two autos of teens congragate in one

topographic point at a clip. I do non believe that is just because if you want to halt and

talk to person you have to wait until one of the autos leave.

Adolescents are sometimes thought guilty of things merely for the simple fact

that they are adolescents. For illustration I had a wreck with an older adult female a few

old ages ago. I was coming up to a stop mark so I slowed down. When I got to the

mark I did the same halt that everybody does at marks on back streets, the 1

where you decelerate down about to a halt but non rather so you go. This stop mark

was a small different in that there are shrubs all the manner down the side of the

street, so it is sort of difficult to see. So I looked and looked once more and still saw

no one so I went. Just as I start to draw through a auto sweep into the rider

side of my auto. I was driving a 1978 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, it was a large,

bulky auto. I was hit by a 1991 Pontiac Grand Am, which is a bantam auto compared to

mine. The velocity bound in this topographic point is 15 stat mis per hr because it is a school

zone. Now that I have the scene established I will go on the narrative. This

bantam auto hits my “ armored combat vehicle ” of a auto and knocks it over about 5

that hit me bounced off the forepart rider wing and hit the back wing hard

plenty to flex the back wheel. So this auto bounces off my back wing and goes

about 15 pess further up in front, tyres whining the whole manner. So I jump out of

my auto T

o see if the other individual is o.k. I run up to the window of the other

auto in clip to see an older adult female making across the place to acquire her insurence

out of her baseball mitt box.When I knocked on the window to see if she was o.k. she

suddenly sat up and said her cervix was hurt. Now lets think about this for a

2nd, she was tilting over and streaching to make the baseball mitt box, besides when I

knocked on her window she sat up so rapidly that if she had a cervix hurt she

would hold been sreaming in torment. I could non belive that she was really

stating she had a cervix hurt after what I saw her making. I was so huffy I merely had

to walk off. I felt like catching my cervix, falling down, and stating I can & # 8217 ; t experience

my legs, but I refreaned. The other issue I want to turn to is that is the velocity

she had to be gonig to make what she did. She definatly had to be traveling good over

the velocity bound to make the harm she did to my auto and her auto every bit good. her auto

was turned around confronting my auto about 15 pess off. She knocked my auto 5 pess

sound sideways. If 15 stat mis per hr does that I would detest to acquire hit at 30

stat mis per hr. A constabulary auto eventually came and the adult female told the constabulary adult female

she needed an ambulance. She called in an ambulance and they took the

“ injured ” adult female off. Then the constabulary adult female came over and wrote me a

ticket for running a halt mark. That I understood but when I tried to state her

that the adult female had to be rushing she merely gave me a dense expression and went on making

what she was making before I asked her the inquiry. That made me so huffy because

she didn & # 8217 ; t even inquire my side of the narrative, she didn & # 8217 ; t even inquire me if I ran the

stop mark. The following twenty-four hours I even saw the adult female at work, she was non even have oning a

cervix brace. Our insurance company called a few yearss subsequently and said that she is

seeking to action us. That made me even more huffy. Luckly we had good insurence so

she didn & # 8217 ; Ts have a opportunity, but it still made me really angry. I know many cases

where teens got tickets that grownups would acquire off with.

Adolescents are frequently stereotyped and discriminated against nowdays. I think it

is sort of sad that adolescents and the older coevalss can & # 8217 ; t acquire along merely

because of age or the manner we dress, act, or even the music we listen to. I think

that some people refuse to beleive things have alteration that much since they were

adolescents. Today people are get downing to recognize that all teens are non bad merely

because some of them go out and acquire rummy or make drugs. Equally difficult as it might be to

belive alot of teens don & # 8217 ; t even want to imbibe or acquire high, they merely think there

are better ways to pass their clip. Take me for case, I am so laid dorsum and

willing to make things people are afraid to make that I would detest to see what I

would make if I did imbibe or acquire high, I would likely make something that would

kill me. All I am seeking to make is merely to allow people cognize merely how much teens

are stereotyped and discrminated against merely because of their age. Not all

teens are like the 1s you see on televison or in the documents. Adolescents do more

good things that go unnoticed than things they do that stop up on the forepart page

of the newspaper or on the local intelligence.