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Stereotypes Essay, Research Paper

Peoples today stereotype skaters and surfboarders as lazy, no good potheads. I would hold to dissagree with that statement. Police harrass skaters for skating in parking tonss and on the streets of their towns. It is like the constabulary think that they are traveling to make more than skate. It is the same with surfboarders, people think they do non keep occupations, their lazy, and all that they do is smoke pot. Those things are ( for the most portion ) non true. In my paper I will give three illustrations of people that do non populate this stereotype ; nevertheless, they have really become pillars of the community. In add-on to their community stature they besides have become graven images to 1000s of kids across the universe.

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Surfboarding is an ancient athletics foremost practiced by Hawaiian male monarchs. Early surfboarders rode 14 to 18 pes wooden boards that weighed over 150 lbs ( Tomalin1 ) . Duke Kahanamoka introduced surfing to the United States in 1912 ( Weir3 ) . If you asked person who is the male parent of surfing, they would likely state, & # 8220 ; Duke who? & # 8221 ; But reference Kelly Slater and they will non halt speaking. Robert Kelly Slater was born February 11, 1912 in Cocoa Beach Florida ( Tomlin1 ) . He went to high school and really graduated. The ground I say this is because most people like Kelly ( surfboarders cognizing they are traveling to travel professional ) ne’er graduate high school. Kelly grew up in Florida all his life. He was a local hero in cardinal Florida, because everyone knew he was destined to do it as a professional surfboarder ( Tee Interview ) . From 1992 thru 1994 Kelly placed foremost in the Maui Pro, second in the Maui Masters, and 3rd topographic point in the Rip Curl Pro, the Chiemesee Pipe Masters, and the Gotcha Lacanau Pro ( Solano1 ) . In 1995 he, from surfing entirely, made 57,750 dollars ( Solano1 ) . Kelly won four universe rubrics by 1996, one in

1992, 1994, 1995, and once more in 1996 ( Solano1 ) . In 1996 Kelly was a busy male child, he won his 4th universe rubric every bit good as 50 % of his WCT Tournaments ; moreover Kelly collected

over 300, 895 dollars in choice money entirely. In 1997 he won 446,295 dollars in 11 events ( Solano2 ) . Kelly has brought so much popularity to the athletics that it may even be a athletics at the 2000 Olympic Summer Games. Surfing is non the lone thing this maestro of the & # 8220 ; green room & # 8221 ; is involved with. He was featured on & # 8220 ; Baywatch & # 8221 ; from 1992-1993 as Jimmy Slade ( Tomlin4 ) . He has besides been in legion surfing picture. Kelly has been in surfboarder Magazine? s: Island Voyage ( 1995 ) , Pacific Rim ( 1995 ) , Velocity ( 1995 ) , Voluptous ( 1996 ) , and On Edge ( 1996 ) ( Salano5 ) . Kelly besides has his ain set called & # 8220 ; The Surfers & # 8221 ; . & # 8220 ; The Surfers & # 8221 ; consist of Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, and Peter King ( Sullivan118 ) . Kelly is besides an proprietor of a longboard/skateboard company & # 8220 ; Sector 9 & # 8243 ; based in Florida. At the & # 8220 ; Longboard House & # 8221 ; in Indialantic Beach, Florida they sell on mean four & # 8220 ; Sector 9? s & # 8221 ; day-to-day ( Tee Interview ) . Which comes out to over 480 dollars a twenty-four hours. The ground Florida has the biggest & # 8220 ; Sector 9 & # 8243 ; gross revenues, is because it is really level at that place, and level land is the best surface for Longboards ( Tee ) . They are made for crusing up and down the boardwalks and side streets on your manner to the beach. Kelly besides owns a surfboard determining company. It specializes in determining & # 8220 ; fish & # 8221 ; . Fish are no bigger than five and a half pess. Ron Jon? s ( a good known breaker store ) carries Kelly? s boards more than any other trade name, and Ron Jon? s happens to be the universe? s largest breaker store ironss. So you see how popular his boards are. Kelly has to be the most successful surfer-businessmen out at that place today.

In-line skating is large and bigger than it has of all time been. Among the 6 to 17 twelvemonth old crowd, merely association football and hoops are more popular athletic activities ( O? Conner 1 ) . & # 8220 ; In

the skating universe I? m highly celebrated and it feels cool, & # 8221 ; says 23 twelvemonth old Arlo Eisenberg ( O? Conner1 ) . Arlo has been called the Michael Jordan of agressive in-line skating. If every athletics has to hold it? s graven images, so put Arlo Eisenberg at the top of the in-line skaters list. This Dallas indigen has been in a infinite figure of in-line skating pictures and featured on in-line skating magazine screens. Arlo started skating at the age of 14 and ne’er one time looked back. Throughout the state at exhibitions, competitions, apperances & # 8211 ; wherever he is around a skating crowd- he gets the full star intervention. Name intonation, autograph hounding, adoring regards, the whole spot. It is if it were like & # 8220 ; The Cult of Arlo & # 8221 ; ( Bryant1 ) . He is at his best when H

vitamin E is on the street class. Out on the street Arlo is in his component. Delighting in the unlikely interest of crunching down the metal rails. Or he is taking to the air, winging over stone stairss and concrete shelfs. Anything to dispute the urban terrain. On the incline or on the street, all of this is called “agressive” skating and Arlo is considered a innovator. Agressive in-line skating evolved out of skateboarding. “It has nil to make with street hockey, velocity skating, or even grandma skating around the lake in pruple Spandex” Arlo said ( Mcknight 3 ) . In the idiom of the athletics, agressive skating is “extreme” . Arlo, when he was nine, wanted to be an creative person. His female parent said “I can non retrieve a clip when he was non creating.” His parents divorced when he was three, but remained united on the demand to raise their kids with love and nurturing. Together, they made sure that Arlo? s art was carefully

tended to, directing him to Greiner Middle School and to Arts Magnet High School ( McKnight 3 ) . When he attedned the University of Texas, his passion for art diminished.

& # 8220 ; Slowly skating consumed all this passion and energy. & # 8221 ; He says, & # 8220 ; Because to me, skating is a signifier of art. It is non sports, it? s a manner of showing myself. The wagess are immeiadiate- either you win, or you don? T & # 8221 ; ( McKnight4 ) .When Arlo found himself kiping in his skates he knew that this was what he wanted to make. Arlo began his carrer on the NISS circuit. The NISS is a circuit for amature skaters who are seeking to do it into the professional field. When he got on the NISS circuit, he won the rubrics two old ages in a row. After the NISS he went on to the ASA circuit, which is the pro-circuit. Arlo won the ASA title in 1995, 1996, and 1998 ( Damage Goods ) . He has come in 2nd merely four times in his calling ( Damage Goods ) . He has skated in exibitions in Japan and Europe for the experience, he made no money, merely did it for the love of skating. He pays for himself to go to all these topographic points. Arlo owns his ain company called & # 8220 ; Senate & # 8221 ; . Senate is the most popular in-line skating company in the United States. They sell everything from Jerseies to wheels. Senate has made Arlo adequate money to let him to open his ain skate park in Plano, Texas. The name of the park is & # 8220 ; Eisenbergs & # 8221 ; , evidently. Eisenbergs is home to many an exibition, competition, ASA tourney, and is even unfastened to the populace. It is an indoor installation, so if it rains, you can travel to Eisenbergs. Arlo Eisenberg has become much more than merely any old skater. He is the best, and one of the most dedicated skater? s in the universe, non to advert a really successful man of affairs.

Finally, Tony Hawk is the trig child who turned professional at the age of 14, bought his first house at 17, and today is a really successful enterpriser. ( Hawk interview ) Gravity-defying Hawk was 10 old ages old when his older brother

gave him his first skateboard. He quit plauing small conference a twelvemonth subsequently and has been on wheels of all time since. Hawk topped the National Skating Association series overall standings 13 old ages in a row ( Hawk interview ) . He has won the X-Games three out of the four old ages he skated on it. If this industry has an constitution, he is it? s taking citizen, a modest, fan-friendly, trig, regular cat who transforms into a gravity-defying gambler.Hawk, the dominant figure in utmost skatboarding in the past two decennaries, hasmade a calling out of being a originative hazard taker. Yet, his most surprising discovery has non come out on the half pipe, but in the selling universe. In an age when endorsments go to basketball, football, and baseball participants, Hawk has become a crossing over phenomenon. In th past five old ages, the 30 twelvemonth old San Diego indigen has appeared in ad runs for AT & A ; T, Levi? s, Campbell? s Soup, The Gap, and both Pepsi and Coca-Cola. ( Hawk interview ) Hawk is speedy to state that the most mainstream ads have him as a generic skatboarder. Hawk says skate-based companies are his top precedence, but he? s unfastened to any endorsments? & # 8220 ; within bounds & # 8221 ; . & # 8220 ; There was a circuit in Malaysia sponsered by Benson & A ; Hedges ( a coffin nail company ) that was really moneymaking, & # 8221 ; he says. & # 8220 ; I merely would ne’er make that. & # 8221 ; ( Hawk interview )

So, we see that non all surfboarders autonomic nervous systems skaters are bad. These three work forces show that you can do a populating out of something you love. they besides show childs that they do non necessitate to

make drugs and imbibe alchol tohave merriment. They besides show that difficult work will acquire you far in life.