There are different kinds of people living around us. Not all of them stereotype others, but some of them do. May be I too stereotype at times. We are not born with a stereotypical mind. Our society and situation teach us stereotypes. Robert Heilbroner also writes in his essay about stereotyping people. Often stereotypical behavior harms Muslim people’s feelings. Also because of stereotypes black people are judged wrongly by their color, and females don’t get better jobs because of stereotyping. All of these stereotypical behaviors not only harm people’s feelings but also harm our society.

First of all, in our society stereotypical behavior towards Muslims often creates racial profiling and hurts their feelings. For example, in the United States some Americans think that Muslims are terrorist’s. This is one of the biggest stereotyping behaviors Muslims face every day. After the Twin Tower’s was destroyed, some people thought that all Muslims were bad and they all were terrorists. In Robert Heilbroner’s essay he writes as Walter Lippmann has said, “For the most part, we do not first see and then define; we define first, and then we see. This quote is true for Muslims, because some Americans without seeing Muslim people take wrong decisions about them. They don’t even think that Muslim people can do something good. In that case, there mind is close because of stereotype cast. However, this kind of thinking hurts Muslim people’s feelings. I am a Muslim. I have one bitter experience from the day I came to the United States. After I first came, I had to do some paperwork for my immigration. I was totally unaware of stereotyping. An American man was working on my immigration.

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When he saw my last name is Islam he started whispering with his co-workers. Suddenly I heard them talking about terrorists, but I didn’t understand what they were talking about. At the airport, paper work for immigrations usually takes more than one hour, but they held me for almost twenty four hours. I was waiting there without any reason. After finished my immigration, when I asked them why they held me for a day. They gave me a silly answer. They told me that my last name matched with a terrorist’s name, so they had to verify my passport and papers.

Those people not only harassed me but also hurt my feelings. In the past, maybe some Muslims did participate in terrorist acts. Because of those few Muslim people we can’t think that all Muslims are terrorists. Robert Heilbroner writes in his essay, “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgment”. We shouldn’t let stereotypes warp our judgment about Muslims. These kinds of racial profiling are harmful for our next generation. For example, if American people don’t stop this stereotyping behavior toward Muslim then our next generation Muslim people will be misguided.

Also our next generation child will be born with stereotypical mind. This is not good for them. In addition, because of stereotypical behavior sometimes Muslim people don’t get better positions in their jobs. For example, some of the companies don’t hire people if they see applicants last name is Islam, Mohammad, Usuf and so on. In that case, Muslim people will don’t get decent jobs. Sometimes some business companies lay of Muslim worker. It is harmful for our society, because we will lose hard worker Muslims around us.

Also if we don’t stop stereotypical behavior against Muslims then we will lose some good Muslims around us. However, we should stop stereotypical racial profiling towards Muslims. Secondly, we can see because of stereotyping black people are judged wrongly because of their color. For example, some people think black people are involved with robbery, smuggling and so on. It can harm black people’s feelings and also sometimes they don’t get equal right from our society. For example, sometimes black people don’t get promotions at their job.

We can see white people always get easily promotions at their work. But if we see black people’s position, we can see they verify too many things before give promotions. This kind of thinking only gives us bad effect to our society. Our society forces us to think that black people are bad, but in real life all black people are not bad. In the movie “Crash” we can see how Sandra Bullock stereotypes black people. Two black people rob her car. From that day she stereotypes black people. Although some black people are bad, we can’t stereotype seeing just those bad people.

I have one experience of my own. Last year, I was admitted to the hospital because of chest pain. I was screaming. When I was screaming some white nurses were making jokes. I was very disappointed. They were laughing at me; also they refused to help me. Suddenly, a black nurse came to me, and gave me some medicine. Even though she was not a head nurse she told those nurses that they were wrong. From this example, we can see the positive side of black people. If we judge blacks by color then it will be poor judgment. In that case we will lose some friendly black people around us.

For example, if we don’t stop stereotypical behavior towards black those black people will be angry with us. We will never get good friends if we don’t stop stereotypical behavior with blacks, so we don’t need to be stereotype by color. Thirdly, because of stereotypical behavior females don’t get better jobs. People often say that women are not capable of hard work, such as construction, interior designing, electrical work, police jobs and so on, but women can also do these kinds of jobs. Only some stereotyped people give a wrong impression of them. The NYPD offers high level positions for men.

If they offered high positions for women then our society would not be stereotyping about them. Because of stereotyping, we sometimes lose hard working females. For example, one of my friends was very ambitious and a hard worker. She applied for Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) in the Army. She was excited about her it. When she went for an interview, the interviewer told her, that because she was a woman they would not hire her. The interviewer was stereotyping females, but he will never know that he lost an ambitious person. Also in Bangladesh females are often stereotyped by their own parents.

Bangladeshi parents often think that girls should stay at home. They don’t send their girls to college, because they think girls don’t need enough education. Because of these kinds of stereotypical behavior our society is slight undeveloped. If we don’t stop stereotyping behavior toward women, our country will never expand its people’s mind. We can say stereotyping behavior makes us handicapped. If we don’t stop stereotype females we will never lose ambitious females around us. We should not listen to those people who are often stereotyping females.

Those people make women mentally unstable, so our society will be handicapped as well one day if we don’t stop stereotyping behavior. Finally, all of these examples will help us to think that stereotyping is harmful for our society. We should leave stereotyping behavior behind us. We have stereotyped people all around us but we have to know that all of them are not bad. They became stereotyped by others because of situations and our society. If we leave the stereotyping behavior we will get a mentally active society for our future generation.