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Stolen Party Essay, Research Paper

Stolen Party

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The short narrative The Stolen Party, written by Liliana Heker, was a narrative about category differences between people viewed through the eyes of a immature miss. The basic secret plan of the narrative is about a the amah s girl, Rosaura, who goes to a party were she is used as a retainer instead than merely being a friend of the rich girl. The writer writes this narrative through the position of the amah s girl and shows the differences between categories at the birthday party without the girl recognizing it. The category difference between the small miss Rosaura, is shown through symbolism between her and the magician s monkey at the birthday party. Much like the monkey, Rosaura is separated from the remainder of the people at the party because she is non as wealthy and she is merely the amah s girl. Rosaura refuses to believe this at the beginning of the narrative and throughout the party. Rosaura eventually realizes that she can non interrupt through the categories when the truth is handed out to her by Luciana s female parent at the terminal of the narrative.

This narrative points out the barriers that separate the different categories in our society. In the narrative, the writer shows this point through symbolism between Rosaura and the monkey. Although Rosaura doesn t realize it, she and the monkey are being used for the same basic intent at Luciana s birthday party. At the party, the monkey is at that place merely to entertain the upper category kids whether it wants to or non. Rosaura, like the monkey, is at that place for the same basic ground which is to function the upper category kids by functioning them when they need something. When being compared to a monkey at the party, Rosaura is really similar to it when covering with societal categories. The monkey is separated by a coop which it can non interrupt through, and all it can make is follow the orders given to it by the prestidigitator. Rosaura is besides separated from the other kids at the party by the barriers of societal categories. Even though Rosaura thinks she is merely a friend there she is merely considered a servant by everyone else.

When being compared to a caged monkey, Rosaura is merely like it by which she can non interrupt free out of her societal category to a higher one, merely like the monkey can t interrupt out of its coop and be anything higher than it is. Rosaura s lower category is besides shown at the

party by how she is used as a retainer by obeying orders from Luciana s female parent. This is one of the chief points that separates her from the remainder of the kids at the party. This relates Rosaura to the monkey because the monkey besides has to obey the magician s orders the same manner she obeys the female parent s orders. An illustration of Rosaura being separated from the higher category kids at the party is when Senora Ines had said, You yes, but non the others, they re much excessively rambunctious, they might interrupt something. In the narrative merely Rosaura is allowed into the kitchen which shows how she is being treated otherwise because of her societal category.

While indicating out the barriers between societal categories the narrative shows how much different a kid sees these barriers as opposed to an grownup. Throughout the narrative there are many intimations that shows how Rosaura was invited to the birthday party merely to be used as a retainer. Even though there are many suggestions that imply that Rosaura is being used as a retainer, she considers herself an equal and refuses to believe the truth throughout the party. You are non a friend of Luciana because I m her cousin and I know all her friends. And I don t know you. This line out of the narrative shows how Luciana s cousin flat out told Rosaura that she was non at that place as a friend yet she still decided to non believe this. Other illustrations of intimations that imply Rosaura is used as a retainer would be her female parent fundamentally stating her what was traveling on at the beginning of the narrative. That one s non your friend. You know what you are to them! The amah s girl, that s what. When reading this at the beginning of the narrative, it sounds like her female parent is being average but she was merely stating the truth to her girl which Rosaura discovered at the terminal of the narrative.

Rosaura though she was invited to a Luciana s birthday party because she was her friend but in contrast she was at that place as a retainer. Rosaura was invited to the birthday for the same basic ground as the monkey was there which was to used at the disbursal of the upper category. Rosaura was so happy when she thought she was at that place as a friend, because of this she was really eager to assist Senior Ines out but didn T recognize she was being used a retainer until she was handed money at the terminal of the party.

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