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Stock Exchange


Compared to other stock markets, the Kuwait Stock Exchange is very young in comparison.

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Domestic, as well as international investors noticed that in the last few years, a huge expansion was on the rise and by the end of 2005, the Kuwait Stock Exchange market index had already risen by 78.6 % and that was after an increase of 33.8 % by 2004. That was an increase of 101.7 % by the conclusion of 2003. The amount was an increase of 39% at the end of 2002. In 2005, and increase of 41.4%, when the Kuwait Stock Market value was $1 trillion and the market capitalization value was $74 billion in 2004.

Resolution number 18 was issued in April 1990 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and they asked that every company that was operating in Kuwait to comply with the International Accounting Standards, which was in effect on January 1, 1999 and after that date.

The companies that are listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange must agree and follow IAS requirements.

Companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange must turn in their financial statement four times a year, and that rule came into effect early in 1998.

The Kuwait Stock Exchange set forth regulations for the listed companies who support the Kuwait Stock Exchange follow listed companies through binding them to submit annual and half yearly financial statements.