Pigeonholing Essay, Research PaperStereotypes of a black male misunderstood and it s still all good blames the Notorious B.I.G.

as I turn the volume on my stereo louder. The vocal entitled Juicy illustrates the battles the Notorious B.I.G.

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went through before doing it large in the music industry. The vocal insinuates drug merchandising, populating in poorness, and pack force. These are merely some illustrations of stereotypes that are being placed on immature black males in today s society.Everybody has stereotyped an person or a group because of what we saw on telecasting, read in the newspapers, or heard on the wireless.

It s nil to be ashamed of, it doesn t needfully mean that your are bias or a racialist. You merely hold misjudged another by the little per centum of people who create these stereotypes. It is the media s mistake for selling these commercially packaged stereotypes to the populace. We are a civilization based on images, where everything we perceive must be true. Society buys into these stereotypes and tends to generalise people by grouping them with certain features. It s an indicant that our society is nescient to understand qualities of the person. It is easy to pigeonhole a individual because we make premises that if one individual is like that, so everyone with the same qualities must be that manner. Therefore, individuality can t be achieved in today s society because the media s pigeonholing influences an person into a cabal.

The media has the power to determine the manner people think. It impacts the manners, defines a beauty in a individual, where we eat, where we live, what to purchase and so forth. So, why can t the media influence how we perceive others? For old ages, telecasting has portrayed black immature males as drug traders, felons, pack members, and violent people.

It has led up to the point where we associate them as negative characters and avoiding them at all costs. This affects non merely inkinesss but besides those who believe in these stereotypes. Those who believe in these stereotypes are afraid of driving into a black community fearing that they might be robbed or cringe while standing following to a black male, believing they will be violently attacked. As for being black, they are non trusted and respected as opposed to a white individual because of stereotyped impressions. For illustration, since, they are portrayed as being lazy and uneducated, they do non acquire the same courtesy as a white individual would when using for a occupation. It seems that the media has taken away the ability for us to believe on our ain. The media thinks for us because it has brainwashed us to believe that all black males are this manner.The media is to fault for our insecurities toward black males.

News plans tend to describe on the negative activities, which involve inkinesss while disregarding the positive actions of the black community. We see them as felons because the media sees them as felons. How are we supposed to allow inkinesss bloom into persons, when society identifies them all as felons? Society creates their individuality bylabeling inkinesss as inmates before they are even born. The media has filled our head with prevarications with stereotypes of a black male s character and personality. Alternatively of judging inkinesss on our ain, we already have a preconceived impression of how a black individual is.

Peoples are like snowflakes in which no two people are likewise and much item is used when analyzing a individual 1.On the contrary, the media s stereotype placed on black males has besides been used to laud their life style. Many things go into the devising of a immature hood, Brent Staples writes in his essay Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space. In today s society, particularly with immature male minorities feed off these stereotypes of black males. Many blame creative persons ( chiefly made up of African-American males ) have a bad male child image that immature minorities want to be.

They have an attitude that they do non give a screw, and that they are merely every bit thuggish as the following cat is. Song wordss refer to past condemnable activity, drug usage, and pack associations. Numerous blame creative persons portray themselves as hoods while populating the munificent life style.

Young minds want to tie in with this by seeking to body them. I can associate to Stapes when he remember [ s ] the points at which some of my boyhood friends were eventually seduced by the perceptual experience of themselves as tough cat. My childhood friends sold drugs, stole autos, and got into battles, they lived the life style of a hood which is so appealing to immature heads. They dressed like them, acted like them and even talked the manner they talked. They did this to derive regard among equals, and at the same clip, being able to intimidate possible enemies.

What they didn Ts know was that they fell victim to populating out stereotypes without even cognizing it. They get the incorrect thought that in order to be accepted by equals, that they must sell drugs, provoke battles and prosecute in condemnable activity. Young people are afraid to be themselves nowadays fearing that they would be ostracized by their equals. It would be easier for them to conform to the passing craze instead than to exhibit their true egos. We live in a universe where image is everything unluckily, hapless and powerless immature work forces seem to take all this bunk literally when they believe in order to be accepted, they must populate out these stereotypes.It is sad to believe that the media has a great impact on stereotypes because we have the power to command it.

Yet, we still portray black males as being uneducated, lazy, and felons. The fact is that society itself is uneducated, for we are lazy to see the truth from this societal unfairness. It appears that our society can non believe on our ain, for we assume the media supply us with the lone right information. Individuality can ne’er be achieved because the media greatly influences the manner we think. Rather to believe on our ain, we conform to society s perceptual experience on criterions. It is unsafe because it s a go oning rhythm where the following coevals will believe these stereotypes. Until the rhythm is broken, stereotypes will go on to be.