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Stereotypes Through The Pree Essay, Research Paper

In Dorothy Nelkin? s article? The Mystique of Science in the Imperativeness? she merely touches the image of scientist? s in the newspaper. Nelkin explains that scientists are described as a combination of wonder-worker and swot. Today scientists are portrayed through newspapers, films, telecasting, and books. They are stereotyped by holding spectacless, being nerdy, geeky, deadening, disconnected from life, and ace intelligent. Some people might state scientists are wacko. This merely means they are really into their work, and seem to look and move stranger so everyone else.

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Why are scientist described like this in amusement? Why are they described at all? Not all scientists fall under each stereotype, but in about all facets of amusement and life a scientist will hold atleast one of these qualities.

In films scientists are portrayed in many different ways. They are described as being evil, a instructor, loony, or merely really intelligent. They have these stereotypes to set people into categories. Scientists are put into these classs because it is easier for people on the outside to understand them.

Anyone described a

s a scientist can be put into one or more of these stereotypes. For case Albert Einstein can be described as a scientist because he was ace intelligent, a instructor type and a nutter. On the other manus Robert Oppenheimer was considered a superb adult male that was antisocial and really disconnected from the universe he lived in.

In today? s society we describe scientist because we are afraid of what they know. It is about normal to sort something or person we don? t understand. Imagine what scientist could make to the universe if they truly wanted to. In films, the evil scientists have the capableness to destruct states if non the full universe. What would halt a scientist to make that in existent life? Scientists have so much power and people wear? t recognize what or how much power they have.

If everyone knew what each and every scientist was analyzing would they be called scientist? I think people would see scientist and their callings normal. Peoples would hold no fright of them, so films would non cognize how to portray scientist in movies. It would be really difficult to depict a individual or stereotype that type of individual every bit chilling as they are described now because they would be considered normal