Pigeonholing The Followings Of Islam Essay, Research PaperPigeonholing the Followings of IslamThe film, Not Without My Daughter, begins when the household of Mahmoody, Mahtob, and Betty were sing with the grandparents of Mahtob. Mahmoody, who is Muslim, decides to take his immature household to Iran. He swears on the sacred Coran that nil bad will go on to them. As it turns out, Iran had merely finished their revolution and had gone back to the old ways, when adult females have minimum rights. Mahmoody decides to remain in Iran with his household and Betty can & # 8217 ; t make anything about it, but Betty and her girl Mahtob manage to acquire back to America.Pigeonholing: A minor mistake of all people today. What is it? It is the common error all people make when they think that a certain minority is all the same merely because they may hold seen one of the members.

One illustration of this is the film, Not Without My Daughter. This film has a insistent inclination to portray all male Iranians as married woman beaters. This may look reasonably blunt, but in a manner, it reasonably much summarizes the adversary of the secret plan.

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The picture I compared to this is called Islam in America. It showed about all facets of the Muslim faith in America today. The differences between the two may be because of the seperate states, and after sing Islam in America, I think that some of the cases in Not Without My Daughter were a spot overdone.One portion of the film that set me off, was when Betty was making something that Moody didn & # 8217 ; t like. He slapped her because she had disobeyed him. Is this realistic in the Muslim faith? Probably non.

It might be in Iran, but likely non in the faith itself. One of the ideals of the Muslim religion is that all people, male or female, are created equal. The docudrama on Islam in America supports this. Yet, a Hollywood production that most people in America every bit good as other states watch, portrays the faith as the principle to the married woman whipping. This, subconsciously or consciously, gives a message to the viewing audiences that all Muslim work forces beat their married womans, and that turns them off.Another portion of the film that I didn & # 8217 ; Ts take kindly to, was when Betty went to the American Interests section in the Swiss Embassy for aid to acquire out of the state. Because of this Muslim state & # 8217 ; s Torahs, they could non assist Betty and her girl though they wished they could. They besides informed her that bad lucks like this go on all the clip in Iran.

This may besides look as though the Muslim faith itself is responsible, when one time once more it is the state and its authorities that is accountable. From watching the docudrama, I have learned that Islam in America is different merely by the fact that America is a free state, where adult females have the right to go forth their hubbies. Peoples have the right to pattern whatever faith they want to. Islam in America is besides full of diverse people with different races, beginnings, and thoughts ; and non merely one race that has descended from Abraham like the Jews and Hebrews believe.

One job with this comparing is that the two pictures are of different states, so it is difficult to state if one was pigeonholing the followings of Islam. From this comparing it is easy to see that the Torahs greatly consequence what people perceive the Torahs of a faith to be. In decision, I believe that in order to stop stereotyping, we must foremost accept other people for who they are and non by what their civilization portrays.