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Of The Father And Death Of Ivan Ilyitch Essay, Research Paper

There are subjects in life that everyone goes through at one point or another. These cosmopolitan subjects, nevertheless, are experienced in different orders. As in In the Name of the Father, sometimes it takes the decease of a loved one to convey significance to one & # 8217 ; s life. In the instance of The Death of Ivan Ilyitch, though, it is his ain decease that is dealt with.

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Ivan lived a pleasant life, go toing jurisprudence school, being in the company of high society. He did some things that he questioned at first, for the Acts of the Apostless made him experience a spot scandalous. He saw that the same Acts of the Apostless did non trouble oneself other work forces, and hence put them out of his head. He ne’er questioned himself why these Acts of the Apostless were unsavory, or why these work forces weren & # 8217 ; t hounded by their interior voices of shame. He went along in life non taking anything from it to larn and to thrive as a good individual.

After graduating jurisprudence school, he sowed & # 8220 ; his wild oats & # 8221 ; , as Tolstoy puts it, among an blue society. He moved up in rank and earned a rise in salary. This new power, although non taken advantage of, was accessible in Ilyitch & # 8217 ; s eyes, and therefore the mere idea of corruptness existed as a tool for possible hereafter usage. He married, non because of love, but because he felt it would be an plus to him. This deficiency of ego value is an illustration of ignorance that produces a individual with no significance in life.

He had some kids, and during his married woman & # 8217 ; s gestation there were times that she grew cranky. Ivan couldn & # 8217 ; t cover with these times and alternatively of happening why she was in such a province he withdrew himself from his duty as a hubby into his office life. He found married life to be more of a load than an experience of life, and ne’er tried to repair what was intolerable. He took life as it came, non doing any alterations that could perchance do it more virtuous. He was more concerned for his credence by aliens than he was of holding a happy household life. He felt that every bit long as his concern life was all right, although he ignored his household life, he lived a good life.

Once an accident left him terminally ill, one could state he began to accept the function of decease in his life. He didn & # 8217 ; t accept it with unfastened weaponries, nevertheless, for he was frequently disturbed and cried of decease & # 8217 ; s attack. Equally successful as he was in his calling, he was a hapless adult male in the sense that ignorance had caused him to fear decease. It & # 8217 ; s non that he didn & # 8217 ; t experience decease bef

ore — he had a few kids who died at immature ages. Those deceases seemed to him to be interventions and a encirclement of basking life to the fullest. He should hold realized that decease is inevitable to all of us, and so he would at least be slightly prepared to accept the function of his ain decease. He was comfortable in a concern sense, but was an empty adult male in the moral sense of virtuosity.

Ivan expressed bad religion by faulting his status on God. He asks why He has put him in this place, and what he of all time did to merit this torment. His ain psyche began to offer some replies by oppugning his past life. He began to reexamine the events in his life from childhood on. Now these memories held a different significance to him, for they don & # 8217 ; t seem every bit pleasant as he thought they were at the clip. He began to recognize how life merely went by without lending anything to it to do it of import. He was simply an inactive participant in a game where cipher wins, for we all end up the same & # 8212 ; dead. The manner to do life virtuous and good is to take part in it to the fullest extent possible. The universe is an oyster, and we must utilize all resources to our advantage within reasonability as to non to take for granted our short being. Ivan is now cognizant of decease & # 8217 ; s inevitableness and realizes possibly he didn & # 8217 ; t set every bit much into life as he had thought he did. Although he dismisses those ideas shortly after, he can non deny that he had those thought at all. This acknowledgment of decease panics him for he knows it is coming. In bend, the reappraisal of his life is the procedure of rectification.

Once near his last yearss, he holds onto a non-Stoic attitude by non desiring to decease yet. His interior voice speaks to him and tells him how non merely is he seeking to conceal from decease, but he hid from life besides. In this realisation he is overwrought, for he knows it is true. It is now his intent in what life he has left to make something to rectify his otiose life. He admits to himself that wholly along he was supporting the failing in life as opposed to the strengths he had in his place life. He eventually & # 8220 ; sees the visible radiation & # 8221 ; and accepts that it & # 8217 ; s still possible to repair what was incorrect. His woebegone feelings towards his household were an apology for his deficiency of engagement in their lives. Once he redeems himself in this mode, he is unburdened from sick thought of his past life. He is in a province of recognition of decease & # 8217 ; s reaching and accepts it in a positive mode, transforming him into a Stoic at last.