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Stillwatch Essay, Research Paper

Reading is highly underrated in our state today. Those who do read cognize what I? m

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stating. And I? m non speaking about Dr. Seuss or Ann M. Martin. I mean Real books! Books by

Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and other best-selling writers. One best-selling writer that I have

the extreme regard for is Mary Higgins Clark. She? s written chart-topping novels such as Where

Are the Children? , A Cry in the Night, A Stranger is Watching, and The Cradle will fall. The

book that I have late read by her is entitled Stillwatch. It was a New York Times best seller for

10 hebdomads, and I know why!

We meet Pat Traymore, a immature, beautiful, and talented newsman life in our state? s

Capital. She is really in love with an older congresswoman named Sam Kingsley. They had a love

matter two old ages before the present clip, when his married woman was deceasing.

Pat is making a Television series entitled Women in Government, and her first show is to be over

Senator Abigail Jennings, the first adult female to be nominated for Vice President. Well, Pat starts

traveling back into Abigail? s past to happen out more about her. What she does happen genuinely machinations

her: slayings, love personal businesss, self-destruction, an highly corpulent female parent who wasn? T appreciated, and an

ex-fianc & # 233 ; & # 8230 ; but that? s non all.

Pat? s existent name is Kerry Adams. She is populating in her parents? old house in Washington. 24

old ages ago, her parents died. It was said that her male parent had killed her female parent and so himself.

Pat? s non existent sure that was the instance. She? s life in that house so that she can seek to raise up

some memories. And she does & # 8230 ; like it or non. Chuck begins to retrieve scenes such as stumbling

over her female parent? s hemorrhage organic structure, shouting for her dada, and running through the house in a province of


Pat is seeing Sam once more, and Sam can? t base Abigail Jennings OR her beefy helper,

Toby. Toby doesn? T precisely have a clean record, and Pat? s been acquiring really expressed menaces

about making this show on the Senator. Sam suspects Toby, but he hasn? t even thought about

Eleanor Brown.

Eleanor was taken to prison for stealing money from Abigail. Then she got on word and

disappeared. No 1 had seen her since. But now she? s life with a psychotic nursing place

helper who believes himself to be an angel. He thinks that it? s his responsibility to set the aged people

out of their wretchedness when the clip comes & # 8212 ; he kills them. He is who is endangering Pat. As shortly

as Pat starts acquiring the menaces, her neighbour, a psychic adult female named Lila Thatcher, decides to

maintain a vigil over Pat because she senses an highly dark aura around Pat and the place that

she? s life in. One that Lila besides sensed around the clip that Pat? s parents died. Lila is traveling to

maintain a stillwatch.

When Toby finds out Pat? s existent individuality, he flips out and attempts to kill her when the? angel?

eventually onslaughts, by puting her place afire. But Pat makes it out of her fire place alive. Toby,

on the other manus, dies in the fire, but before deceasing, tells Pat what truly happened the dark her

parents died: Abigail was holding an matter with Dean Adams, Pat? s male parent. When Abby went to

the Adams? place, Renee Adams, Pat? s female parent, freaked out and changeable Dean. She so shot herself.

Toby was in the auto outside when it all happened, and he went in to acquire Abigail. As he was

picking up her bag, a panicky, immature Kerry Adams & # 8211 ; Pat & # 8211 ; came running up to him. He threw

her up against the wall, and she fell to the floor with a tattered leg and a fractured skull.

Now that Toby is dead, and her full life has been exposed to the media, Abigail decides

that it is high clip she be done with political relations. So she doesn? Ts make Vice President, and we hear

nil else of her. Bu

T we do cognize that Sam and Pat are traveling to hold a romantic honeymoon

after they? re married the undermentioned hebdomad.

Pat Traymore was an highly sensible and patient adult female. We get a clear glance of

this world when Pat receives a call from her stalker: ? I don? Ts know why you? re disquieted. State me

about it, ? is something that she gracefully petitions of her shouting moonstruck stalker in the center

of the conversation. She is evidently gorgeous, because when Sam is go forthing her at her doorsill

after a day of the month, he spins around, passionately grabs her, and kisses her. After the buss, he says, ? Pat,

I? m & # 8212 ; I? m sorry. You? re merely excessively damn fine-looking for your ain good, ? therefore bespeaking that she

is a unusually beautiful adult female. Pat is besides portrayed as an remarkably gifted newsman. Even

after all of what happened with the Abigail Jennings instance, her foreman still wants her to work on the

series: ? Luther does look sincere about desiring me to remain & # 8230 ; he thinks we might even be able to

acquire the First Lady. He says that he won? t Lashkar-e-Taiba anyone but me do this program. ? That is reasonably


Now as we move on to the? bad miss? of the book, we consider Abigail Jennings? outward

expressions. She is a unusually beautiful adult female of 45 old ages, with natural, light-haired hair and babe blue

eyes. She purportedly has a organic structure to decease for: This was one dark she had non chosen to underact

her beauty. Abigail was have oning an apricot satin gown with the bodice covered in pearls & # 8230 ; that

complimented her slender waist and little frame, but accentuated her Epicurean hips. A deep

apricot shadiness outlined her absolutely shaped lips. Abigail is besides a really demanding adult female. When

it comes to her work, she lets nil or no one get by easy: ? What do you intend there wasn? T

clip? ! Those figures should hold been on my desk last hebdomad! If there? s non clip in the daylight,

at that place? s clip in the eventide. If anyone on my staff has become a clock-watcher, I want to cognize

about it! ?

A mark of prefiguration is shown on the really first page of the narrative. Pat is driving from

Concord to her place in Washington: That must be it, she thought & # 8212 ; the corner house. Home

Sweet Home. Just the fact that those last three words are said in such a misanthropic manner and an about

mocking manner makes you cringe. You shortly come to happen out that it? s non such a sweet place.

A subject that I recognized is one that can be relevant to everyone in love and anyone who

of all time has been. Don? t waste clip. When you have a intestine experiencing about something or person, travel

with it before it? s excessively late. ? I don? t think I? ve of all time experienced anything like seeing that house

on fire, cognizing you were indoors. I can? t lose you, Pat, non now, non of all time. I didn? T listen to my

gut two old ages ago, and I paid for it. Now I? m ready. I? m dead serious about non blowing any

more clip. Would a honeymoon in Caneel Bay following hebdomad suit you? ? This was said by Sam to

Pat when the full ordeal is over, and he eventually comes to his senses. Everyone falls in love at

least one time in their life, and that is why knowing of and understanding this subject can be an

first-class mention for us.

The characters in this book were so existent to me. Sometimes when I read a book, one

character in peculiar will strike me as merely being fake. And I can? t put a face to a character that

seems unrealistic to me. But each and every character in this novel has a face that I have profoundly

engraved in my head.

As I stated before, I have the extreme regard for Mary Higgins Clark? s Hagiographas and her

originative thought. When person can set words on paper and turn them into universes, it? s

singular. And after reading merely one book written by her, I? m traveling to be certain that Mary

Higgins Clark? s pieces are abundant in my personal library.