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Stereotypes: An Interview Essay Essay, Research PaperThe other twenty-four hours I had a treatment with my roomie about the societal psychological thought of pigeonholing. I found it interesting how much I felt like she was beliing herself. But in my sentiment, I do non happen it surprising that she did, because I feel like most people at the point in our lives ( college pupils ) do seek and non prejudge people, but do anyhow.When I asked how guilty she felt she was about pigeonholing people, she said it depends on what she? s stereotyping, but she does non experience like she does it excessively much. She besides said she does non experience like she belongs in a peculiar societal group and she besides feels like there are exclusions in some stereotyped groups. For illustration, if there were a group of black cats standing on the street, some people would automatically presume that they were up to no good.

But my roomie feels like if she saw this group with one of the cats dressed nicely, she could indicate him out as one exclusion? the 1 who would likely non be making any injury. When I asked if she treats people otherwise right off because of how she has prejudged them, she answered that she does non handle them otherwise and that she tries non to prejudge at all. However, she does pick out a stereotyped group for a alien before she meets them, a batch of times, and they do usually stop up being what she expects. This proves the theory of the self- fulfilling prognostication to be right.Whereas some people still tend to set some people they do cognize every bit good as aliens into stereotyped groups, my roomie does non. She said one time she gets to cognize person, on the familiarity degree, she does non pigeonhole them every bit much and does non truly experience that they belong to a certain groups such as the? homeworks? or the? jocks.

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? And she besides feels that acquiring to cognize the individual does hold an consequence on how she feels because? the more I get to cognize them, the less I stereotype them. ? When I asked if she thought any groups should hold a higher ego esteem because of what group they seem to be placed with ( i.e. ? prig? or? swots? ) , she said no, every bit long as each individual is making everything they can make to maintain their lives running good.On the subject of sex she feels that there are utmost stereotypes between work forces and adult females. ? I feel it has gone down over the old ages, but it decidedly still exists ; it could be improved ; and adult females are degraded. ? She truly believes there should be equality in every facet of life between the sexes.

However, she sees one stereotype about adult females that she can hold with is that adult females are a batch easier to speak to, and are more open-minded and broad than work forces.On the subject of race, she feels as though all races justice and stereotype each other such as Whites believing all inkinesss are on public assistance. She said in the instance of race, she agrees with some of the stereotypes, but merely because she feels that they are based on facts and grounds. Such as, a larger per centum of Whites have occupations and less Whites are on public assistance than other races. But despite all this, she does non overall agree with pigeonholing races.

In decision, when I asked if she thinks the activity of stereotyping will of all time stop, she said, ? No, I don? t believe pigeonholing will of all time wholly end. ? She besides said that people should do an attempt to see past all stereotypes, good or bad.