Steve Jobs was brilliant, intelligent, and innovative, but also very controlling an d relentless. He stopped at nothing to get work done, and always tried to design every pro duct to perfection. Doing so, he was rude to workers and could never be held back FRR mom getting the project to be completely flawless. Setting: The story is set in San Jose, California pig. 4, the place where Jobs grew up. This is also where he met expounder Waking. As it moves on, it is set at Reed College pig.

7, a college in Oregon, where Jobs attended for six months until he dropped out. After co mining back from a trip to India, he came to what is now known as Silicon Valley with a vague visit on of becoming rich making electronics. After he was fired, the story moves to Paxar studios, the company he bought p g, 135. Problem: Steve Jobs was very controlling and wanted to become rich making computers in his own company, Apple, but he was fired by Apple’s former CEO John Scullery, and take en out of the business.Actions: Steve Jobs was somewhat of a genius ever since he was a child, but h constantly bored with school, pig. 13 and when he was old enough, attended R deed College pig.

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37, only drop out and travel to India. He landed back in what would become Is laconic Valley pig. 56 with a hope to make a fortune in computers. His connection with Waking , who was irking at HP, lead to early successes in creating a computer aimed at hacks.

He landed an order of 50 units for $500 each, pig. 71 which lead to the start of the Apple co imputer company.Jobs had a reputation for being unabated, difficult, and also obsess De with design issues pig.

81 , yet he stuck with the company as its CEO during the critical year s that lead up to the introduction of the Macintosh. He was doing fine for a while, but then h e was fired by John Scullery, pig. 128.

So after being sued by Apple, he then decided to buy the e small Paxar Animation company and found the company NeXT, another big success. How ever, what followed was many years of struggle.