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Stonehenge Essay, Research Paper


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Stonehenge, one of the great Seven Wonders of the World, but what do we truly know about it. What was its intent, how was it built and by whom. Many different replies come up when inquiring the inquiry What was the intent of Stonehenge, some say that it was a horrid topographic point, which the Druids used for spiritual forfeit, but most others have a more positive thought. A temple of the Sun, a Pagan Cathedral, or a holy sanctuary in the thick of blessed land, or possibly a clock or even a topographic point to Predict Eclipses. No 1 truly knows what it was used for ; this is due to a great figure of facts environing all of these thoughts. Many thoughts come up when speaking approximately why this great construction was built along with an equal sum on who built it. The Druids is the most common response because the Druids inhabited most of the country in which Stonehenge is built. The Pagans are another common reply to this age old inquiry because of the edifice construction of Stonehenge how it resembles a Pagan Cathedral. Whoever built Stonehenge, they were an highly advanced society either on intent or by complete good luck. Many say that because of Stonehenge s exact solar and lunar alliance. That is was the most common idea is that it was built to foretell occultations for idolizing. The undermentioned essay is traveling to province the facts and myths about the great Stonehenge. By the terminal of this essay, hopefully a solid decision will be found to be the most plausible reply for Stonehenges building.

The Moon, it has been a sight for all over clip. Back long ago small was none of the grounds for an occultations, it was thought to be a sing from the Gods. In a society which worshiped Gods for all the enigmas of the universe, the occultation must hold been really particular. The builders of Stonehenge must hold been marveled at the sight of this holy event, which happened every four old ages. Most likely the great Stonehenge was built to be a anticipation device for the occultation. Many people have studied Stonehenge and many have found that the rocks are mathematically placed to demo when and occultation might happen. In favour of this solution & # 8211 ; that the Aubrey holes were used as a computing machine are these facts: the figure 56 is the smallest figure that measures the swing of the Moon with an over-all truth of better than 3 yearss, and lunar rhythms provide the lone method of long-range occultation anticipation related to the seasons of the twelvemonth.

So taking in to account that Stonehenge could foretell occultations another idea is that it was merely used for foretelling the full Moon. The full Moon meant new life, so possibly they used Stonehenge for ceremonials to idolize new life. Seasons changed, and the people of British Isles had no thought why all of a sudden the conditions would get down to alter and the twenty-four hours s length addition or lessening. That is why experts say that it was used to foretell the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinox. The Earth moves around the Sun in an orbit that is about a circle, and the axis of rotary motion of the Earth maintains an efficaciously fixed way. The orientation of the Sun to the two hemispheres of the Earth alterations during the twelvemonth, and this alteration causes the seasons.

Stonehenge was non merely, many other sites of similar age or older are linked to Stonehenge. There was the Cursus, and Woodhenge. Cursus intending Course in Latin has similar characteristics, which shows that Stonehenge was non by accident. Archeologists think that the interior Woodhenge construction erected after the ou

tlying ditch and bank were placed, likely by the same Secondary Neolithic people who started Stonehenge. Woodhenge, some say it was like a unsmooth bill of exchange of the memorial, built to demand proportions from which builders could utilize while building the rock version. Another ground for Woodhenge is that it was used for lodging for the work forces who built Stonehenge. With that in head, you can pull the decision that the builders cared for the people constructing their construction. To back up that theory, objects like clayware and family odds and terminals have been found demoing us that a few people did populate there at one point in clip.

Back when Stonehenge was built people had no manner of stating the clip. Possibly the Druids wished to maintain records of events. Stonehenge is said by some to be one widespread sundial, a clock used in ancient times. When the Sun rises it casts a shadow though an gap in the one side of Stonehenge, the twenty-four hours passes and the shadow move across the in-between demoing the Druids the clip of twenty-four hours.

Of class when researching anything you come across facts and fiction. Narratives say that Stonehenge was associated with Merlin and King Arthur.

In the kingdom of purer myth, there may be more than technology connexion between Merlin and Stonehenge. Some mythographers have thought that the name Merlin is a corruptness of the name of the ancient Celtic sky God Myrddin, who might hold been worshiped at rock memorials. There is a narrative, which credits Merlin for making Stonehenge by transporting the rocks from Ireland by thaumaturgy, and that he and King Arthur are both buried under the great rocks. Although many narratives say this to be true, that is all they are. Narratives. Merlin was a character made up in a clip when the British needed a ground to believe in their importance, Stonehenge has nil to make with the brand believe ace.

And eventually, the thought that it was used for ancient forfeit by the Druids to there Gods. This is a logical thought, do to the facts presented by the building of Stonehenge. The Alter Stone is the rock in the center of the circle of rocks this would hold been ideal for a forfeit of any sort, and the alliance of the rocks look like pillars in a temple which means this could merely every bit good been a temple.

Stonehenge truly boggles the head when you look at all the possibilities it holds. Where the people back so so intelligent that they knew how to foretell seasons and occultations, or were they spiritual cult members utilizing it as a horrid sacrificial temple. For all we know Merlin did merely do it look out of nowhere, this is all really obscure. But this essay was to give an educated conjecture about What was the intent of Stonehenge? From the information I found there are many ways I could travel. The two most realistic were the temple and occultation anticipation theories. I m traveling to travel with the occultation theory, there are two many happenstances for it to hold merely been an accident, they must hold been an advanced civilisation which understood the most complicated mathematics and edifice techniques. It is non so unrealistic to presume this, we know so small about the civilization back so who says that they couldn Ts have figured it out. So in decision, I believe the intent of Stonehenge was to foretell the visual aspect of occultations, do to their beliefs an occultation was a mark from the Gods that possibly they had done something incorrect and by idolizing it they could do it right. Stonehenge is genuinely the greatest enigma in the universe, I hope they find out what it was genuinely for someday.