1 ) How can Henrietta assist Steve passage in a company where non everybody is supportive? Henrietta can assist Steve passage in a figure of ways. Because the thought of exchanging gender is abstract thought, non every individual will be accepting of it. In fact most people will be unaccepting of it being that they are morally agaist the thought of exchanging gender. Merely as people are hesitating to accept homosexuals, the dominant male female function stereotypes have been long ingrained in most civilizations and most people accept them as “normal” . I believe the first thing that must be done to assist Steve and LaSalle with the gender passage is to educate people about the procedure.

Peoples need to be cognizant of the grounds person would take to make this so they can understand why and perchance do some sense of it on their ain. However the timing of this instruction needs to be carefully planned as to what the company and Steve believe is best. After instruction the Human Resource squad should be leveraged to carefully supervise the state of affairs and assist those who are fighting to accept Steve’s life pick.2 ) Does Steve’s passage hazard integrating of CatalCon, or any stakeholder relationships? Be Specific! Yes Steve gender passage will more than probably affect CatalCon and Lasalle’s integrating for a figure of grounds. First being that Steve’s gross revenues spouse Alex already has a bad sentiment of Steve due the fact that Steve was given the Sale’s Director place over Alex. Alex being the figure two at CatalCon before the acquisition believes he is much more qualified for the place though his 20 old ages of experience.

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Because there is already residuary bitterness the intelligence of this gender passage cholers Alex because he believes it is morally incorrect and doesn’t believe in such a thing. Besides he thinks that many of the stockholders and clients who are largely conservative will non wish this proclamation. Alex believes they will lose concern because of this and there is nil the company can to halt it because they can non fire Steve due to gender favoritism province Torahs. Besides Alex is a really well-thought-of gross revenues adult male and losing him would be damaging to the CatalCon acquisition. He is needed for his apprehension of CatalCon merchandises that gross revenues people from LaSalle will merely non hold due to miss of experience.

3 ) How far should houses travel to protect and suit employee differences in the workplace? The house has an duty to protect Steve’s privateness, as this is a medical issue. So while they might desire to settle things in ways that will do the bulk happy, there are Torahs that force you to look out for the small cat. Any house has a human resource squad that is obligated to intercede employee differences. But no affair what type of employee is the bulk they must take actions to supply an equal and safe working environment for everyone. I believe that Henrietta made a error directing out a memo to specific people in the house.

Memos can be misplaced and seen by the incorrect eyes. This could take to a privateness case and should be avoided by waiting to denote sensitive stuff until a clip that is right for the topic and the house. Some employees may hold issues other than medical that need to be met such as spiritual differences and cultural differences where frock codification must be dead set. I believe if there are differences that need to be accommodated for they most likely have Torahs that protect those differences.

Therefore you will hold some kind of guidelines as to how you many try to suit them.